Support Brick's Youth ... VOLUNTEER ! ! !

Brick Little League Baseball is operated solely by the help of volunteers. The majority of help comes from the parents of the little leaguers, but you don't need to be a parent to volunteer your time!

There are numerous areas where Brick Little League can use help. Coaching, umpiring, field maintenance, fundraising, and events coordination are just a few of the areas where you can show off your skills!

Lend a hand in support of Brick's youth by volunteering a small portion of your time. The experience is rewarding! You will maximize the quality experience young players will have here at Brick Little League.

Volunteer Today!

People like you, volunteers, are what make Brick Little League possible!

For more information, please contact Brick Little League by emailing brickll@ymail.com or contacting any League representative.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the Little League® International form and hand in in-person or mail to the PO Box address with a copy of your drivers license.  We can no longer accept volunteer applications electronically...





Parent Participation

Many responsibilities exist beyond the normal team level commitments that make Brick Little League function smoothly. Parents are what make the program a quality experience for all our children. Brick Little League can only be as good as we, the parents, make it.

The following are some important volunteer areas that are required during the season.

~ Coaching / Managing a team
~ Umpiring games
~ Field Preparation and Maintenance
~ Special Events Coordination
~ Fundraising
~ Snack Stand

Codes of Conducts

Every coach/manager and parents [yes ... parents !!] at Brick Little League needs to abide by a set of codes developed by the BLL Board of Directors.

Visit our CODES OF CONDUCT SECTION to view the set of codes.