Parent Code of Ethics & Conduct

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Parent Code of Ethics & Conduct

As a parent of a Crofton Softball participant, you have an extremely important role to play this season.

You are responsible for:

• Supporting, encouraging and praising your child’s efforts
• Teaching your child what good sportsmanship means
• Setting an example for your child

We ask that you read, understand and follow the expectations outlined below-

As a parent of a Crofton Softball participant, I will:
• Acknowledge and praise my child for skills she has learned
• Give positive feedback and encourage my child to do her best
• Measure my child’s successes by the effort she puts forth and by the improvements made throughout the season
• Be respectful of the officials and thank them for their work
• Be respectful of the coaches, respect their decisions and offer help at their request. I will wait 24 hrs after the game to contact the coach if I have a question/concern.

As a parent of a Crofton Softball participant, I will not:
• Scream, yell, criticize or give instructions from the sidelines to coaches, players or officials
• Question calls made by the officials
• Use put downs, sarcasm or make fun of my child or others
• Use drugs, alcohol or tobacco at youth sports programs

**Success and failure are not the same as winning and losing.**

**I understand that screaming at anyone will not give me the result that I want.**