Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Tue5/1/20187:00 pm PPDDog Catchers  Tap Masters   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue5/1/20187:00 pm PPDDraft Kings  Inglorious Batsters   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue5/1/20188:15 pm PPDBat Flippers  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue5/1/20188:15 pm PPDDusty Cleats  Grisslies   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue5/1/20189:30 pm PPDBeer Bros.  Dodge City   C2 - Coventry Park
Wed5/2/20187:00 pm PPDGruesome Devils  Hot Tub Woody's   Keogh Park
Wed5/2/20188:00 pm PPDSons Of Pitches  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed5/2/20188:15 pm PPDHurtin' Units  Master Batters   Keogh Park
Wed5/2/20189:15 pm PPDDog Catchers  Beer Bros.   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed5/2/20189:30 pm PPDRusty Rebels  Sliders   Keogh Park
Thu5/3/20187:00 pm PPDBat Flippers  Inglorious Batsters   Keogh Park
Thu5/3/20188:15 pm PPDDusty Cleats  Dodge City   Keogh Park
Mon5/7/20187:00 pm TBPDraft Kings  Gruesome Devils   Keogh Park
Mon5/7/20188:15 pm TBPSliders  Hot Tub Woody's   Keogh Park
Tue5/8/20187:00 pm TBPTap Masters  Beer Bros.   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue5/8/20187:00 pm TBPDodge City  Hurtin' Units   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue5/8/20188:15 pm TBPSons Of Pitches  Inglorious Batsters   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue5/8/20188:15 pm TBPBat Flippers  Gruesome Devils   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue5/8/20189:30 pm TBPDog Catchers  Dusty Cleats   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed5/9/20187:00 pm TBPTottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth  Sliders   Keogh Park
Wed5/9/20188:00 pm TBPMaster Batters  Hot Tub Woody's   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed5/9/20188:15 pm TBPRusty Rebels  Grisslies   Keogh Park
Thu5/10/20187:00 pm TBPBeer Bros.  Rusty Rebels   Keogh Park
Thu5/10/20188:15 pm TBPTap Masters  Dusty Cleats   Keogh Park
Mon5/14/20187:00 pm TBPDraft Kings  Master Batters   Keogh Park
Mon5/14/20188:15 pm TBPDog Catchers  Hurtin' Units   Keogh Park
Mon5/14/20188:30 pm TBPTottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth  Inglorious Batsters   Tottenham Community Center
Mon5/14/20189:30 pm TBPBat Flippers  Sliders   Keogh Park
Tue5/15/20187:00 pm TBPSons Of Pitches  Gruesome Devils   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue5/15/20187:00 pm TBPBeer Bros.  Dusty Cleats   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue5/15/20188:15 pm TBPHot Tub Woody's  Grisslies   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue5/15/20188:15 pm TBPTap Masters  Hurtin' Units   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed5/16/20187:00 pm TBPSons Of Pitches  Sliders   Keogh Park
Wed5/16/20188:00 pm TBPInglorious Batsters  Beer Bros.   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed5/16/20188:15 pm TBPBat Flippers  Master Batters   Keogh Park
Wed5/16/20189:15 pm TBPTottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth  Gruesome Devils   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed5/16/20189:30 pm TBPDog Catchers  Tap Masters   Keogh Park
Thu5/17/20187:00 pm TBPRusty Rebels  Dodge City   Keogh Park
Thu5/17/20188:15 pm TBPDraft Kings  Grisslies   Keogh Park
Tue5/22/20187:00 pm TBPTap Masters  Hot Tub Woody's   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue5/22/20187:00 pm TBPBeer Bros.  Hurtin' Units   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue5/22/20188:15 pm TBPDraft Kings  Sliders   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue5/22/20188:15 pm TBPSons Of Pitches  Master Batters   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue5/22/20189:30 pm TBPBat Flippers  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue5/22/20189:30 pm TBPInglorious Batsters  Gruesome Devils   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed5/23/20187:00 pm TBPBat Flippers  Grisslies   Keogh Park
