TCBA Hall of Fame / History

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TCBA Hall of Fame

Fran Barone
Brian Cory
Art Dobson
Ken Donhauser
Bob Francis  (2008)
Mark Hans
Marty Helowicz
John Jarrett
Howie Johnt
Mary Kneeland
Vic Martucci (2015)
Joe Miano (2008)
Jimmy Pritchard
Jim & Janice Schlabach
Ken Stevenson
Tom Winiewicz
Jack Yanno
Joe Young



TCBA Presidents
If there are any TCBA historians, who may know other earlier presidents,
please let us know, so we can add them to this list

1975 John Jondle
1985 Dick Cabell
1986 Jim Pritchard
1987 John Clark
1988 Hank Rydzik
1989 John Kile
1990  Carl Reinecke 
1991/1992 Mark Hans
1992/1993 Ken Stevenson
1993/1994 Brian Cory
1994/1995 Art Dobson
1995/1996 Tom Winewicz
1996/1997 Ken Donhauser
1997/1998 Marty Helowicz
1998/1999 Don Horey
1999/2000 Mary Kneeland
2000/2001 Bob Francis
2001/2002 Mark Eyrick
2002/2003 Mark Weigel
2003/2004 Sam Pendolino
2004/2005 Doug Engl
2005/2006 Joe Miano
2006/2007 Tom Creenan
2007/2009 Vic Martucci (2)
2009/2011 Tim Sherry (2)
2011/2013 Paul Bliss (2)
2013/2016 Jon Hutchison (3)
2016/2017 Paul Bliss
2017/present Dan Brinkerhoff


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