• If you plan on working at the Gopher/Viking Football games you must fill forms
  • Forms can be found under the handouts tab on the left hand side of banner

Greetings parents, students, grandparents, and alumni. This group exists as a way to raise scholarship funds in order to defray tuition costs. This is a parent-run, volunteer group.

We have contracts to operate concession stands at various venues in the area. The companies at each location determine policies, procedures, shifts, uniforms, and number of workers needed. Locations vary on required training before working at an event. Students 16+ are eligible to volunteer with the program on a limited basis. We receive a donation based on our sales per the contract.

General Info:

  • E-mail address necessary to participate
  • Attend any required training - see Training tab
  • Able to arrive 2-3 hours prior to event start and work up to an hour after event ends, extra innings, or OT
  • Able to stand for long periods of time, enjoy crowds, and crowded conditions
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Willing to complete tasks assigned by managers and work as a team
  • Adults who do not want to run a register should let the scheduling coordinator know; it may lessen the opportunity to work

Once scheduled, volunteers are expected to be at the event or find an appropriate sub, or possibly be charged a no-show fee. Missing a scheduled shift may also impact future volunteer opportunities. The success of the group depends on everyone working together. Each group member is responsible for reviewing policies before working an event and must abide by policies and procedures at each location. Volunteers who miss a shift, arrive late, leave early or do not following vendor rules/guidelines, may jeopardize their ability to participate in this program.

Contact a coordinator with further questions: 

Jeff and Jill Tallman  - training/website/money (cdhtrain@gmail.com)

Steve and Katie Altier - events/scheduling (cdhnpo@gmail.com)