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Battle at Fort Niagara announces Skills Competition!
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Click on the Flex Photo Link for AWESOME Action photos!

June 3, 2015

 For the best action shots from the Battle at Fort Niagara Softball Tournament, please click on the above logo to link to the Flex Photo catalog of teams and games. 

Flex Photos will be taking amazing action shots as wel as team and individual stills throughout the tournament.  Visit them at the link above or at their tent on Sundays at Kiwanis Park.  Looking for a cool gift for sponsors or family members? Want to have a cool reminder of your child's softball beginnings as they get older? Flex Photo has you covered.




Battle at Fort Niagara announces Skills Competition!

The Battle at Fort Niagara is proud to announce that a Skills Competition will take place during each weekend's tournament to showcase skills of players in each age level.

There will be four different skills competitions throughout the weekend. A hitting competition, pitching competition, infield competition, and an outfield competition will allow one to two girls on your team per event to showcase there talents in each competition.

Check the Skills Competition page on the left of the site for the different competitions and setups.

Upcoming Tournament Games

Friday, Jun 3
10 & Under
Lou Gehrig Lasers @ Wheatfield Nitro6:00pmKiwanis South
Amherst Lightning @ CN Rally6:00pmVeterans Park #1
Lancaster Heat @ Clarence Red Devils (Holley)6:00pmVeterans Park #3
Grand Island All Stars @ Clarence Red Devils (Jensen)8:00pmVeterans Park #1
Saturday, Jun 4
10 & Under
Cayuga Gamblers @ Southern Tier Elite9:00amKiwanis North
Wheatfield Nitro @ Amherst Thunder9:00amKiwanis South
Lancaster Heat @ Cayuga Gamblers11:00amKiwanis North
Lou Gehrig Lasers @ Amherst Thunder11:00amKiwanis South
Amherst Lightning @ Grand Island All Stars11:00amVeterans Park #1
CN Rally @ Clarence Red Devils (Jensen)11:00amVeterans Park #3
Clarence Red Devils (Holley) @ Southern Tier Elite2:15pmKiwanis North
CN Rally @ Grand Island All Stars2:15pmKiwanis South
Amherst Lightning @ Clarence Red Devils (Jensen)2:15pmVeterans Park #1
Lancaster Heat @ Southern Tier Elite4:15pmKiwanis South
Clarence Red Devils (Holley) @ Cayuga Gamblers4:15pmVeterans Park #1
Friday, Jun 10
14 & Under
Amherst Thunder @ Wheatfield Nitro6:00pmVeterans Park #1
Grand Island Vikings @ Cayuga Gamblers (Beutel)6:00pmVeterans Park #1
WNY Rally (Franzone) @ Cayuga Gamblers (Zemla)8:00pmVeterans Park #3
Saturday, Jun 11
14 & Under
Lancaster Heat @ Cayuga Gamblers (Beutel)8:30amKiwanis North
LG Lasers (Spokane) @ Amherst Thunder8:30amKiwanis South
Clarence Red Devils @ LG Lasers (Fairbrother)8:30amVeterans Park #1
WNY Rally (Prytula) @ Wheatfield Nitro8:30amVeterans Park #3
Lancaster Heat @ Penfield Cobras (Simon)10:15amKiwanis North
LG Lasers (Spokane) @ Webster Extreme10:15amKiwanis South
Southern Tier Smoke @ Cayuga Gamblers (Zemla)10:15amLewiston Porter JV
