2008 Tournament

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Crabby Joe's 2008 Year End Tourament

Tournament Summary
Well, the tournament was fun despite for the 2nd year running we were unable to win a game. Crabby Joe's finished 0-4. We were up against the stiffest competition in the league this year and tried our very best. It was still a HUGE improvement over last year and we should all be proud of our accomplishments this year! Way to go Crabby Joe's! All the game summaries and pictures can be found under the 2008 Tournament link. I had a great year again, and loved looking forward to Friday night baseball. It guaranteed a good time every week. From the baseball game itself, to the drinking, to Crabby Joe's Bar & Grill (and more drinking), to Chris's house for Rock Band (and even more drinking, etc.) it was all good! Congratulations again to our team managers Joey & Beth who got hitched during the season in Mexico. Thanks to everyone who played so dedicated all year long. Some weeks would not have been playable without your commitment to the team. Thank you for making it a little easier on me. I'm sure we will be fielding a team again next season, so keep on the lookout for "new talent" to recruit, we could always use a few more good ballplayers. Thanks to our sponsor Crabby Joe's Bar & Grill and their owner Dan for the sponsorship and letting us come-in every Friday the whole summer! Thanks. Hope to see everyone again next year! Enjoy the off-season! Bye!

Game-by-Game Recaps
Game One
In the 1st game of the tournament we played on Friday night and lost a close & tough game against Home Building Center. The final score was Home Building Center 10 Crabby Joe's 8. We outhit them 21-16 by we just couldn't get the runs across the plate. Offensively Lauren (in her only game of the tournament) lead the way with 3 singles, an RBI and 2 runs scored. Chris had a double, a single and an RBI. Matt had 2 singles and a run scored. Rob had 2 singles, an RBI and 2 runs scored. Brett was 2/2 with 2 singles. Robyn had 2 singles, an RBI and a run scored. Karen had 2 singles, 2 RBI and a run scored. Jimmy had a single, a walk and a run scored. Big had a single and 2 RBI. Joey, Kevin, Brie & Beth all had 1 single each. Defensively we played a lot better. On the hill, Brett pitched 3 innings allowing 4 runs on 10 hits, while walking 2. Beth pitched 4 innings allowing 6 runs on 6 hits, while walking 1.

Game Two
Well we knew this was gonna be really tough game against the best team in the league. At 10am we played Jersey's. The final score was Jersey's 21 Crabby Joe's 4. Jersey's hit the ball all over the field and put up three 5-run innings, to put us away after only 6 innings. At the plate, Rob lead the team with a double, a single and 1 run scored. Chris had a double and a single. Big had 2 singles and an RBI. Joey had a double, 2 RBI and a run scored. Brett had a single and an RBI. Jimmy had a single and a run scored. Kevin, Robyn & Brie all had 1 single each. Defensively the highlights include Jimmy making at least 5 AWESOME catches on deep fly-balls hit to Leftfield. We also did a good job of get a lot of lead runners out while they were trying to advance to 2nd or 3rd base. On the mound, Beth pitched all 6 innings allowing 16 runs on 24 hits, while walking 5.

Game Three
At 12:30pm we played our 3rd game of the tournament. It was our best chance to win a game, against Get 'R Done. The game was called on account of the time-limit -- which was disputed due to the fact no one really knew when the game even officially started! The final score was Crabby Joe's 7 Get 'R Done 10. We jumped on them early with a big 5-run 1st inning. Offensively ALL the men had 2 hits each! As a team, we totaled 19 hits in only 6 innings! Jimmy had a double, a single and a run scored. Brie had 2 hits, 2 RBI and a run scored. Brett had 2 singles, an RBI and 2 runs scored. Chris & Big had 2 singles, an RBI and a run scored. Joey had 2 singles and 1 RBI. Rob, Matt & Kevin all had 2 hits each. Kate had 1 single and 1 RBI. Defensively, Karen made a good play catching a ball at home plate to get a runner who was attempting to score. Brett caught a couple of towering fly-balls that were hit to Leftfield. Robyn also caught a flyball that was hit towards 2nd base, with 3 players surrounding her, and made a nice stop on a hard-hit groundball to retire the batter at 1st base. Beth pitched 4 innings allowing 6 runs on 5 hits, while walking 5 and striking out 1. Brett pitched 2 innings allowing 4 runs on 5 hits, while walking 2 and striking out 1.

Game Four
We finished in 4th place after the round-robin, therefore we were scheduled in the 3:30pm Semi-Finals against the undefeated Jersey's. We had nothing to lose and I think that's why we played so well. We held Jersey's to ONLY 6 hits! Unfortunately, our bats were cold as well. We only had 5 hits. The final score was Crabby Joe's 0 Jersey's 5. All-in-all Crabby Joe's went toe-to-toe with the BEST team in the division and only lost 5-0. I'm happy with that! It was a defensively struggle, and if we could have strung a few more hits together we really could have won this game. Our 5 hits were by: Jimmy, Big, Kevin, Karen & Brie who all had a single each. On the hill, Beth pitched 2 innings allowing 5 runs on 4 hits, while walking 5 and striking out 1. Also in her first pitching appearance ever, Robyn pitched 4 innings of relief allowing 0 runs on 2 hits, while walking 3 and striking out 1. Way to go Dutch!

Final 2008 Tournament Stats
Big 6/7, 4 RBI
Rob 6/7, 1 RBI
Chris 6/9, 2 RBI
Brett 5/7, 2 RBI
Kevin 5/7
Jimmy 5/10
Matt 4/7
Joey 4/9, 3 RBI
Brie 5/13, 2 RBI
Lauren 3/4, 1 RBI
Karen 3/12, 2 RBI
Robyn 3/12, 1 RBI
Kate 1/7, 1 RBI
Beth 1/12
Team Batting Average .463