Rules/Regulations & Forms

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    As part of the 2019 BVB Board of Director’s mandate, we are continuing work towards goals set by our Members (you) of establishing a stable, fair and responsible League. As our main Constitutional Objective states “BVB works to promote and foster sportsmanship, community spirit and fellowship.” One of the means to further establish this goal is to create rules, by-laws and policies that document definable steps and instructions. Please see the following documents and procedures that now govern the League going forward.

  • 2019 BVB ByLaw & Policy Implementation - Please Read
    Please Read this communication from our League President (Marco Serra) which details the new League Policies and Procedures to cover all aspects of our operation starting within the 2019 Season.

  • BVB Constitution & ByLaws - (Active for Present Season)
    An updated version encompassing the existing Constitution with major details surrounding how the League and its Board of Directors operate.

  • BVB Rules & Regulations - (Current Rule Set for Active Year)
    League game play governance - Last Updated on August 14th, 2019

    Rule 2.15 reverted back to 2018 version as per Board voted change.
    Rule 11.09.02 includes changes regarding Tiered Play-Off format.

  • BVB Member Code of Conduct
    Each individual who is a rostered Player of a Member Club, Director, Officer, Agent, Official (Umpire) or Volunteer of Burlington Vintage Baseball (“BVB”) agrees to abide by this Code of Conduct

  • BVB Member Protection Policy
    The main objective of our Member Protection Policy (MPP) is to maintain responsible behaviour and the making of informed decisions by participants in BVB. It outlines our commitment to a person’s right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be safe and protected from abuse. Our policy informs everyone involved in BVB of their legal and ethical rights and responsibilities and the standards of behaviour that are required.

  • BVB Member Protection Policy Complaint Form
    As part of Burlington Vintage Baseball’s (BVB) BVB Membership Protection Policy, any submitted complaint must be documented using this form as part of the complaint handling process.

  • BVB Disciplinary Hearing Committee Policy
    The main objective of our Disciplinary Hearing Committee is to maintain responsible behavior and the making of informed decisions by participants in BVB. Our policy is meant to reinforce responsibilities and the standards of behavior that are required within BVB.

  • BVB Privacy Policy
    As part of our commitment to privacy protection, Burlington Vintage Baseball (BVB) has implemented this Privacy Policy, which explains our privacy practices, including those of our Websites.

  • BVB Email Disclaimer Policy Statement
    Please use this at bottom of any sensitive or confidential emails as required in cases were required.

  • BVB Financial Policy
    Burlington Vintage Baseball (BVB) is committed to timely, accurate and responsible financial management. The Board of Directors work to ensure that all financial matters are managed with care, integrity, and consistency within the best interests of BVB and its members.

  • BVB Tournament Values & Mission Statement Policy
    The main objective of our Tournament Values & Mission Statement Policy is to represent Burlington Vintage Baseball and the City of Burlington in respected tournaments at the Provincial and National level with class, professionalism, and competitiveness, by providing our membership the opportunity to showcase their skills on a larger stage. - *Document In Progress*

  • 2. TEAM FORMS:
    Documents and Forms required by teams.

  • BVB League Expansion Team Form - 2020 - to submit application for next season.
    Please fill out this form and submit to an active BVB Board member for application to the 2020 Season.
    - Deadline is January 24th, 2020 for next season.


  • Umpire Information - Umpires Incident Report Sheet
    *Blank Form for Official Submission of Report*
    As Burlington Vintage Baseball’s (BVB) Constitution and By-Laws, Rules & Regulations and Disciplinary Hearing Committee Policy states, the League requires an Umpire Game Report to assist with any Disciplinary and/or Protest reviews. Please utilize this form and provide as much detail as possible.

  • Umpire Information - Writing a Umpire Report Guidelines
    Umpires: Use this guideline document when filling out the Ejection Report.

  • Umpire Information - Sample Umpires Incident Report Sheet
    Sample Input with Description for assistance to complete.