Wed5/23/20188:00 pm TBPInglorious Batsters  Sliders   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed5/23/20188:15 pm TBPDodge City  Draft Kings   Keogh Park
Wed5/23/20189:15 pm TBPDusty Cleats  Hurtin' Units   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed5/23/20189:30 pm TBPDog Catchers  Hot Tub Woody's   Keogh Park
Thu5/24/20187:00 pm TBPTottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth  Master Batters   Keogh Park
Thu5/24/20188:15 pm TBPTap Masters  Rusty Rebels   Keogh Park
Thu5/24/20189:30 pm TBPSons Of Pitches  Grisslies   Keogh Park
Mon5/28/20187:00 pm TBPDog Catchers  Dusty Cleats   Keogh Park
Mon5/28/20188:15 pm TBPInglorious Batsters  Master Batters   Keogh Park
Mon5/28/20188:30 pm TBPHurtin' Units  Grisslies   Tottenham Community Center
Mon5/28/20189:30 pm TBPGruesome Devils  Sliders   Keogh Park
Tue5/29/20187:00 pm TBPDusty Cleats  Rusty Rebels   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue5/29/20187:00 pm TBPBeer Bros.  Hot Tub Woody's   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue5/29/20188:15 pm TBPBat Flippers  Dodge City   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue5/29/20188:15 pm TBPTottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth  Grisslies   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed5/30/20188:00 pm TBPDog Catchers  Bat Flippers   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed5/30/20188:15 pm TBPTap Masters  Draft Kings   Keogh Park
Wed5/30/20189:30 pm TBPSons Of Pitches  Dodge City   Keogh Park
Thu5/31/20187:00 pm TBPHurtin' Units  Rusty Rebels   Keogh Park
Thu5/31/20188:15 pm TBPGruesome Devils  Master Batters   Keogh Park
Thu5/31/20189:30 pm TBPDraft Kings  Inglorious Batsters   Keogh Park
Mon6/4/20187:00 pm TBPDusty Cleats  Hot Tub Woody's   Keogh Park
Mon6/4/20188:15 pm TBPBat Flippers  Tap Masters   Keogh Park
Mon6/4/20188:30 pm TBPBeer Bros.  Draft Kings   Tottenham Community Center
Mon6/4/20189:30 pm TBPRusty Rebels  Master Batters   Keogh Park
Tue6/5/20187:00 pm TBPGruesome Devils  Grisslies   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue6/5/20187:00 pm TBPSons Of Pitches  Dog Catchers   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue6/5/20188:15 pm TBPSliders  Master Batters   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed6/6/20187:00 pm TBPHurtin' Units  Hot Tub Woody's   Keogh Park
Wed6/6/20188:00 pm TBPDusty Cleats  Draft Kings   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed6/6/20188:15 pm TBPTottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth  Dodge City   Keogh Park
Thu6/7/20187:00 pm TBPInglorious Batsters  Dodge City   Keogh Park
Thu6/7/20188:15 pm TBPBeer Bros.  Bat Flippers   Keogh Park
Thu6/7/20189:30 pm TBPDog Catchers  Rusty Rebels   Keogh Park
Mon6/11/20187:00 pm TBPTottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth  Dog Catchers   Keogh Park
Mon6/11/20188:15 pm TBPRusty Rebels  Hot Tub Woody's   Keogh Park
Mon6/11/20188:30 pm TBPTap Masters  Sons Of Pitches   Tottenham Community Center
Mon6/11/20189:30 pm TBPHurtin' Units  Master Batters   Keogh Park
Tue6/12/20187:00 pm TBPSliders  Grisslies   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue6/12/20187:00 pm TBPGruesome Devils  Dodge City   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue6/12/20188:15 pm TBPRusty Rebels  Draft Kings   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue6/12/20188:15 pm TBPDusty Cleats  Bat Flippers   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed6/13/20187:00 pm TBPSliders  Dodge City   Keogh Park
Wed6/13/20188:00 pm TBPTap Masters  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed6/13/20188:15 pm TBPSons Of Pitches  Beer Bros.   Keogh Park
Wed6/13/20189:15 pm TBPGruesome Devils  Hot Tub Woody's   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed6/13/20189:30 pm TBPBat Flippers  Inglorious Batsters   Keogh Park
