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Codes of Conduct:

As a Brick Little League member, you hereby pledge to provide positive support, care, and encouragement to others around you that participate in a Brick Little League events by following simple codes of conduct.
The codes are available in the CODES OF CONDUCT section of this website.


Brick Little League teams are managed and coached by volunteers.
If you are interested, please proceed to the COACHING SECTION of this website.

Medical Release Form:

When registering a player in Brick Little League you will need to fill out a MEDICAL RELEASE FORM.
You can locate and download the form in the REGISTRATION SECTION of this website.


If you are interested in registering a player in Brick Little League, please proceed to the REGISTRATION SECTION of this website.


Brick Little League Baseball is operated solely by the help of volunteers.
If you wish to join the list of BLL volunteers, please proceed to the VOLUNTEERING SECTION of this web site and fill out a LITTLE LEAGUE VOLUNTEER FORM... for a background check


Brick Little League requires a tremendous amount of support by the local community in order to be successful.
If you are interested in being a sponsor, please proceed to the SPONSORSHIP SECTION of this website.

Pitching Affidavit Form:

Must be used by every Minor / Major / Junior / Senior and Big League team.
This form must be with you at all times and must be filled out at EVERY game.

For more information contact the player agent for the division and/or NJ District 18 web site.

Little League® Accident Report Form

Brick Little League has established a SAFETY POLICY

In the event of an unfortunate accident to a player, Little League® International asked that the following form be filled out ...


In the event the link above does not function properly, the form can also be found on the Little League® website ...


League Expense Report Form

BLL Expense Report Form

This form is to be used by anyone who needs to be reimburse for any personal exposedness made on behalf of Brick Little League.
The form needs to be filled out and signed APPROVED by current Brick Little League President and one other seated Brick Little League Board Director member.
a receipt of EACH item MUST be attached to this form