Special Recognition goes out to the 2020 Clarence Varsity Seniors. They grew up playing in the TCBA but were unable to complete their Senior season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Congratulations on your success. Good luck as you move on. 


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Return To Baseball Guidelines And Rule Modifications:

1. Wherever you are inside the park, you must attempt to maintain a 6 ft. or greater distance from others.

2. Who should not come / visit the park?

A. Anyone with an underlying medical condition that would classify them as “high risk”.

B. Anyone who shows any signs of sickness.

C. Anyone who answers yes to any of the following questions: 

i.*Have you had symptoms of fever and cough, shortness of breath now or in the last 2-14 days?

ii.*You or anyone in your household been to, or had contact with someone that has visited any of the *restricted travel advisory locations listed on the CDC site within 14 days?

iii.*Have you had close contact with anyone in the past 14 days who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

3. TCBA recommends that you minimize the number of family members and fans entering the Parks.

4. Spectators should bring their own chairs. Avoid sitting in bleachers. Spread out and enjoy the game.

5. The expectation would be that all spectators would sit out rain delays in their respective vehicles – you will not be allowed to wait out rain delays in the park under park pavilions.

6. For the safety of everyone in the park, all players, coaches and spectators must follow rules/guidelines at all times. Failure to follow these rules/guidelines may result in the non-complying person(s) being asked to leave the park

7. Each player should have a supply of antibacterial wipes and sanitizer. Coach will reinforce the importance of social distancing while playing together.

8. Pregame and During Game. No team or player handshakes, team or player high fives,

9. Plate Meeting. The pre-game meeting at home plate should be represented by one coach from each team and the umpires all distanced 6 ft apart. No players are allowed at plate meetings. Coaches are NOT allowed to cross the white lines to argue/challenge

calls at any time!

10. Line Up Cards. All teams must submit a lineup card at ground rules. Hang on fence near dugout with clothes pin

11. Pitching Limits. In efforts to minimize contact no pitching cards will be exchanged.

12. PPEs. Any umpire, staff member, parent or player who chooses to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks, glasses, or gloves can do so any time and for players, at any position (including pitcher).

13. Players and Coaches must ensure a distance of at least six feet is maintained among individuals while sitting on the bench. If proper social distance can NOT be maintained while on the bench, individuals must wear acceptable face coverings, those players that are NOT wearing face coverings WILL remove themselves from the bench area and sit in area that is proper social distance from their teammates, preferably, with one of their parents.


14.Coaches: ensure 6 foot distance between individuals at all times. When 6 foot distance cannot be maintained, that coach must wear proper face covering. For example; visit to the pitcher’s mound, moving in to speak with a baserunner at 1st or 3rd or tending to any injury during the course of play.


15. Players should NOT share equipment.

16  Postgame. We recommend teams to tip their cap/helmet to honor the competition with their opponent after a game from across the field. No handshake lines will be allowed. 


17. Dugout: See #13. And…You can have a maximum of three coaches in and around the dugout. When batting, this includes base coaches and one bench coach.


18.After each game, teams must clean their dugout of all trash and items. Teams are encouraged to disinfect hard surface areas (quick spray benches, bat racks, fence poles) upon entering and exiting a dugout. Please make these items part of your team equipment list, prioritize them highly, and make this courtesy a source of team pride. No waiting Players and/or Coaches may enter dugout until it is completely clear of players and gear from previous game.


19. Post-game meetings are not allowed in the dugout or on the field. Please exit the field/dugout area at the conclusion of each game.

20. Team water coolers are not permitted. Players must use their own personal water coolers. NO sunflower seeds.(or any other food that requires spitting)

21. Final score will be documented by the Umpires and agreed to verbally by both coaches. NO signatures!

22. Parents, Coaches, Players, and all spectators are ultimately responsible as it relates to the above guidelines.

To printout guidelines (updated 06/23/20), click here  

8u Travel Team Tryouts
Tryouts for the 8u travel teams are now scheduled for July 6th and July 7th from 3pm-5pm.  Check in will be at Meadowlakes Park #3. All players should wear this years' house league uniform with their last name on the back. Please arrive 30 minutes early for check-in and warm up.

The objective of these tryouts is to form multiple travel teams at the 8u level. The first team selected must have an effective birth date between 5/1/11 and 4/30/12. In the event there is enough interest, we will assemble additional teams. Players selected for additional teams may have an effective birth date between 5/1/11 - 4/30/13. Please note, 7 year olds are welcomed and encouraged at the tryouts, but not eligible to play for the first team selected.
Eligibility:  Any youth who lives in the Town of Clarence and/or in the Clarence School District and who meets the age requirements and is participating in the TCBA House League.
If you are interested in trying out, please sign up as soon as possible on the TCBA website.
If you are unavailable on these dates or have any other questions or concerns, please email Jeremy Heim at:
If you are interested in a coaching position, please fill out a travel coaching application at this link: 8u travel coach appliation

Registration for all Leagues is now CLOSED
Please contact your League Directors with any questions

 Clarence Baseball Day at Dicks
Due to the temporary closing of Dick's, a new date for
the Clarence Baseball Shop Event will be added sometime in the future.  
Dick's Sporting Goods is supporting Clarence Baseball 
by having a special shopping day for TCBA members.
Plan now to stop at Dick's, 5105 Transit Rd on March 28th & 29th  
Save 20% on your entire purchase. 

Clarence Baseball

Memorial Park Concession Stand

Following years of planning, town infrastructure improvements, and countless hours of planning, the TCBA is on the verge of constructing a Concession Stand and Restroom Facility for our devoted members and fans


Coming in 2020

We are now accepting donations to help with the cost of this facility. Brick pavers are available for purchase under the porch area, with an engraving available of your family name, company or favorite TCBA player. 

If you're interested in a paver.    

4 x 8 inch paver $100

8 x 8 inch paver $200

Also accepting individual donations. $25, $50, $75 donations or more.



Larger sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact one of our Booster Club Directors

Tim Naab:

Gabe Maddalena:



You may donate at the same time as registration or you can click on the link below to donate.

To donate "Click Here"


Heads Up

Keeping children and teens healthy and safe is always a top priority. Whether you are a parent, youth sports coach,
high school coach, school professional, or health care provider, this site will help you recognize, respond to, and minimize the risk of concussion or other serious brain injury.

Heads Up website


Inclement Weather Policy

Typically, information concerning playing conditions at fields will NOT be posted on this website. If we are fortunate enough to obtain information in advance that may be helpful, we will update the site. We advise that you call the TCBA hotline number (559-3005) for your league and check the status of your game. The league directors will update the hotline message with field conditions whenever possible, usually at least an hour before your scheduled game.

Baseball Dates
Feb 8th  In-Person Registration in Conference Room (Indoor Facility) 9am-11am 
Feb 29th  REGISTRATION DEADLINE for Rookie, Minor, Major, & American Leagues
Early March  Directors determine number of teams and coaches are notified
March 21st  Coaches Clinic at High School with Varsity Coach Dave Smith and league meetings
March 24-26  Player Drafts for Minor, Major, & American Leagues
Late March  Players are notified of their team assignments (after drafts)
Mar 28th-29th  Clarence Baseball Day at Dick's Sporting Goods. Coupon Savings
March 31st  REGISTRATION DEADLINE for National & Senior Leagues 
April  Team practices at indoor facility & outdoors (weather permitting)
April  Umpire Clinics
   TBD  OPENING NIGHT for Rookie League
   TBD  OPENING DAY for Minor, Major, & American Leagues
   TBD  Beginning of National & Senior League seasons












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