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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Welcome To The New CBRMHA Website


CBRMHA's new website is a LeagueLineUp Site. Listed below is an overview of viewing the schedule, accessing the latest Announcements, and Contacting CBRMHA.


On this website, CBRMHA now has included IHL, Association based DJHL teams, and Female Metro posted times.  If any discrepancy between the CBRMHA site's schedule and the IHL schedule, IHL is correct, or any discrepancy between the CBRMHA site's schedule and the DJHL schedule, DJHL is correct, or any discrepancy between the CBRMHA Site's schedule and the Female Metro schedule, Female Metro is correct.  It is the responsibility of each Member to confirm IHL, DJHL, and/or Female Metro times.

The CBR Schedule can be viewed in multiple ways: on this website, on your iPhone, or through Email Reminders.

1. This Website.  

Select The Schedules tab from the Main Menu list.
Select the Division and The Team From the Drop Down List - click the downarrow button to display the list.



To view a complete schedule, choose the Calendar Tab from the Main Menu List.
Also, at the bottom of the Welcome Page the next 2 days schedule are listed.


2.  On your iPhone using iPhone's iCalendar  (free)

Through your iPhone's Internet Browser, go to our new website, and Select the Team's Schedule that you want to follow.
Once the schedule is on the "Subscribe (iCal)" button and follow the instructions.


You can follow multiple teams, by displaying each Team's schedule and clicking on the "Subscribe (iCal)" button.

Once the CBRMHA Schedule is added and changed, your iCalendar is updated the next time that you access it.


3.  An App on your iPhone  (free to download and use)

Using the LeagueLineUp App requires LeagueLineUp Signup.  See the Creating LeagueLineUp Account below.

Follow your favorite Renegade teams right from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch! The My LeagueLineup app links to your LeagueLineup account to bring you the latest News, Schedules, and Photos from our new site.  Select the teams you want to follow in the app or from, then get the latest info delivered right to your phone/ipad/ipod.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone)

In the App Store, search for My LeagueLineUp


The App Icon (Picture) looks like this:



4.  Android Phone  (non-iPhone phones - free to download and use)

Free to download on Google Play, through Google Play search for MyLeagueLineUp.   The App's Icon (Picture) is the same as the iPhone App


5.  Through Email Reminders 

When you create a FREE LeagueLineUp account, it is a setting to automatically receive Email Reminders.

For the iCalendar and Phone Apps, when the CBRMHA schedule is changed, the next time that you access the schedule it will be updated.


Creating A Free MyLeagueLineUp Account:


To use our new Site's best feature....viewing your hockey player's schedule...especially if you have multiple hockey players, you can create your Free Account and Follow your hockey player(s) schedule.

The easiest way to create your free account is, from our new Welcome Page, Under the Visitor Counter, find, click, and follow the onscreen instructions.


   Find This Button                        




With your LeagueLineUp Account, you can follow teams, signup for Text Alerts, and Email Reminders.  You can add multiple Phones to one account.



The latest announcements are displayed on the Welcome Page and in the Headline Section of the Site.   Once the Announcement expires  (for example, the day after a Goalie Clinic Posting), it will then be moved to the Past Announcements Tab on the site.  Past Announcements is a Tab from the Main Menu List.

The Headline Section selection box is at the top left hand side of the Welcome Page.  Can click on the Announcement to view the Posting.


The Headline Section selection box is at the top right hand side of the Welcome Page.  Can click on the Announcement to view the Posting.


Contacting CBR Office and A Member of the CBRMHA Executive:


From the Main Menu list, select the Contact Info Tab. 

The CBRMHA Office Hours information can be viewed by clicking on the CBRMHA Office Hours button on the Welcome Page.

Other Features:


We have uploaded each Team's Roster.  If your hockey player isn't listed on the correct team or her/his name is incorrectly spelt, you can Click Here or fill out the Correct Player Name/Team On Our Website form from the Onilne Form tab from the Main Menu


Twitter Feed.  You can follow our Twitter Account by clicking the "Follow" button next to our Twitter Feed.  The purpose of our CBRMHA Twitter Feed is to let our Membership know of news/happenings from our Association.  Once you follow our Twitter Feed, you can "Tweet" to our Account.  CBRMHA will review each Tweet posted to our Feed, and post Articles from time to time.  With over 1000 Renegades playing in our Association, CBRMHA wants to share stories on our players, and our Program.


Breaking News, Welcome Page Pop-Ups, and News Ticker will be used throughout the season to highlight news about CBRMHA...Arena Closure is an example.

Text Alerts another way to get information out to our membership.  This requires a LeagueLineUp Account and user signup.   NOTE:  CBRMHA are not response for any charges that may occur when receiving a text from CBRMHA...check with your phone carrier and your account on Text Charges.

Subscribe to Alerts:

1. You must have a verified MyLeagueLineup Account. You can register for a free account via the "My Account" box on the site you are visiting or by clicking on the promotional graphics on the site for "Game Cancelled" or "Signup for Text Alerts"
2. Once the account is verified, you can log in in either of the above places on the site and click on the "Communications" tab within your MyLeagueLineup account.
3. Click on "Manage Phones" and then "Add New Phone"
4. Add your phone number and carrier. A validation code will then be sent to you via text. You will need to enter the validation code for each phone you add to validate the phone number.
5. Once the phones have been added, you can go back to the "Communications" tab and then on "Text Alerts".
6. You can then select any Alert Groups that display to subscribe to them
7. Click the "Save" button to complete the task.


Go Renegades Go