Last Updated: August 24, 2016
Traffic Tracker

  • Draft Kings in 1st place with a .796 winning percentage
  • Emeil Edwards still leads all batters at a .897 clip
  • Scott Barton has scored 70 runs in 23 games
  • Tim Schrank and Cliff Tucker are tied for the lead with 108 at bats each.
  • Next Beer Cup Game..... Draft Kings vs Dodge City Aug 22 8:15pm @ Keogh

Week 16 Recap


Many of you have asked how our tournament went from a financial perspective.  Unfortunately we've had some issues with our returns to Brewers Retail that are hanging up a final financial statement.  However, the numbers look very positive so far and I believe that we may be at, or perhaps above our forecast.   As soon as the books are closed I'll disclose the full results here.  

Aside from the money, I have some people to thank.  

Bo Niederhuber, Todd Hicks, Tim Schrank, John Harrett, Cal Steves, Steve DeLand, James Taylor, Emeil Edwards, Greg Aucoin, David Polny, Donato (Danny) Chiavaroli, Winston Gayle, Kyle Saunders and Darren Ford did a fantastic job captaining their teams from a baseball sense.  They also did great work making sure that their teams were represented as volunteers for the bar and BBQ.  Without those contributions there is no tournament.  Hats off to you gentlemen.  

Our first meeting regarding this tournament was before our draft in April.  This has been in the works for a long time and we're always brainstorming new ideas.  Some of the new ideas that were introduced this year included:

  • Pre-mixing caesars in jugs borrowed from the Legion (saved a lot of bar tending time)
  • The addition of a hot dog cart on C1 (thank you Mike Iacoucci for the cart and Connor Dwyer for manning)
  • Selling beer, water and soft drinks at C1
  • Addition of a popcorn machine (thank you Brian Richards)
  • Introduction of the President's Cup game

In the next few days you'll receive a survey to your email box.  Its largely multiple choice, but there is room for some write in items at the end.  We know there are things that we can improve on, but we can't do everything at once.  Therefore, we need your feedback and opinions in order to prioritize.  

Final thanks to Dan Chiasson, Jens Lepa and Tim Schrank who had specific roles in the tournament management team, but as per usual stepped in wherever there was a need.  Great work gentlemen.  

My last thanks are for Keith Beechey (Tournament Program Manager), Peter Hayward (Food Manager) and Tim Osmond (Bar Manager).  These three worked tirelessly and there was always one of them and usually two of them in the pavilion.  When they weren't there, they were making runs to the liquor store or Foodland to top up our supplies.  

How hard did they work?  I got to play ball without worry!  I even got to pitch (thanks for letting me David) and had a great time with Ponly's Posse.  

Terrific weekend guys.  I'm extremely proud of how seamlessly everything ran.   

The week that was in baseball.  

We're getting down to the jockeying for positions portion of the schedule.  There's only two weeks left in our regular schedule before the real fun begins.  The Beer Bros., Sliders and Gruesome Devils only have two games left.  The Draft Kings, Master Batters, Inglorious Batsters and Dodge City Rounders have 4 games left.  Everyone else has 3.  

My prediction of one of the top 3 teams dropping to 4th appears to have been erroneous.  However, my prediction of one of the 4-6 teams being caught is still in play!  The Beer Bros. stubbed a toe in their charge and only have two games left, but the Master Batters with 4 remaining are charging hard.  

Overall, the middle of the pack has moved up significantly.  It was only a month ago that there were only 5 teams over .500.  Now we have 8 teams at .500 or better.   

The Playoff Scenario.  

A quick word .... You'll notice in the standings that the Grisslies are ahead of the Sons Of Pitches even though they have the same record of 13-9-1.  The reason that the Grisslies are ahead is because they've scored more runs (2nd tie breaker) and given up fewer runs (3rd tie breaker).  However, as good as our new website is, it doesn't account for our 1st tie breaker which is head-to-head play.  Despite the mirror image records, the Sons Of Pitches have swept the Grisslies in the season series and are therefore in front.  

Anomalies created by ties will be reconciled by me when we get to the end, but if your interested in checking it out, you now know the tie breakers.  Make note, head-to-head has nothing to do with runs scored, its simply wins and losses.  And lastly, the 4th tie breaker is a coin flip.  

Who Can Finish Where?

Dog Catchers can finish in 14th or 15th.  

Tap Masters can finish in 9th through 15th

Dodge City Rounders can finish in 8th through 14th

Gruesome Devils can finish in 9th through 14th

Hot Tub Woody's can finish in 7th through 14th

Inglorious Batsters can finish in 4th through 14th

Sliders can finish in 8th through 14th 

Beer Bros. can finish 4th through 12th

Master Batters can finish 2nd through 10th

Hurtin' Units can finish 3rd through 10th

Grisslies can finish 2nd through 9th

Sons Of Pitches can finish 2nd through 9th 

Dusty Cleats can finish 1st through 7th

Rusty Rebels can finish 1st through 6th

Draft Kings can finish 1st through 3rd


The numbers in the yellow columns are rankings in the final standings.  The team abbreviations in blue show who can still finish in those positions.  Currently, positions 4-14 can have all 15 teams finish there.  (DCL = Dusty Cleats; DCA = Dog Catchers, DCR = Dodge City Rounders)


Rounding up the week, your teams that had a:

4 point week:  Grisslies (2-0)

3 point week:  None

2 point week: Sons Of Pitches (1-0); Draft Kings (1-0); Master Batters (1-0); Dusty Cleats (1-0); Rusty Rebels (1-0); Sliders (1-0); Hurtin' Units (1-1); Hot Tub Woody's (1-1)

1 point week: None

0 point week: Gruesome Devils (0-1); Tap Masters (0-1); Dodge City Rounders (0-1); Inglorious Batsters (0-1); Dog Catchers (0-2); Beer Bros. (0-2)

Beer Cup..........

I missed last weeks update so there's some catching up to do.  When we last left the Beer Cup, the Master Batters held it.  They retained it with a 20-6 win over the Tap Masters.  But then the Beer Bros. battled to a 10-9 victory and taking possession of the coveted trophy.  

The Beer Bros. then met, guess who?  The Draft Kings who got the cup back.  They will try and hold off the Dodge City Rounders next week to retain the cup.  

The Slider remain as the only team without an opportunity to sip from the cup this season.  If the Rounders beat the Kings the Sliders will get a shot.  

Beer Cup Games Defended. 

1  Draft Kings

2  Rusty Rebels

3  Master Batters

6  Dusty Cleats

Beer Cup Games Played. 

1  Grisslies

1  Dog Catchers

1  Inglorious Batsters

2  Beer Bros.

2  Gruesome Devils

2  Sons Of Pitches

2 Dodge City Rounders

2 Hurtin' Units

3 Hot Tub Woody's

4 Draft Kings

4 Tap Masters

6 Master Batters

6 Rusty Rebels

8 Dusty Cleats

Upcoming Games

Thursday, Aug 25
Hurtin' Units @ Draft Kings7:00pmKeogh Park
Sons Of Pitches @ Dog Catchers8:15pmKeogh Park
Master Batters @ Beer Bros.9:30pmKeogh Park

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Wednesday, Aug 31
Executive Board Meeting7:15pmTottenham Community Center
Thursday, Sep 1
Regular Season Ends11:00pmKeogh Park
Monday, Sep 12
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