#1  The first step is to fill out the required forms for the venues. (Jeff or Jill can send these to you or you can find them under the forms section of the website) A form needs to be completed by all interested volunteers.   


#2  Take any online training required or in person training as noted per venue.


#2  Once these items have been completed you can view the available events at:


#3  Choose the items you would like to sign up for and e-mail Steve and Katie the scheduling coordinators, events/scheduling (


#4  Once scheduled, volunteers are expected to be at the event or find an appropriate replacement, or potentially be charged a no-show fee (certain venues charge these). Missing scheduled shifts may also impact future volunteer opportunities if this becomes a pattern. The success of the group depends on everyone working together. Each group member is responsible for reviewing policies before working an event and must abide by policies and procedures at each location. Volunteers who miss a shift, arrive late, leave early or do not following vendor rules/guidelines, may jeopardize their ability to participate in this program.


We know this is a lot of information and it can be overwhelming to get started. If you have any questions at all we are here to support you!

Questions related to....

training/finance can be directed to: Jeff and Jill Tallman

scheduling/venue contact can be directed to: Steve and Katie Altier