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Pete Cresci
September 25, 2008
6:59:48 PM

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Pete: Keep up the great work. The website is very informative and it truly demonstrates the impact the Department has on the entire Community.
Steve Amadeo
August 26, 2008
9:54:54 AM

Entry ID: 1446805
Hey Pete, You guys did a nice job with the all-star festivities. The photos look great. Thanks for the very-detailed and consistantly updated website. Great Job!!!
July 16, 2008
9:11:42 AM

Entry ID: 1420507
Wow!Cool site!Check out our Wiffleball Site at
Frank Ajosa
July 14, 2008
12:49:59 PM

Entry ID: 1419289
Pete, The website is very informative and easy to navigate. Congratulations on being in the top 100, an excellent accomplishment
Cindy Peterson
May 12, 2008
12:26:22 PM

Entry ID: 1384951
Pete, great job on the website, it looks awesome! It's a great way for residents to locate recreation information all at once. Very informative! Cindy Peterson Hudson County Stars Semi-Pro Football Organization
gene klumpp sr.
bayonne/ sunrise fl.
March 26, 2008
10:21:24 PM

Entry ID: 1356637
Pete very good job on the web site, very informative. and good luck in your future at the recreation dept.
Maryann Lindquist
February 12, 2008
11:40:09 PM

Entry ID: 1325095
Pete, Congrats on getting the Dept. of Recreation site up and running. Very informative, keep up the good work!
Sal Amadeo
January 7, 2008
9:50:02 PM

Entry ID: 1300496
Pete, This site is very informative, the toolbar is helpful and easy to access. I loved the photo sections with captions, nice touch. I also like how you have the officials schedules' link. This makes it super easy for them to get their week to week schedule. Good job all around! Sal
Mary Divock, Bayonne Town Center
January 4, 2008
10:01:43 AM

Entry ID: 1298398
On behalf of the Bayonne Town Center I would like to congratulate the Bayonne Dept. of Recreation on making the top 100 sites! Keep up the good work!
Alex Rodriguez
Bayonne, NJ
January 3, 2008
9:32:50 AM

Entry ID: 1297902
I'm glad Bobby DeChiaro informed us of your new website. It's impressive and will be a useful tool for all. I always had difficulty knowing when our games were. Not anymore. Keep up the great work!
Gary Chmielewski
December 28, 2007
4:32:52 PM

Entry ID: 1294750
Pete, You are an asset to our Department. The site is great! Now lets' get to #1. Thanks for a job well done!
Addie DelPriore
December 26, 2007
7:33:06 PM

Entry ID: 1293628
Good job Pete, finally your talents are being recognized. I always knew you were an asset in the Recreation Dept. Congratulations.
Bruce Bigg Sr.
July 24, 2007
2:53:02 PM

Entry ID: 1168952
How about a Supv. of the Week? I Hear Rec. Dept. has some of the "Best".
Luis Delacruz
July 18, 2007
4:43:47 PM

Entry ID: 1165080
June 18, 2007
11:24:22 AM

Entry ID: 1145578
The site is great.
home town
June 13, 2007
3:49:18 PM

Entry ID: 1142733
This site goes in the fame!
The Legend
June 12, 2007
7:00:21 PM

Entry ID: 1142181
Good Work Pete
June 12, 2007
5:09:47 PM

Entry ID: 1142109
Nice job on the website Pete. We should go with team pics too.
Matthew Steinbrunn
June 7, 2007
4:18:58 PM

Entry ID: 1138656
Thanks for putting us on the map,Pete. Let's get on the schtick and get the stats,uniform #'s,and positions and we're all set. Now, instead of 1st reading the newspaper on-line first thing in the am, I go right to the scoreboard from the previous night. Thanks Again.. Two stars for you!
Dan Hampton
June 7, 2007
4:05:01 PM

Entry ID: 1138648
Good Job .. When are the statistics going to be up
Rolly Pagdanganan
June 6, 2007
7:55:36 AM

Entry ID: 1137655
This site is AWESOME and Informative. GREAT JOB PETE !
May 31, 2007
12:37:04 PM

Entry ID: 1133461
Nice job with the website Pete.
hiphop anonymous
May 30, 2007
10:09:39 PM

Entry ID: 1133128
this site is awesome...

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Total Entries: 98