Last Updated: September 14, 2017
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REGISTRATION STEP 2: LPGBA 2016-17 Online Medical and Minor Release to Play Form
Please complete the online medical form and minor release that will become part of your athlete's player file.
REGISTRATION STEP 3: LPGBA 2016-17 Parent Pledge
This form is required to be completed by the parent or guardian of a LPGBA player and will become part of the player's file.
REGISTRATION STEP 4: LPGBA 2016-17 Social Computing Use & Picture and Video Agreement
Social Media and Internet Policy, as well as, Picture and Video Release Agreement
2017 Spring Quarter Player Absence Form
If your athlete will not be at practice or at a game, you are now required to complete a player absence for each event that they will not be attending. This will be kept in their player file.
Would you like to become a Coach for, or bring your team to, LPGBA?
Being a coach for LPGBA is a rewarding experience. Coaching does not necessary mean that you have to have previously played the sport, however, there are professional, educational, as well as, background check components to becoming a coach for LPGBA.

Professionally, coaches will also adhere to all LPGBA Code of Conduct policies (i.e. Parent Pledge Behavioral Policy, Social Media and Internet Policy, as well as, Picture and Video Release Agreement), as well as, behave and act with the utmost professionalism as it pertains to dress code, and dealings with players, their parents, other teams/coaches, tourney/league hosts and directors, as well as, officials.

Educationally, coaches must complete and obtain the following WITHIN 14 days of applying to become a coach:

All coaches will need to acquire the following:

1. USA Basketball Coaches License (w/Level 2 Verified Volunteers Background check) as we are an accredited USA Basketball Youth Development Organization.
2. Apply to become an AAU Coach (w/background check) as we are an AAU Level 3 program
3. Complete Positive Coaches Alliance Coaches Certification (the level-I, II, III-depends on your past coaching experience with AAU, if any)
4. National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) Basketball Certification (for coaching in Grapevine Winter Rec League)
5. NFHS Officiating License (for officiating 3X3 games)

And for those coaches who will be coaching players 8th grade and above...

6. NCAA Coaches certification (w/NCAA Eligibility course via & Level 3 Verified Volunteers Background check)