Last Updated: May 20, 2015

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Battle at Fort Niagara Tournament Packets sent out!

May 12, 2015


Tournament Information Packets, including Schedules, Rules, Directions, Tee Shirt Order Forms, and Skills Competition Rules have been emailed out to listed coaches in the

10 & Under (May 29-31) Tournament

14 & Under (June 5-7) Tournament

12 & Under (June 19-21) Tournament

If you did not receive this email, please call or contact Mike ASAP to get this valuable information.



Battle at Fort Niagara 2015; Registrations now being accepted!

Lewiston Youth Softball is proud to announce the dates for our 2015 Battle at Fort Niagara Softball Tournament!  We are also happy to announce that we have LOWERED our entry fees for the 2015 Tournaments!   To register, please click on the link on the above right section of the site!

10 & Under Softball:     May 30 - 31 :              $400
12 & Under Softball:      June 20 - June 21 :     $425
14 & Under Softball:      June 6 - June 7 :         $450
16 & Under Softball:        June 13 - June 14 :       $450

Why choose the Battle at Fort Niagara?

Come for the format!  Our innovative tournament format allows all teams to play in meaningful Sunday playoff games, no matter what the talent level of the team.  While some tournaments offer losers brackets, the Battle at Fort Niagara is a true, tiered tournament with up to four single elimination divisions on Sunday, ensuring quality games for all teams and a chance to bring home the hardware.  Teams are also given the option to request a Friday game.

Come for the Fields!  Brand new and professionally maintained fields, professional field staff all weekend ensure that your teams are playing on safe fields that will not come into play.  We also have options for lights, and fields with home run fences.

Come for the fun!  We pride ourselves in providing a fun atmosphere.  Every Tournament hosts a Skills Competition during the tournament that encourages team to have some fun showing off their Softball Skills in a relaxed and competitive environment. 

Register now by clicking on "Register for the 2015 Battle at Fort Niagara" on the right hand side of the site under "Register Online".

Payment is not due until February 15 if registering before January 1!

Battle at Fort Niagara announces Skills Competition!

The Battle at Fort Niagara is proud to announce that a Skills Competition will take place during each weekend's tournament to showcase skills of players in each age level.

There will be four different skills competitions throughout the weekend. A hitting competition, pitching competition, infield competition, and an outfield competition will allow one to two girls on your team per event to showcase there talents in each competition.

Check the Skills Competition page on the left of the site for the different competitions and setups.

