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U of M Directions (all locations)

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Directions to University of Minnesota events. Please note, for all events everyone is responsible for their own transportation/parking. The parking lots can be spendy. For all events, wear black pants and a maroon or gold shirt.

Enter through Murray County door. Doors are in alpha order around the building. First complete the security check and check-in at the table outside, then check in at the NPO tables just inside the Stadium. REMEMBER: There are 2 check-in points at TCF Stadium.

Enter the building at the 5th Street loading dock. If the large garage door on the east side of the dock is not open, use the key pad next to the door to ring Aramark star (*)500. You will then be buzzed in. Proceeded to the double doors just inside the dock area to check in. MARIUCCI ARENA
Use same entrance as Ridder Arena - see below.

Enter the building at the University Avenue entrance. At check in there, will only be one door open. Check in at the Pass Gate located near the ticket windows. Identify yourself as a volunteer for CDH concessions From there you will be directed to the Aramark office on the second level at the east end of the building where you will receive your uniform and stand location.

Enter from University Avenue door marked Daily Entrance. Once on the concourse, go to the left. Half way down on the right side will be a concession stand, check in there.

The administrator of this League has not provided an address for this venue.

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