WNY Rally (Franzone) @ Penfield Cobras (Dorgan)10:15amLewiston Porter Varsity
Clarence Red Devils @ Battery Lightning10:15amVeterans Park #1
LG Lasers (Fairbrother) @ Vipers Pink10:15amVeterans Park #3
Lancaster Heat @ Grand Island Vikings12:00pmKiwanis North
Penfield Cobras (Simon) @ Cayuga Gamblers (Beutel)12:00pmKiwanis South
WNY Rally (Franzone) @ Southern Tier Smoke12:00pmLewiston Porter JV
Penfield Cobras (Dorgan) @ Cayuga Gamblers (Zemla)12:00pmLewiston Porter Varsity
Battery Lightning @ Vipers Pink12:00pmVeterans Park #1
Gators Softball (PA) @ WNY Rally (Prytula)12:00pmVeterans Park #3
Penfield Cobras (Simon) @ Grand Island Vikings3:00pmKiwanis North
Penfield Cobras (Dorgan) @ Southern Tier Smoke3:00pmKiwanis South
Gators Softball (PA) @ Wheatfield Nitro3:00pmVeterans Park #1
Webster Extreme @ Amherst Thunder3:00pmVeterans Park #3
Clarence Red Devils @ Vipers Pink4:45pmKiwanis North
Battery Lightning @ LG Lasers (Fairbrother)4:45pmKiwanis South
LG Lasers (Spokane) @ Gators Softball (PA)4:45pmVeterans Park #1
Webster Extreme @ WNY Rally (Prytula)4:45pmVeterans Park #3
Friday, Jun 17
16 & Under
Lancaster Heat (Wydro) @ Cayuga Gamblers (Lassman)6:00pmLewiston Porter JV
Lewiston Lancers @ NY Inferno (Leone)6:00pmLewiston Porter Varsity
Cayuga Gamblers (Kendzia) @ West Seneca Magic6:00pmVeterans Park #1
Grand Island Vipers @ NY Inferno (Elardo)6:00pmVeterans Park #3
LG Lasers (Wendell) @ Wheatfield Nitro (Cimino)8:00pmVeterans Park #1
Saturday, Jun 18
16 & Under
Xtreme Softball (Kumiega) @ WNY Rally8:30amKiwanis North
Lancaster Heat (Murray) @ Clarence Red Devils (Hons)8:30amKiwanis South
Amherst Lightning (Farber) @ Wheatfield Nitro (Loughry)8:30amVeterans Park #1
Clarence Red Devils (Jordon) @ NY Inferno (Elardo)8:30amVeterans Park #3
Lewiston Lancers @ Xtreme Softball (Kumiega)10:15amKiwanis North
NY Inferno (Leone) @ WNY Rally10:15amKiwanis South
Wheatfield Nitro (Cimino) @ CNY Swarm10:15amLewiston Porter JV
LG Lasers (Wendell) @ Grand Island Vipers10:15amLewiston Porter Varsity
Lancaster Heat (Murray) @ Cayuga Gamblers (Kendzia)10:15amVeterans Park #1
Amherst Lightning (Farber) @ Lancaster Heat (Wydro)10:15amVeterans Park #3
Clarence Red Devils (Jordon) @ CNY Swarm12:00pmKiwanis North
Clarence Red Devils (Hons) @ West Seneca Magic12:00pmKiwanis South
Wheatfield Nitro (Cimino) @ Grand Island Vipers12:00pmLewiston Porter JV
Wheatfield Nitro (Loughry) @ Cayuga Gamblers (Lassman)12:00pmLewiston Porter Varsity
CNY Swarm @ NY Inferno (Elardo)3:00pmKiwanis North
Lancaster Heat (Murray) @ West Seneca Magic3:00pmKiwanis South
Lewiston Lancers @ WNY Rally3:00pmVeterans Park #1
NY Inferno (Leone) @ Xtreme Softball (Kumiega)3:00pmVeterans Park #3
LG Lasers (Wendell) @ Clarence Red Devils (Jordon)4:45pmKiwanis North
Clarence Red Devils (Hons) @ Cayuga Gamblers (Kendzia)4:45pmKiwanis South
Wheatfield Nitro (Loughry) @ Lancaster Heat (Wydro)4:45pmVeterans Park #1
Amherst Lightning (Farber) @ Cayuga Gamblers (Lassman)4:45pmVeterans Park #3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!