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If a Player Leaves LPGBA....

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If you and your child decide to leave the LPGBA family, we-first-want to thank you for becoming part of the family and allowing us to coach your child. We are sad to see you go but we know that, sometimes, things happen that warrant players leaving the association.

Barring any medical emergency or legal situation that causes a team member to have to leave LPGBA, per the contract that you signed when you registered your athlete, that player's parent(s) will forfeit any and all monies remaining under her name in the team's bank account. That money will immediately become part of the "General Team Fund". This will also be the case if the player is dismissed from her squad for violating team rules.

Please know that we hold no ill-will towards anyone and pray that your athlete becomes successful in her future endeavors. 

Thank you for being part of the Lady Panther family!!!



                                                                                          LPGBA Coaching Staff