• Registration begins on January 1st, 2018
  • First executive meeting on February 28th, 2018 (Legion)
  • Registration closes on March 25th, 2018
  • Rookie night on April 4th, 2018
  • Draft Day! April 7th, 2018 at 1pm SHARP! (Legion)

The Tottenham Oldtimers Golf Tournament is back in a big way!!!


Coming to you on June 9th, 2018!  1pm Shotgun start!


This tournament has been run annually for the last 15 years or so and intermittently prior to that.  There have been changes while trying to maintain tradition, which is always a difficult balance.  This year we had 3 prime goals, 1) proximity to Tottenham and quality of course, 2) low registration cost and minimal add on costs 3) quality prizes and food. 



So how did we do?  We’ll be golfing at Caledon Woods.  It’s the Club Link course across the street from Glen Eagle.  It is a very highly rated course.  For you golf aficionados it’s an 18 hole, par 71, 6415 yard course that rates out at 70.8 which is very true to its par.  And how did we do on proximity?  Caledon Woods is 14.7km away from the Tottenham Legion, 15 minutes by Google Maps.  By comparison, we had a lot of pressure to go back to Nottawasaga because it is so close to Tottenham.  But Nottawasaga is 19.5 KM away and 19 minutes according to Google


Point #1 is a fantastic win for our Golf Committee!



Registration is often a sticky point.  Its tough to have quality AND low cost.  But our astute negotiating team was able to come up with the lowest cost for a tournament since 2009!  This year’s registration amount will only be $95.00 for early bird registration.  If you register between now and April 22nd (this is register only, payment is later) we will guarantee your $95.00 rate.  Late registrations will pay a slight, yet to be determined uptick.  Oh, and we’ve made registration a whole lot easier for you.  Just click this link REGISTRATION and you can sign up online.  You don’t require an ID or a password.  Additionally, there will be NO EXTRA CHARGES for in-game contests such as closest to the pin or longest drives.


Point #2, way to go Golf Committee!



Finally, food and prizes.  The food comes in the form of a limitless barbecue, featuring hot dogs, hamburgers and sausages.  There will also be an assortment of salads and a coffee & dessert table.  Our team has already been working on securing prizes which will come in 4 different formats.  1, A small package for each golfer at the start of their round; 2, Prizes for specific in-game contests and events; 3, A special prize drawn for just the early bird registrants; 4, High end prizes (from $250.00 - $2,500.00 in value) that will be drawn through the purchase of additional raffle tickets.  We have already secured over $6000.00 in prizes and while we don’t want to give away too much information on the prizes right away, here is an example of one of them:


PRIZE:  1  thirty day Club Link Gold Membership for use at all Club Link courses (only exclusion is Glen Abbey), estimated value $695.00


Point #3, another huge win for our Golf Committee!


Registration is open now and will remain open at the early bird rate until April 22nd.  People from outside the league are able to register or you can register for them.  We are also extending invites to the Ladies League and Sunday Night League to submit their own foursomes which will help keep costs down for our folks.   


My personal thanks to committee members:  Dave Connolly (Chair), Jason Chiovitti, Darrell Hager, Art Lord-Stafford, Derryl Gaudet, Alan Lacey and Rob Jordan.  

Registration Update!!!
March 4th, 2018
At the end of day on March 3rd we had the following enrollment:
7     Captains from last year who haven't registered yet.
19   Rookies registered.
150 Fully registered returning players
11   Players who's registration is in progress
23   Players who have confirmed they WILL register but haven't yet.
Total committed players = 210 

Payment options:

1)  You can email your payment to totslopitch@gmail.com

2)  You can mail your cheque (no cash) to Tottenham Oldtimers, 6825 3rd Line, Tottenham ON, L0G1W0

3)  You can pay in person by cash or cheque at the Legion March 3rd, 17th or 24th between 1pm & 3pm.  