Thu6/14/20187:00 pm TBPMaster Batters  Grisslies   Keogh Park
Thu6/14/20188:15 pm TBPHurtin' Units  Draft Kings   Keogh Park
Thu6/14/20189:30 pm TBPInglorious Batsters  Dog Catchers   Keogh Park
Mon6/18/20187:00 pm TBPDodge City  Master Batters   Keogh Park
Mon6/18/20188:15 pm TBPInglorious Batsters  Grisslies   Keogh Park
Mon6/18/20188:30 pm TBPSons Of Pitches  Dusty Cleats   Tottenham Community Center
Mon6/18/20189:30 pm TBPRusty Rebels  Sliders   Keogh Park
Tue6/19/20187:00 pm TBPTap Masters  Inglorious Batsters   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue6/19/20187:00 pm TBPHot Tub Woody's  Draft Kings   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue6/19/20188:15 pm TBPTottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth  Beer Bros.   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue6/19/20188:15 pm TBPDog Catchers  Gruesome Devils   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed6/20/20187:00 pm TBPBat Flippers  Rusty Rebels   Keogh Park
Wed6/20/20188:00 pm TBPHurtin' Units  Sons Of Pitches   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed6/20/20188:15 pm TBPDog Catchers  Sliders   Keogh Park
Wed6/20/20189:15 pm TBPBeer Bros.  Dodge City   C3 - Coventry Park
Thu6/21/20187:00 pm TBPTap Masters  Gruesome Devils   Keogh Park
Thu6/21/20188:15 pm TBPTottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth  Dusty Cleats   Keogh Park
Mon6/25/20187:00 pm TBPInglorious Batsters  Beer Bros.   Keogh Park
Mon6/25/20188:15 pm TBPSons Of Pitches  Rusty Rebels   Keogh Park
Mon6/25/20188:30 pm TBPHot Tub Woody's  Bat Flippers   Tottenham Community Center
Mon6/25/20189:30 pm TBPDusty Cleats  Grisslies   Keogh Park
Tue6/26/20187:00 pm TBPDog Catchers  Master Batters   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue6/26/20187:00 pm TBPTap Masters  Sliders   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue6/26/20188:15 pm TBPGrisslies  Dodge City   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue6/26/20188:15 pm TBPHurtin' Units  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed6/27/20188:00 pm TBPDraft Kings  Bat Flippers   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed6/27/20188:15 pm TBPInglorious Batsters  Dusty Cleats   Keogh Park
Thu6/28/20187:00 pm TBPHot Tub Woody's  Sons Of Pitches   Keogh Park
Thu6/28/20188:15 pm TBPBeer Bros.  Gruesome Devils   Keogh Park
Tue7/3/20187:00 pm TBPHot Tub Woody's  Sons Of Pitches   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue7/3/20187:00 pm TBPTottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth  Rusty Rebels   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue7/3/20188:15 pm TBPMaster Batters  Tap Masters   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue7/3/20188:15 pm TBPBeer Bros.  Sliders   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue7/3/20189:30 pm TBPDusty Cleats  Dodge City   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue7/3/20189:30 pm TBPHurtin' Units  Bat Flippers   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed7/4/20187:00 pm TBPHurtin' Units  Inglorious Batsters   Keogh Park
Wed7/4/20188:00 pm TBPDog Catchers  Dodge City   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed7/4/20188:15 pm TBPGruesome Devils  Dusty Cleats   Keogh Park
Thu7/5/20187:00 pm TBPHot Tub Woody's  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   Keogh Park
Thu7/5/20188:15 pm TBPGrisslies  Tap Masters   Keogh Park
Thu7/5/20189:30 pm TBPDraft Kings  Sons Of Pitches   Keogh Park
Mon7/9/20187:00 pm TBPDog Catchers  Grisslies   Keogh Park
Mon7/9/20188:15 pm TBPDusty Cleats  Sliders   Keogh Park
Mon7/9/20188:30 pm TBPGruesome Devils  Hurtin' Units   Tottenham Community Center
Mon7/9/20189:30 pm TBPBeer Bros.  Master Batters   Keogh Park
