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Blue Jays

  • Marco Serra (4165603085)
  • John McNeil
    Abdel Rodriguez
    Terry Alderson
  • 6-12-3

Another season is about to begin and yet another opportunity to get out on the field and play some high quality baseball.

This will be the 6th season of the BVB Blue Jays and with each season, we take another step forward in our development as a team.

Changes are always bound to happen and to start this year, we have several once again but we have a solid core group who are working together towards a common goal.

This year will be our best yet as we will take what we learned in a hard fought 5 game loss to the Brewers last year and use it to build upon an even greater 2019 Season.
27 Juan Carlos Gutierrez.5481716494211238401555103101022039.673.9291.602
17 Mike Villa.5005512124620050200300001008.583.6671.250
10 Adbel Rodriguez.4801715535014243001233004000002027.547.5401.087
16 Adriano Vega Martinez.4601817535018233221408004003040036.509.7201.229
3 Terry Alderson.437154493215141005133409000001015.653.4691.122
19 Justin Loncaric.400161644351114200673206000030016.591.4571.048
6 Chris Errington.3891313413610142001225202001006016.585.4441.030
5 Marco Serra.3862020635715225001065006000105027.524.474.997
4 Mark Wolfendale.382141341348131001053001102013014.537.412.948
77 Matt Carmichael.3817423212810030120400001109.522.429.950
23 Zac Nunez.3681684138814200533001000002016.463.421.884
37 Dave Oelke.3331483733811000423200000021011.486.333.820
2 Steve Carlson.33311431110021000000000002.500.6671.167
14 Brad O'Brien.2947719173500032300000000105.421.294.715
32 Richard Paige.2861593935810000434101000231010.462.286.747
25 Dave Wolfendale.25012829244600035500000001006.414.250.664
44 Brad Mifsud.2316114133300010400000101003.286.231.516
22 John McNeil.1826412112200011200000001002.333.182.515
12 Trevor Bardon.

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