• Next executive meeting on May 30th, 2018 (Legion)

*** Due to numerous cancellations this week and a forecast of 75% chance of thunderstorms, the Spring Training (skills workshop) has been cancelled for this year.  The poker tournament, which takes place under the pavilion is still on ***


7 Things I've learned so far this Season

·                     Has anyone noticed Matt (Frickin’) Saunders and Anthony Mastrangelo’s beards?  They’ve totally taken on lives of their own.  Anthony looks like he could chop down a tree with his and Matt's is carved into what I think is the Klingon symbol for vengeance. 

·                     Every year.  New players.  New teams. And the one consistent thing is the Dog Catchers.  Its early, but here we go again with a 3-1 start.  Good work boys. 

·                     The return of the Draft Kings!  5-0 is awesome, but with a +16 run differential?   They’ve managed to win the nail biters, good on ya!  I’m believing the early hype, they’ll be tough to beat.

·                     No one has defended a championship since the 2010 version of The Wild.  And look at our defending champion Tap Masters out to a 5-1 start to the season.  Look out Wild, you might have company.

·                     How about them Gruesome Devils!  A 3-2 start is okay, but they began 0-2 before wrestling the Beer Cup away from the Sons Of Pitches.  Since then, victories over the Twisters and Batsters have them retaining the cup.  Next up the 3-3 Sliders.  Hope the captains are betting a jug! 

·                     Kevin Bryan of the Draft Kings is leading the league in hitting at a ludicrous .941 clip! 16/17, way to go Kevin!

  •             Tim Schrank of the Tap Masters is leading the league with 17 runs scored!  Great work Tim!



May 22 - Another successful defense of the coveted beer cup. WTG Devils

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