Championship Day Rules 2019

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DATE: JULY 7, 2018
PLACE: Richmond State Lake

Tournament Directors: All Local League Presidents
Protest Committee: Edison League Officers


Championship Day is double elimination in all leagues except T-Ball.
Should a second game be necessary in any league, it shall start at the end of the awards ceremony after the previous game.

All teams should arrive 45 minutes to one hour before scheduled game time.

The team coming out of the winners bracket will have the option to be home team for the first game. Home team will be decided before a second game by toss of a coin.

Each team will receive 7 minutes infield warmup before the first game. There will be NO batting practice permitted anywhere in the park. This includes batting cages.

Trophies and awards will be distributed after each game. Should a second game be necessary in any league, all awards will be given at the end of the first game except for those going to the teams playing.

All teams in the league will receive awards or certificates. All teams not playing should arrive at the park no later than 1 half hour after the first game starting time for their age group. This is necessary so that all players can be signed in so players can receive their awards and so that each team may receive credit for participation on this day.

All protests will be decided on the spot by the protest committee. All Decisions are final.

All proceeds raised on this day go directly back to the teams and leagues according to participation, for there league's league fees in 2018. Everyone is asked to do your part and participate.