Ladies and Gentlemen,


Just a reminder, we are less than a month away from the annual Michael Worrod “Help The Kids Play” Baseball tournament.  Games will run July 6-7-8  for all three leagues. (Tottenham Oldtimers, Men’s League and Ladies Lob-Ball )  Let your league captains know if you are able to play as soon as possible…..and Captains, please submit your teams to your league reps.


League Reps

Tottenham Oldtimers: Tim Schrank

Men’s League: David Caldwell

Ladies League: Krystal Bullen



This week's holders of the Beer Cup .... The Grisslies!



(stock photo)

Upcoming Games
Jun 25
2018 Season
Inglorious Batsters @ Beer Bros.
Sons Of Pitches @ Rusty Rebels
Hot Tub Woody's @ Bat Flippers
Dusty Cleats @ Grisslies
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