Kids' Travel Club Registration


Parental Permission to Participate

The City of Bayonne provides for participation in sports and other recreational activities by young people through the leagues and other city sponsored events. The city DOES NOT provide coverage for medical, hospital, or other treatment or transportation for treatment for injury suffered by people participating in city sponsored leagues or events. Please furnish the information requested to assist in obtaining treatment for your child in the event he or she is injured. A copy of your medical coverage policy or identification card may be attached.

I/We realize that participating in athletic activities and other recreation activities involves a potential for injury. I/We understand that injuries are possible even with the best coaching, use of the most advanced protective equipment and strict adherence to the rules. On rare occasions, injuries may be extremely severe or fatal. I/We have read and understand this warning. I/We grant permission for the child named below to participate in the sport or event listed. I also certify that the birth date given is correct.


The undersigned, hereinafter referred to as Participant, states that he/she has become a Participant of the Bayonne Recreation Kids Travel Club so as to participate as a member, as well as the use of the facility and equipment.

In consideration of the foregoing, I have agreed to and do hereby release the City of Bayonne and its officers, directors, employees and agents from any and all liabilities for any damage to my person or my property arising from my participation in any part of this
Activity or my use of the City of Bayonne facilities and equipment and I know in executing this release that:

1. City of Bayonne makes no claims as to medical, therapeutic or other cost to me arising from my participation in any of its programs.

2. My participation in any program is at my sole risk.

3. That the City of Bayonne is in no way responsible for my physicalcondition and Bayonne Recreation has the right to assume I am able to participate in its programs.

4. The City of Bayonne is not responsible for any of my personal property brought to the facility.

5. The City of Bayonne is not responsible for any damage to my person or my property due to any defects in equipment, or due to omission of others.

6. The reference in this release to the City of Bayonne includes not only the Bayonne Recreation Division but also its officers, directors, employees and agents.

7. If I am under the age of 18, this release will be executed by my parents.


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