Tue7/10/20187:00 pm TBPRusty Rebels  Inglorious Batsters   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue7/10/20187:00 pm TBPDodge City  Tap Masters   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue7/10/20188:15 pm TBPBat Flippers  Sons Of Pitches   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue7/10/20188:15 pm TBPDraft Kings  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed7/11/20187:00 pm TBPGrisslies  Beer Bros.   Keogh Park
Wed7/11/20188:15 pm TBPHot Tub Woody's  Inglorious Batsters   Keogh Park
Wed7/11/20189:15 pm TBPSons Of Pitches  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   C3 - Coventry Park
Thu7/12/20187:00 pm TBPRusty Rebels  Gruesome Devils   Keogh Park
Thu7/12/20188:15 pm TBPSliders  Hurtin' Units   Keogh Park
Mon7/16/20187:00 pm TBPTap Masters  Dog Catchers   Keogh Park
Mon7/16/20188:15 pm TBPTottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth  Bat Flippers   Keogh Park
Mon7/16/20188:30 pm TBPBeer Bros.  Dodge City   Tottenham Community Center
Tue7/17/20187:00 pm TBPSliders  Rusty Rebels   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue7/17/20187:00 pm TBPGruesome Devils  Hot Tub Woody's   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue7/17/20188:15 pm TBPGrisslies  Dusty Cleats   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue7/17/20188:15 pm TBPMaster Batters  Hurtin' Units   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed7/18/20187:00 pm TBPInglorious Batsters  Draft Kings   Keogh Park
Wed7/18/20188:00 pm TBPBeer Bros.  Dog Catchers   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed7/18/20188:15 pm TBPTottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth  Sons Of Pitches   Keogh Park
Thu7/19/20187:00 pm TBPDodge City  Dusty Cleats   Keogh Park
Mon7/23/20187:00 pm TBPGruesome Devils  Draft Kings   Keogh Park
Mon7/23/20188:15 pm TBPGrisslies  Hurtin' Units   Keogh Park
Mon7/23/20188:30 pm TBPSliders  Hot Tub Woody's   Tottenham Community Center
Mon7/23/20189:30 pm TBPTap Masters  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   Keogh Park
Tue7/24/20187:00 pm TBPMaster Batters  Rusty Rebels   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue7/24/20187:00 pm TBPInglorious Batsters  Sons Of Pitches   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue7/24/20188:15 pm TBPBeer Bros.  Tap Masters   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue7/24/20188:15 pm TBPDusty Cleats  Dog Catchers   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed7/25/20188:00 pm TBPSliders  Draft Kings   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed7/25/20188:15 pm TBPGruesome Devils  Bat Flippers   Keogh Park
Wed7/25/20189:15 pm TBPDog Catchers  Beer Bros.   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed7/25/20189:30 pm TBPDodge City  Hurtin' Units   Keogh Park
Thu7/26/20187:00 pm TBPGrisslies  Rusty Rebels   Keogh Park
Thu7/26/20188:15 pm TBPInglorious Batsters  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   Keogh Park
Mon7/30/20187:00 pm TBPSliders  Bat Flippers   Keogh Park
Mon7/30/20188:15 pm TBPGruesome Devils  Sons Of Pitches   Keogh Park
Mon7/30/20189:30 pm TBPGrisslies  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   Keogh Park
Tue7/31/20187:00 pm TBPDusty Cleats  Tap Masters   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue7/31/20187:00 pm TBPMaster Batters  Draft Kings   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue7/31/20188:15 pm TBPDodge City  Rusty Rebels   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue7/31/20188:15 pm TBPInglorious Batsters  Bat Flippers   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed8/1/20187:00 pm TBPDusty Cleats  Beer Bros.   Keogh Park
Wed8/1/20188:00 pm TBPHurtin' Units  Tap Masters   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed8/1/20188:15 pm TBPGruesome Devils  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   Keogh Park
Thu8/2/20187:00 pm TBPSliders  Sons Of Pitches   Keogh Park
Thu8/2/20188:15 pm TBPRusty Rebels  Dog Catchers   Keogh Park
Thu8/2/20189:30 pm TBPMaster Batters  Hot Tub Woody's   Keogh Park
