Volunteers Needed

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Volunteers Needed:
We can’t do it without you! CAC Softball is a volunteer program. More volunteers mean more opportunities for the players. If you are interested in volunteering your time and talents to Crofton Softball, please contact Greg Wisor at softball@croftonsports.com 
We need people for the following positions:

Coaches/Assistant Coaches – You are the heart and soul of the softball team. We need coaches for all age groups. All coaches and assistants must complete an AACo. background check and attend the AACo. Coaches Clinic. See the Coaches Resources link for further details.

Field Prep – Help get the fields ready for game days. He/she should be available late afternoons during the week and early Saturday mornings to drag and to line the fields.

Fundraiser Coordinator – Organize fundraising efforts to raise money for the softball program. Schedule dates and market the event to the Crofton area for maximum fundraising effort and dollars.

Events Coordinator –
Organize the various events we’re planning in 2019!  Schedule dates, coordinate vendors (if applicable) and market the events to CAC Softball.