Special Recognition

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In the spirit of baseball and team sports in general, BVB occasionally recognizes special achievement of individuals who contributed to the development of, or have made an impact to the league on a whole. This individual possesses the qualities we associate with performance excellence, on and off the field. With no expectation of return, the individual acted with diligence and professionalism to project what BVB represents.

2006 - DOUG REID

BVB Nationals 44+ Squad Coach

The League recognized a special member of the 2006 Nationals 44+ team, Doug Reid, with an appreciation award for his involvement in the Yarmouth tournament. Doug Reid was originally slated to assist with coaching duties for the 44+ travelling squad but, due to unforeseen circumstances, he was activated as a contributing player...and play he did. At the young age of 73, Doug showed us what a team sport is all about. Jim Hambrook presented Doug Reid with a plaque on behalf of the League for his role on the BVB squad, reflecting on the events that transpired to make him a legendary member of BVB baseball.

Excerpt from August 10th, 2006 - A word from our President: ....The Grey’s made an emergency addition to there line up to solidify the 12 man batting order that is a requirement to plate. Upon losing a player, the squad turned to 73 year old Doug Reid (Coach) and asked him if he would consider holding down a number of plate appearances going forward. After a short pause and twinkle in his eye he informed me his last at bat competitively was 1953; not even recognizing the need to wear a helmet to bat. Fast forward 3 games later and Doug can retire all over again with his 3–5 hitting and 2 RBI status including a base smash in the Qtr. Final game that landed in Ctr. Field. This final plate appearance was followed by an announcement to recognize his achievement and age, followed by a standing ovation by the crowd....(Jim Hambrook)