***2019 Spring Season Registration***

$115 - Tee Ball - 4/5/6 yrs old

$140 - Farm League - 7/8 yrs old [6 yrs old - see * below]

$180 - Minor League (46/60) - 9/10/11 yrs old [8yrs old - see **below]

$180 - Major League (46/60) - 10/11/12 yrs old

$180 - Intermediate (50/70)*** - 13 yrs old

$180 - Junior League (60/90) - 13/14 yrs old

$180 - Senior League (60/90) - 15/16 yrs old


Division Registration Status Notes
Tee Ball OPEN  
Farm League OPEN  
Minor League OPEN  
Major League OPEN  
Intermediate League OPEN  
Junior League OPEN  
Senior League OPEN  



(see chart / age calculator below)

*Players baseball age 6 must have played one full spring season of Tee Ball in order to be eligible to play in Farm division.  If you would like player to play in the Farm Division please register for Tee Ball and e-mail the league ( and request for player to be moved to the Farm Division.  Player may or may not be moved to Farm Division based on recommendation from player agent.


** A limited number of 8 year old players who have participated in a tryout may be eligible to play in the Minor division.  Players who participated in the tryout should register for the Farm division and send an email to the league (brickll@ymail.comrequesting the player be considered to be moved to the Minor division.



***The 50/70 division (50 foot pitching distance / 70 foot bases) is for the 13 year old player who may not be ready to jump from the major league diamond (46 foot pitching distance / 60 foot bases) direct to the big field (60’6” pitching distance / 90 foot bases).  This will give the player a year to transition to the big field.  Rules are very similar to play on the big field with leading, stealing, pick offs, etc.  The player would get a good introduction to big field play on a smaller more manageable field.  This division is currently being offered to 13yr olds only.  The division will more than likely be set up on an interleague basis meaning games would be played against other leagues within District 18 and will involve local travel to those leagues for away games.

 (Online Registration Form - Top Right Of Home Page)

 For 2019 League Age Help Visit: LL Age Calculator

 Link to 2019 LL Age Chart 

 For Uniform Sizing Help Visit Link: Majestic Sizing

Registering for BLL requires you to have a BLL "My Account" which can be set-up during the registration process.  Registration payment options are physical check (by mail) or online payment via Stack Pay.  If paying online accepted forms of payment are all major credit cards and eChecks.  Stack Pay/LeagueLineup assesses a $1 convenience fee for all online payments.

NOTE: If having issues logging in using an Apple iPhone or iPad, please try again from a regular PC with an up to date web browser (ie. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc...).


Brick Little League has introduced a CHECK RECOVERY SERVICE to assist the League in regards to unpaid checks. Please be aware that if your check is returned unpaid, you have authorized Brick Little League and its processing center to electronically debit your account or generate a paper draft / substitute check against your account for the face value of the returned check and the maximum allowable state fee. Your use of a check payment is your acknowledgment and acceptance of this policy and terms.

To revoke this authorization, verify or dispute any debt:


Please do not contact Brick Little League in regards to an unpaid check.



Medical Release Form :

As part of registration, Little League Baseball requires that each player provide Brick Little League with medical information in case of an emergency.

1- Download and open the "MEDICAL RELEASE FORM"
2- Fill out all required fields on your PC
3- Print it
4- Sign it
5- Bring the form with you to uniform pick-up.


* each coach is required to have their player's form with them.

Registration Aid Application

Brick Little League is giving the opportunity to hundreds of boys and girls to participate in baseball [America's National Pastime]

However, often we encounter financial circumstances that prevent parents from registering their children. BLL has established guidelines to assist our families in need.

Families interested in consideration for Registration Aid must submit an application during regular registration period.  Registration aid applications required a certain amount of volunteer time.

Every Registration Aid applications must be submitted in writing by the parent/guardian.  Each application is thoroughly reviewed by the registration committee and/or league president.

NOTE: You still must complete a regular registration form in addition to the aid form.


Snack Stand Bond Checks

Every season Brick Little League collects a bond check for each registered player.  Currently the bond check is $100.  Each parent will receive their bond check back after working a full shift in the snack stand.  Everyone that has a child playing in the league is required to work a snack stand shift or their bond check is forfeited. This includes managers, coaches as well as board members.

Also, effective immediately if you "no-show" or "no-call" for your scheduled snack stand shift your bond check will be cashed.  In order to get your $100 back you will need to work another snack stand shift and the league will issue a $100 refund check.


League Refund Policy :

If for some reason, you wish to request a refund of your registration fee ... please refer to our FAQ SECTION
Scroll down to ... "If my child decides to quit, is it possible to get a refund?"