Board Meeting Minutes

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Silver League Board Minutes – Tuesday, July 17,2018

Board Members Present:  Chuck Lancaster, Dave Vanderneut, Tom Koch, Dick Kapper, Larry Chimento

Absent: Randy Ballard, Gary Beckman, Mike Crawford, Jeff Sloan, and John Welsh. (PM At Large seat is vacant at this time)

Others Present:  Jim Ruby


Five of nine board members present represented a quorum.


June 16, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes previously emailed out approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report- Current checking account balance is at $53,000.00 plus. It appears that only expenditures (banquets, etc.) normally taken from ‘rainy day” fund will be needed for the 2018 season. All 2018 bills, reimbursements, and contributions to date have been paid.


Player Ejection in Gold Division –

A Gold division player was ejected by an umpire on July 11.  That ejection meant he was not eligible to play in his team’s next game (July 16) for “Misconduct”.  Additional action on his part after the ejection were considered “Gross Misconduct”.  He will have to sit out four (4) total games starting July 18. The Gold Division Rep, his Manager, and the umpire involved were to be advised. And the player in turn.


2018-2019 (Season) Board Openings and Elections

The following Board positon need to have persons to fill the spots, for two year terms-

          Red Div. (Current Rep was an appointment by Board)

          Gold Div.

          PM At Large rep

          AM At Large Rep

          Vice President (For one year. Candidates by Board         Committee.

Still no candidates to date.

       There was some initial discussion of possible changes in Board positions. This would be something that would need a By-Law change. It will be discussed again at a later meeting


Golf Outing (9/15), HOF Nominees (8/1, Form on Web Site)),  Annual Banquet (9/23), ballots for 2019 Board Members will be mailed out, and/or posted on Web Site.

Uniforms –

          Board voted unanimously to allow BLACK coaches’ shorts and/or BLACK long softball or baseball pants for the 2019 season. The current gray coaches’ shorts, and gray long pants can still be worn for the 2019 season. Players have a choice of either/or. Other than the additional color, other "restrictions" still apply. (This will have to be updated in the 2019 SL Rules.)

           Possible changes in hats and/or shirts will be discussed at a later meeting.

           "Awards" - be it tee shirts, or whatever, were briefly discussed. As of now only the Red Division (due to the number of teams) will only be giving out regular season championship recognition. Other divisions may give out regular season and playoff awards.


Fields – There was a Barberton power outage – not just the fields on Monday. Chuck Lancaster worked with Barberton staff, but the second Red game had to be cancelled.


Dave V contacted Barberton P & R about the possibility of a “charity game” for a player, using SL’s field permit. This would be for some Sunday in August. They are to get back to him.



       Jim Ruby, Umpire-In- Chief was present and discussed “umpiring” with the Board. He is aware of the number of occasions of inconsistent or poor umpiring. The lack of available umpires makes it difficult for him to “crack down” on his umpires.  This is something that the Board will have to take on as a serious issue prior to the 2019 season.

         If there are “umpire issues”, that need to be addressed, they should be brought to Jim’s attention with as much detail as possible.  Certain umpires that were brought up with specific situations tonight will be critiqued by Jim.


SL Rules, By Laws, Procedures, Barberton Procedures, and SSUSA Rules

      There was considerable discussion that “some” (at times) Board Members, Reps, Managers, Umpires, and players are not familiar, or up to date, about the things that control our league. It would be appreciated – and is expected –that persons in “authority” be more familiar with such goings on.  And that they “educate” those that they can.

       The related information of all of the above areas do not seem to be always communicated to the general membership. Even though all of this information is readily available to the general membership, there is a need for some "guidance" in these areas..


Next two SL Board Meetings: Thursday, August 16, 2018, and Thursday September 13, 2018 at Manchester Rd. ACME. (as usual, anyone that wishes to discuss any SL related items can be put on the agenda by President Chuck Lancaster).



Ohio Health Benefits
Casa Del Ranchero
Prime Lending
Thylan Associates
River Valley Paper Co.
Sidney Steinberger MD & Bruce Sterman MD
Structured Strategy Consultants
Four Corners Cleaning Co.
Summit County Softball Hall of Fame
Jennifer Haley's
Judge Teodosio
Beef O' Bradys
Schultz, Bertin, Kurzweil
Akron Monument & Granite
Mayor Don Walters
ECSM Properties
Kristen Scalise
Green Diamond Grille
Guy's Party Centre
Adolph Optical
Elite Sports
The Cypress Companies
Jim & Sons
Portage Pumps of Ohio
Cottage Muffler and Brake
Howard Hanna
The Erie Depot
Walts Cleaning Contractors
Gabe's Meat & Deli
Summa Orthopaedic