Registration highlights:

Jan 1st:  Peter Hayward was the first to Register at 12:05am.  Rob Jordan, Al Lacey and Dave Storms were the only others to make it before 12:30am.  

Jan 2nd:  After registration being open for 24 hours and about 84 days left to sign up, we are already at 11% of the players required to return to 17 teams.  We also have 4 rookies in our mix, David Wood, (returning after a multi-year absence), Chris Farah, Derek Eldridge and Allen Ellerby.  Welcome to the League fellas. 

Jan 4th:  Last season we had 15 registrations in the first 4 days; this season we're more than double at 34!  The rookie count is at 7 now with Paul Young, Albert Peddle and Mike DiMatteo joining our ranks.  Assuming all of our regular P1's come back, we've added 2 new ones to the mix in Dwyer & Wood.  This will allow Tito and the Inglorious Batsters to go back to playing the field.  Thanks for the bail out last year fellas.

Jan 8th:  A week into registration and we're at 40 players.  Slightly ahead of last year's pace of 26 registrants after the first week.  Thanks to Anthony Masterangelo and Gerrard Traverse for spreading the word of our league to new rookies!      

Jan 19th:   We have two months left to the close of registration (65 days) and we have 55 people registered already.  And good news folks, Matt Frickin' Saunders has signed up for another season!  Now its worth coming back.     

Jan 29th:  On January 29th 2017, Gord Tanner (yes, THAT Gord Tanner) registered for ball, bringing our total to 42 players.  More than one registration per day, a good early pace.  On January 29th 2018, Anicete Goncalvez (yes, THAT Anicete Goncalvez) registered for ball, bringing our total thus far to 82!!!  WOW.

Feb 2nd:  There's no guarantee that we'll get the 214-220 people necessary to have 17 teams again, but yesterday Will (the thrill) Goodin became the 90th person to register.  We didn't hit 90 last season until Feb 17th.  The pace continues to be awesome!

Feb 10th:  Another busy week of online registration.  I have us at 135 people so far!  On this date last season Laurier Plante registered and became the 76th person to sign up on the season.  We wouldn't hit 100 until Steve Grenkie registered on February 28th and 135 didn't occur until Dane Eldridge signed up on March 12th.  


For anyone having difficulty setting up a new account or figuring our your password from last season, please observe the sign on screen below.  The smaller red-circle is where you click to recover your password.  The larger one will walk you through the steps of creating a new account.  



Finally!  Registration is open!  

There were a number of changes in the off-season, here are a few of note.  

  • Starting in 2019 (next season) all pitchers new to TOT will be required to wear facial protection.
  • Defensive players can now tag a player out at home (you can still touch the plate if the runner is beyond the commitment line)
  • All players are required to wear a helmet from the batters box to 1st base. 
  • There are no longer P2's assigned to each team.  If your P1 is unavailable, you'll be given the option of a sub, regardless of the number of players you have.  

The biggest change of course is the helmet.  The League will be supplying two helmets per team, which means that there will be 4 helmets at each game should players chose to wear them all the way around the bases.  However people are beginning to get out and buy their own helmets.  I know as many as a dozen people so far who have gotten their own new lid in the off-season.   

That's a picture of my new helmet.  I know, its super cool.  The only thing that you should ask when you buy one is whether its safety rated.  I can't imagine that any helmet at a sports store wouldn't be, but it won't hurt ask.  Mine is a Rawlings, I'm not saying that its because its what they wear in MLB, but it can't hurt, right?  And to be fair, of everything I've read on helmets, which is a lot, Easton consistently comes out with the best safety reviews.  

If you want to send in a picture of your helmet, we'll post them here.  Also, I'm thinking we should start pimping out helmets and have fun with this.  Here's a couple of examples.  

Okay, maybe they don't need to be quite so angry, but you get what I mean.  

DRAFT DAY, Apr 7th, 1pm Sharp! Legion
Saturday, April 7, 2018   1:00 PM