Uniform Policies

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Uniform Policies

CDH no requirements other than no torn clothing.
TCF BANK STADIUM & OTHER U OF M VENUES - requires black pants and gold or maroon shirt, black shoes (shorts are allowed at U of M baseball/softball)

XCEL ENERGY CENTER-Those individuals who do not comply with these guidelines will be sent home to change, effective immediately. To the extent required by law, reasonable accommodations will be considered for religious or disability reasons. 

  • ALL Black slip resistant shoes – they should say slip resistant on them.
  • Black dress pants – must have a waist band (i.e. black khakis - no cargo pants, no stretch pants, no black jeans, no wind pants, no yoga pants or the likes.)  Pants must touch the top of the shoes.
  • White or black shirt - to wear under the uniform shirt they supply
  • No facial piercings
  • All visual tattoos must be covered up
  • If hair touches the shoulders it must be pulled back
  • No colored nail polish (French manicure is the only acceptable "color")
  • Will need to purchase a hat on your first event 


Workers receive a hat (free) and shirt. Wear a black t-shirt. Both t-shirt and uniform shirt must be tucked in. Black pants, with no outside pockets on the back, and a black belt if hoops. Black socks and shoes.


SAINTS STADIUM - Anyone failing to comply with the below requirements will not be permitted past check-in and will be sent home.

  • Khaki slacks or shorts (when allowed)
  • They supply a shirt
  • ALL black slip resistant shoes - they should say slip resistant on them somewhere
  • If hair touches the shoulders it must be pulled back
  • Hats will be purchased by the group at your first event
  • Mustaches, beards and sideburns must be neatly trimmed and not excessive (flares or muttonchops are unacceptable
  • Nail polish is not permitted.  Sculpted acrylic or artificial nails not permitted
  • Tattoos must be covered at all times

US Bank:

Black nonskid shoes, black pants and a white shirt.  Uniform shirts are provided and turned in daily.  You will receive a hat for the season.