Tue8/7/20187:00 pm TBPMaster Batters  Bat Flippers   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue8/7/20187:00 pm TBPSliders  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue8/7/20188:15 pm TBPDodge City  Hot Tub Woody's   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue8/7/20188:15 pm TBPGruesome Devils  Inglorious Batsters   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue8/7/20189:30 pm TBPHurtin' Units  Dusty Cleats   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue8/7/20189:30 pm TBPGrisslies  Draft Kings   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed8/8/20187:00 pm TBPHurtin' Units  Beer Bros.   Keogh Park
Wed8/8/20188:00 pm TBPMaster Batters  Sons Of Pitches   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed8/8/20188:15 pm TBPRusty Rebels  Tap Masters   Keogh Park
Thu8/9/20187:00 pm TBPHot Tub Woody's  Dog Catchers   Keogh Park
Thu8/9/20188:15 pm TBPGrisslies  Bat Flippers   Keogh Park
Thu8/9/20189:30 pm TBPDraft Kings  Dodge City   Keogh Park
Mon8/13/20187:00 pm TBPSliders  Inglorious Batsters   Keogh Park
Mon8/13/20188:15 pm TBPDodge City  Bat Flippers   Keogh Park
Mon8/13/20188:30 pm TBPMaster Batters  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   Tottenham Community Center
Tue8/14/20187:00 pm TBPHot Tub Woody's  Tap Masters   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue8/14/20187:00 pm TBPDraft Kings  Dog Catchers   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue8/14/20188:15 pm TBPGrisslies  Sons Of Pitches   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue8/14/20188:15 pm TBPRusty Rebels  Beer Bros.   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed8/15/20187:00 pm TBPSliders  Gruesome Devils   Keogh Park
Wed8/15/20188:00 pm TBPMaster Batters  Inglorious Batsters   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed8/15/20188:15 pm TBPRusty Rebels  Dusty Cleats   Keogh Park
Thu8/16/20187:00 pm TBPHot Tub Woody's  Beer Bros.   Keogh Park
Thu8/16/20188:15 pm TBPHurtin' Units  Dog Catchers   Keogh Park
Mon8/20/20187:00 pm TBPDraft Kings  Tap Masters   Keogh Park
Mon8/20/20188:15 pm TBPDodge City  Sons Of Pitches   Keogh Park
Mon8/20/20188:30 pm TBPBat Flippers  Dog Catchers   Tottenham Community Center
Tue8/21/20187:00 pm TBPRusty Rebels  Hurtin' Units   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue8/21/20187:00 pm TBPHot Tub Woody's  Dusty Cleats   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue8/21/20188:15 pm TBPMaster Batters  Gruesome Devils   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue8/21/20188:15 pm TBPGrisslies  Inglorious Batsters   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed8/22/20187:00 pm TBPDraft Kings  Beer Bros.   Keogh Park
Wed8/22/20188:00 pm TBPBat Flippers  Tap Masters   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed8/22/20188:15 pm TBPDodge City  Tottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth   Keogh Park
Thu8/23/20187:00 pm TBPSons Of Pitches  Dog Catchers   Keogh Park
Thu8/23/20188:15 pm TBPMaster Batters  Sliders   Keogh Park
Mon8/27/20187:00 pm TBPHot Tub Woody's  Hurtin' Units   Keogh Park
Mon8/27/20188:15 pm TBPGrisslies  Gruesome Devils   Keogh Park
Tue8/28/20187:00 pm TBPDusty Cleats  Draft Kings   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue8/28/20187:00 pm TBPBat Flippers  Beer Bros.   C3 - Coventry Park
Tue8/28/20188:15 pm TBPDodge City  Inglorious Batsters   C2 - Coventry Park
Tue8/28/20188:15 pm TBPTottenham Twisters Of New Tecumseth  Dog Catchers   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed8/29/20188:00 pm TBPGrisslies  Sliders   C3 - Coventry Park
Wed8/29/20188:15 pm TBPSons Of Pitches  Tap Masters   Keogh Park
Wed8/29/20189:30 pm TBPHot Tub Woody's  Rusty Rebels   Keogh Park
Thu8/30/20187:00 pm TBPDraft Kings  Hurtin' Units   Keogh Park
Thu8/30/20188:15 pm TBPDodge City  Gruesome Devils   Keogh Park
Thu8/30/20189:30 pm TBPDusty Cleats  Master Batters   Keogh Park

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