Who Are the Scorekeepers?

Brick Little League scorekeepers are all volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts to keeping track of team statistics for their Little League team. Each team needs one person to step up and volunteer to be the team's scorekeeper. Should a parent not be available to be a scorekeeper, then the responsibility falls on one of the assistant coaches or manager. BLL encourages parents to volunteer for scorekeeping in all divisions.

The BLL website has available information on how learning how to keep score, on-base percentages, hits, walks, and errors.

As scorekeepers move up a division with their child, they become more adept at being a solid scorekeeper.

Help set a positive example - become a scorekeeper for your child's team!

Reporting Scores

After each game a representative of the WINNING team is responsible for submitting the final score to the division player agent who will then forward to the web site designer for posting.

It is important to keep accurate records of game scores since it will affect the team standings throughout the season. Make it a habit to submit the final score as soon as the game is over.

Scores and standings are posted on the BLL web site.

Scorekeeping Resources

The following are reference materials you can use to get up to speed on scorekeeping, or to refresh your knowledge.