'10 Award Winners

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*Most Valuable Players
  • Chris
  • Caress
*Comeback Players of the Year
  • Scott
  • Rosemary
*Most Sportsmanlike Players
  • Brett
  • Melissa
*Most Dedicated Players
  • Matt
  • Mom
*Gold Gloves
  • Jimmy
  • Lianna
*Best Teammate
  • Robyn
Batting Champions
  • BIG (.641)
  • Alex (.577)
Single-Game Performances of the Year
  • Kevin was 4/4 with 4 singles and 2 runs scored @ Kent Bridge on July 2nd.
  • Lauren 2 triples and 3 RBI – just missing a HR by a step.
Plays of the Year
  • Chris hitting Crabby Joe’s first ever “Over the Fence” Homerun @ Kent Bridge on July 2nd – and having to “go get” his own ball.
  • Alex being run at home plate in a game vs. Ultimate Hockey Challenge” – resulting in a bloody nose via a wild elbow to the face.
* As voted by the team