Q: I registered my daughter to play softball. Now what?

A: You will be contacted by your daughter’s coach within the first week after the team lists are distributed. If you have questions concerning registration, contact softball@croftonsports.com.

Q: My daughter has never played softball before. Does Crofton Softball have a program for her?
A: Yes, Absolutely! Crofton Softball is part of the NCCGSL League, which is a recreational league open to all girls, regardless of experience. It is designed to be challenging, instructional and fun!

Q: How are teams formed, and can I make a special request?
A: All Crofton Softball Rec teams are formed with the objective of achieving evenly-skilled teams. As a result, Crofton Softball cannot make guarantees as to who will be on your child’s team. However, there is a Notes area on the Registration page on the Crofton Sports website where you can make your request.

Q: Where are the games played?
A: For 10U - HSE, all NCCGSL games are played in Crofton and throughout northern Anne Arundel County.

For 6U, home games are played in Crofton and away games are played in Bowie. 

For 8U, home games are played in Crofton and away games are played in Bowie, Gambrills or South River.
Q: Am I required to volunteer?
A: Crofton Softball is an all-volunteer organization and could not function without volunteer support. As such, we ask that each family volunteer in any way possible (assistant coach, scorekeeper, field preparation, special events).

Q: When are team pictures taken?
A: Team and individual pictures are taken by Classic Photography during the Spring season. Dates TBD.

Q: How much are coaches/board members paid?
A: Coaches and board members are volunteers and are not paid.

Q: Our game was rained out. What now?
A: Games will be made up depending upon field availability. Check with your coach for rescheduling.

Q: What does a Team Parent do?
A: The team parent is the liaison between the coach and the other parents. The team parent helps the coach with distribution of uniforms, calling parents, planning team parties and coordinating team snack scheduling.