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LPGBA Team Rules

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Lady Panthers Girls Basketball Association is a family atmosphere, first and foremost. Our coaching staff, players and parents are held to a standard of behavior and there is no deviating from that. With that being said, please understand the following:

For ALL players and parents:


1. Disruptive players and parents will not be tolerated by any member of the LPGBA Executive Board, Coaching Staff, parents or players.
2. The coaching staff does not discuss playing time or position preference of players with parents. Parents will either trust us to know what we are doing, or, this is not the program for your athlete to play for.
3. Parents are not allowed to interfere with practice unless they are helping the coaches. There will be no pulling your child to the side and working solely with her. There will be no pulling your athlete to the side and scolding her because she is not playing up to the level that you think that she should be. These are kids!
During Games:

1. Parents will not address the referees about any play-calling on the court. That includes coming out of the stands during games because you are upset about a play call.
2. Parents will not address the other team about anything that occurred on the court during the game
3. Parents will not address the LPGBA coaching staff about anything that went on the court during the game. If it was something of major importance, we will address the parents first.

If a parent has an issue with something, the time to discuss that will not be immediately following a game. Parents will calm down and attempt to discuss the issue with any of the coaches at the next practice. At the point the conversation becomes unprofessional, the conversation has ended, not to be discussed at a later date.


For the 2021 squad parents: RECRUITING STARTS IN THE 7TH GRADE NOW!

1. Please understand that it is imperative that you learn to not talk to and yell at refs, the opposing coaches or parents of the opposing team in a negative way. Why? First and foremost, parental misbehavior nets the coaching staff on the bench a Technical Foul. That is a no-no. A parent that gets the coaching staff a Tech will ensure that their player receives no more playing time for the remainder of the game. Second, you never know who is at a game and your mouth and your behavior can be the reason that you child is never offered a scholarship. We will be playing in NCAA-certified events this Spring and Summer which will have many scouts and coaches in attendance. Those tourneys have zero tolerance for parent misbehavior. Do not be the reason that your child is overlooked for play beyond high school. If you do not believe me, Google how many players have lost scholarships behind their parents and see what you come up with.

2. Please be cognizant of what you put on social media-period (i.e. adhere to our Social Media Policy). Ranting, talking about coaches or players, showing yourself in a derogatory light, etc. are all reasons for your child to not be offered scholarships. Just like jobs have entire departments that do nothing but search the internet for their employees' and potential employees' antics, athletic departments do the same.

*Note: Players can lose-and have lost-their UIL/TAPPS-Private/THSAA/Charter School/Prep School athletic eligibility due to the things that they post on social media. When in doubt, do not post it. Junior High and High School coaches are watching. College recruiters and scouts are watching

Our coaching staff and executive board has spent many years building a family atmosphere centered on maturity and player respect for themselves, their coaches, their teammates and their opponents. We are not paid to do this. We do it for love of the game. Please understand that because of the years that we have built building a quality program, parental misbehavior just will not be tolerated. We have dismissed players in the past based upon their parent's behaviors and we do not have any problems continuing that on into the future.
If any parents have any questions on this information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Coach Bree