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Congratulations Angels - 2019 American League World Series Champs
Nationals - 2019 American League Runner-Up
AMERICAN: All registrants will be selected to play on a team through a draft. Full base stealing is allowed in this league. Paid umpires are used. Games are played on 70' diamonds. The American League season begins May 2nd and the playoffs are usually completed by July 4th.
The American League play two games per week. One game during the week and one game on Saturdays. The weeknight games are typically played either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings and the Saturday games could be played either in the morning, late morning, or in the afternoon. These will change from week to week. The games are played at either Memorial Park or Thompson Rd. There are usually 14-15 games played during the season, plus additional "play-off" games.

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American League Directors
Jeremy Heim
Phone: 908-1282 
Mark Podkladek
Phone: 472-3071 
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