Upcoming Tournament Games

Friday,  May 29
10 & Under
Lou Gehrig Lasers BLUE (O'D) @ Clarence Devils WHITE (Sider) 6:00pm Veterans Park #1
Western New York Diamond Girls @ Lou Gehrig Lasers WHITE (Johel) 6:00pm Veterans Park #3
WNY Sting BLUE (Nico) @ Clarence BLACK (Bowman) 8:00pm Veterans Park #1
Saturday,  May 30
10 & Under
Cayuga Gamblers @ Southern Tier Elite 9:00am Kiwanis North
Medina Fillies @ Amherst Thunder 9:00am Kiwanis South
West Seneca Magic NAVY @ WNY Sting (Zipp) 9:00am Veterans Park #1
Western New York Diamond Girls @ Cayuga Gamblers 11:00am Kiwanis North
Lou Gehrig Lasers WHITE (Johel) @ Southern Tier Elite 11:00am Kiwanis South
Lou Gehrig Lasers BLUE (O'D) @ West Seneca Magic NAVY 11:00am Veterans Park #1
Clarence Devils WHITE (Sider) @ WNY Sting (Zipp) 11:00am Veterans Park #3
Western New York Diamond Girls @ Southern Tier Elite 2:15pm Kiwanis North
Lou Gehrig Lasers WHITE (Johel) @ Cayuga Gamblers 2:15pm Kiwanis South
WNY Sting BLUE (Nico) @ Medina Fillies 2:15pm Veterans Park #1
Clarence BLACK (Bowman) @ Amherst Thunder 2:15pm Veterans Park #3
Lou Gehrig Lasers BLUE (O'D) @ WNY Sting (Zipp) 4:15pm Kiwanis North
Clarence Devils WHITE (Sider) @ West Seneca Magic NAVY 4:15pm Kiwanis South
WNY Sting BLUE (Nico) @ Amherst Thunder 4:15pm Veterans Park #1
Clarence BLACK (Bowman) @ Medina Fillies 4:15pm Veterans Park #3
Friday,  Jun 5
14 & Under
WNY Dazzlers (Borrello) @ Lou Gehrig Lasers 6:05pm Lewiston Porter JV
Wheatfield Nitro ORANGE @ Cambria Rampage 6:05pm Lewiston Porter Varsity
Niagara Jr. Thunderwolves @ Wheatfield Nitro WHITE 6:05pm Pekin Fire Hall
Lewiston Lancers @ Tonawanda Elite 6:05pm Veterans Park #1
NY Inferno SILVER @ Grand Island Vipers 6:05pm Veterans Park #3
Monroe Blazers BLACK @ Cayuga Gamblers 8:00pm Veterans Park #1
Saturday,  Jun 6
14 & Under
Lewiston Lancers @ Penfield Cobras 8:15am Kiwanis North
Tonawanda Elite @ Vipers PINK 8:15am Kiwanis South
Lou Gehrig Lasers @ West Seneca Magic BLUE 8:15am Lewiston Porter JV
WNY Dazzlers (Borrello) @ Cheektowaga Crush 8:15am Lewiston Porter Varsity
Wheatfield Nitro ORANGE @ Oakville Angels 8:15am Veterans Park #1
Cambria Rampage @ Sandlot Academy Saints 8:15am Veterans Park #3
Niagara Jr. Thunderwolves @ Clarence Red Devils 10:15am Kiwanis North
Penfield Cobras @ Vipers PINK 10:15am Kiwanis South
Grand Island Vipers @ Cayuga Gamblers 10:15am Lewiston Porter JV
NY Inferno SILVER @ Monroe Blazers BLACK 10:15am Lewiston Porter Varsity
Oakville Angels @ Sandlot Academy Saints 10:15am Veterans Park #1
Wheatfield Nitro WHITE @ Dazzlers (Piskorowski) 10:15am Veterans Park #3
WNY Dazzlers (Borrello) @ West Seneca Magic BLUE 1:30pm Kiwanis North
Lou Gehrig Lasers @ Cheektowaga Crush 1:30pm Kiwanis South
NY Inferno SILVER @ Cayuga Gamblers 1:30pm Lewiston Porter JV
Wheatfield Nitro ORANGE @ Sandlot Academy Saints 1:30pm Lewiston Porter Varsity
Niagara Jr. Thunderwolves @ Dazzlers (Piskorowski) 1:30pm Veterans Park #1
Wheatfield Nitro WHITE @ Clarence Red Devils 1:30pm Veterans Park #3
Lewiston Lancers @ Vipers PINK 3:30pm Kiwanis North
Cheektowaga Crush @ West Seneca Magic BLUE 3:30pm Kiwanis South
Grand Island Vipers @ Monroe Blazers BLACK 3:30pm Lewiston Porter JV
Tonawanda Elite @ Penfield Cobras 3:30pm Lewiston Porter Varsity
Clarence Red Devils @ Dazzlers (Piskorowski) 3:30pm Veterans Park #1
Cambria Rampage @ Oakville Angels 3:30pm Veterans Park #3
Friday,  Jun 19
12 & Under
Central Niagara Rally BLUE (Adamo) @ Cayuga Gamblers 8:00am Veterans Park #1
Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles @ Wheatfield Nitro BLUE (Quider) 6:00pm Veterans Park #1
Lou Gehrig Lasers RED (Quagliana) @ Central Niagara Rally WHITE (Blount) 6:00pm Veterans Park #3
Saturday,  Jun 20
12 & Under
Lou Gehrig Lasers BLUE (Fairbrother) @ Centre Hailstorm 9:00am Kiwanis North
Wheatfield Nitro WHITE (Brochey) @ Lou Gehrig Lasers WHITE (Gunnells) 9:00am Kiwanis South
Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles @ Lou Gehrig Lasers RED (Quagliana) 9:00am Veterans Park #1
Lou Gehrig Lasers BLUE (Fairbrother) @ Wheatfield Nitro WHITE (Brochey) 11:00am Kiwanis North
Central Niagara Rally WHITE (Blount) @ Lou Gehrig Lasers WHITE (Gunnells) 11:00am Kiwanis South
Wheatfield Nitro BLUE (Quider) @ Central Niagara Rally BLUE (Adamo) 11:00am Veterans Park #1
Lou Gehrig Lasers RED (Quagliana) @ Wheatfield Nitro WHITE (Brochey) 2:00pm Kiwanis North
Wheatfield Nitro BLUE (Quider) @ Central Niagara Rally WHITE (Blount) 2:00pm Kiwanis South
Centre Hailstorm @ Cayuga Gamblers 2:00pm Veterans Park #1
Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles @ Central Niagara Rally BLUE (Adamo) 4:00pm Kiwanis North
Centre Hailstorm @ Lou Gehrig Lasers WHITE (Gunnells) 4:00pm Kiwanis South
Lou Gehrig Lasers BLUE (Fairbrother) @ Cayuga Gamblers 4:00pm Veterans Park #1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!