BVB Hall of Fame

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Recognition is important to Burlington Vintage Baseball. It is the reason most players still dawn the uniform and play as hard as they be the best they can be. The BVB Hall of Fame will continue to recognize the efforts on and off the field for its members for years to come.

Read about the past year's events that shaped BVB in our 'History' section of the website where it reviews each season and the activities and significant occurrences that brought the League to where it is today.





Burlington Vintage Baseball was a direct result of the contribution and dedication that Jim Hambrook provided. Jim's leadership and vision to create a quality baseball product is why BVB is a strong entity within Burlington and Ontario, Canada. As a Player, Manager and President, Jim has made a difference to BVB; the high quality results its members have come to expect. Driving the league forward in the boardroom, behind the bleachers or in the dugout, Jim is recognized as a builder. BVB is the structure he created. Both the internal league product and the externally recognized successes of the BVB 49ers tournament team program were a direct result of his efforts.

On behalf of BVB and its membership, we appreciate Jim's leadership and dedication to the league over the years. Your passion for baseball has become our benefit.




Lee Mackey played many different roles within BVB; both on and off the field. As a player, founder and builder, Lee’s contributions have assisted the Burlington Vintage Baseball League reach its goal of producing a solid baseball product as well as National prominence with the back to back Canadian National titles with the 35+ Blacks 49ers tournament team in Red Deer AB (2007) and Hamilton ON (2008). Lee’s creative abilities and promotion of BVB elevated the quality and structure you still see today within the League. 

Lee left a legacy of contributions from the graphical representations to the friendships within the league membership. With his creative touch and hands on approach, Lee was involved with many aspects of BVB. He will always be part of the league body despite having to depart to other geographies. 

On behalf of the League and its membership, we appreciate Lee’s dedication to our successes over the years. Your passion for baseball was our profit.






Recognizing over 30 years of dedication and contribution to the game of baseball and specifically Burlington Baseball, Walter Lutz was inducted into the BVB Hall of Fame on November 26th, 2009. Walter is a founding member of BVB, working tirelessly as the League VP of Operations. Behind the dugouts and bleachers, Walter's work never stops throughout the season and well after. Walter has been associated with organized baseball in Ontario, with BVB being a product of his contribution from the beginning.

His love of the game and passion to contribute to the league will be respected by all associated with Burlington Vintage Baseball.

2013 Update: Walter has stepped down as the VP of Operations for BVB. His contribution was recognized and celebrated at the 2012 End of Season banquet by the League membership in attendance. On behalf of Burlington Vintage Baseball and its members, we thank Walter for his many years of service and contribution to the League.





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