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Quasi Modo
May 14, 2009
3:10:09 AM

Entry ID: 1624446
Pete: keep up the good work!
Delivery boy
April 21, 2009
1:18:59 PM

Entry ID: 1609677
Where have you gone Rocky Crisonino? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
Big Fan
March 26, 2009
2:04:22 PM

Entry ID: 1592636
Pete, GREAT JOB with your web site. I can get all the infomation that I want from this site. I didn't know that there was so many activities that go on in this town until someone told be about your web site. My son played floor hockey this year and he can't wait until next year. The photos you put on your site are great. I also signed my son up this year with the kids club. You are doing a great job. Keep up the great work. Big Fan
March 24, 2009
10:05:23 PM

Entry ID: 1591169
Pete, great job with announcing the floor hockey all-star game! The kids absolutely LOVED it and they LOVE floor hockey! You and your staff are GREAT! ~ See you next season! P.S. AWESOME PHOTOS!
March 24, 2009
11:38:06 AM

Entry ID: 1590590
Rocky, Congratulations Coach Rocky and his UNDEFEATED Floor Hockey Team. Two years in a row with undefeated seasons proves that you are the GREATEST coach in floor hockey. Big Fan
March 5, 2009
10:42:24 PM

Entry ID: 1577882
Pete, great job with all the photos! The site is fantastic! Keep up the great work!
Bayonne Bee
February 27, 2009
11:45:35 AM

Entry ID: 1573161
Still looking for more pictures of Rocky. If this website is #11 now, a full spread on Rocky will push it to #1.
Delivery boy
February 25, 2009
10:28:37 PM

Entry ID: 1572132
Go Bayonne!!!
Jonathan Thomas
February 25, 2009
9:31:32 PM

Entry ID: 1572103
Bayonne Recreation keeps growing every year..keep up the great work guys!!
Steve Yurchak
February 22, 2009
9:53:39 PM

Entry ID: 1569383
The Recreation Department has always provided the deserving citizens of Bayonne an outlet to participate in a variety of activities. With a strong foundation already established, the Recreation Department has undoubtedly flourished and continues to provide more and more unique opportunities for people of all ages. The website has been a spectacular addition to the recreation community. Keep up the great work Gary, Pete and Gary!!
Elaine Kovfin
February 15, 2009
10:49:00 PM

Entry ID: 1564364
What a wonderful site...!
Tom Jacobson
January 15, 2009
2:34:15 PM

Entry ID: 1543467
This site has added a great deal of enthusiasm to the recreational programs! Keep up the great work Tom Jacobson
Delivery boy
January 8, 2009
10:03:39 PM

Entry ID: 1539658
Pete, You are doing a great job with keeping us up to date. But I have to agree with the Bayonne Bee. You need more pictures of Rocky. Without him, this site's popularity will drop out of the top 50.
Bayonne Bee
January 7, 2009
3:04:04 PM

Entry ID: 1538748
Great website, but you need more pictures of Rocky.
January 1, 2009
9:57:28 PM

Entry ID: 1535717
Let me be the first to wish you and your staff 'A Happy New Year".....we are reaching for the stars this year......this site will be #1 soon....keep up the good work .......I am very proud of you and your accomplishments....we need more people like you in the world to keep the youth and the not so youthful to have recreation fill the days in their lives!
December 24, 2008
1:24:19 PM

Entry ID: 1532557
Merry Christmas Pete & Gary!
December 22, 2008
9:58:57 PM

Entry ID: 1531612
Merry Christmas Pete and Recreation site is FAN-tastic.........keep up the good work!
December 17, 2008
9:50:35 AM

Entry ID: 1528841
Happy Holidays! Great website ........keep up the good will be in the top ten soon......
November 27, 2008
3:44:02 AM

Entry ID: 1516609
Happy Thanksgiving! The "Turkey Shoot' was quite a success. Love all the photos and keep up the great work......VFXD
October 28, 2008
10:36:40 PM

Entry ID: 1493273
Great Photo Album!
October 28, 2008
4:20:21 PM

Entry ID: 1492891
This Website should be # 1 like the City of Bayonne , Pete keep up the good work !!
October 28, 2008
9:50:03 AM

Entry ID: 1492418
Pete: Your webesite is very informing. I find it refreshing that I can go to this website and find information like up comming events, schedules, game results and my favorite the photo album. When looking at the photos it makes you feel the you were at that event. GREAT JOB keep it up. Mike
Danielle Hajduk
October 21, 2008
2:18:22 PM

Entry ID: 1486494
This site is wonderful! Always fun, festive, and resourceful for sports fans of all ages! I never go a day without checking new postings on "the Huddle" or if any new pics have been added from Bayonne events or games :)
Jersey City
October 17, 2008
8:47:49 AM

Entry ID: 1483315
It was very nice learning about the travel club that Bayonne Rec. offers. Good luck planning this year's trips and activities!
September 27, 2008
8:57:57 AM

Entry ID: 1467549
Pete, I found the website by accident, glad I did. It is very easy to navigate, even for me. Keep up the good work.

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Total Entries: 98