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LPGBA Parent NCAA & NAIA Eligibility Seminars

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Do you know what to ask when visiting with a Recruiter?

Do you know how to setup your athlete's profile account on the NCAA of NAIA Eligibility Centers?


Everything is not about playing time and if your child will start once they get to the campus. Learn, and know, what pertinent questions to ask when visiting with Recruiters and visiting campuses.

Attend one of our Parent Consulting Seminars for $30 (includes parent information packet with necessary forms)

Sample questions that will be covered in our Parent Consulting Seminars:

  1. What is the institution's Student-Athlete Graduation Rate for the sport that your child is being recruited in?
  2. How many years does it take the average student-athlete to graduate?
  3. What is the institution's Academic Progress Rate (APR)-overall-for student-athletes?
  4. Does the institution have the NCAA Life Skills Program implemented? If so, are student-athletes encouraged to participate? If not, why not?
  5. Who advocates for student-athletes on campus?
  6. What are some degree programs that student-athlete's declare at your institution?

These are very important questions to ask over everything else because the answers reveal more than you think.

Make sure to attend one of our Parent Consulting Seminars to learn this information!!!

The first seminar date is coming in May of 2017!