Board Meeting Minutes

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October 12, 2018

Silver League Board Minutes – Thursday, October 12, 2018


Board Members Present:  Randy Ballard, Chuck Lancaster, Tom Koch, Mike Crawford,  Sam Galluch, Dick Kapper,  (PM At Large and AM At Large {Jack Yoak has resigned as AM Rep} are vacant at this time) 

Absent: Larry Chimento, John Welsh

Quorum Present: Yes

Others Present:  Red Bole, John Eustice, Roger Mears, Dave Vanderneut, and Joe Troyer


Randy B. nominated Dave Vanderneut to fill the AM At Large Rep position for the remainder of the term (thru September 2019). Approved unanimously.

Dave V. was nominated by Randy B. to be SL Secretary for this season. Approved unanimously (Dave V abstained)


September 13,, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes previously emailed to current Board members was formally approved unanimously.

Board Minutes, as of this date, will be emailed out to Board members for review, and corrections.  The minutes will not be distributed to past presidents, or posted on the web site until they have been formally approved at the following meeting.  The web site will post the time, date, and location of the next Board Meeting as soon as known.


Treasurer’s Report

    2018 Budget reviewed and approved unanimously.  Copy to go on to Web Site.

    2019 Budget approved unanimously with the knowledge that there may be need for some adjustments.

   It is possible that some uniform related cost could go up due to recent tariffs.

  Tom K will make an adjustment for the number of game balls to present at the next meeting.  The Board unanimously approved the use of one “synthetic” ball for ALL divisions. Randy B will check on another possible vendor for a better price. (Reference to specific softballs – manufacturer, code number, etc. will be eliminated from the rules. This will eliminate any need for a rules changes any time games balls are changed.)

   An additional donation of $1,000.00 ($500.00 already accepted) will be added to income. (See detail under “Uniforms”)


Web Site

 Roger Mears, SL Web Master was present to discuss possible changes/improvements with those present. 

         Actual schedules done by Division Reps need to coincide with what shows on the web site.  Dates with no games, cancelled games, round robins, and make games were some problems that need to be fixed.

          Cancellation alerts may be set up by Divisions rather than AM and PM.

          Roger had problems posting current scores – and standings – when reps did not advise him of game results.  He posts them the same day he receives them.

         Certain forms may need to have their font sizes enlarged.

         Web Site payment will be due in April, 2019.


Old Business

 Umpire-in-chief - Tom Koch was unanimously chosen by the Board (Tom abstained).  There will be no change in the rate paid to the umpire-in-chief.  But some of the duties done by the previous umpire-in-chief will be done by Division Reps and/or managers.  This basically is the putting out and putting away of equipment.  (This was initially discussed mid 2017 season, when the SL shed was completed.)


Vice President – Still no candidates that wish to serve.  There is some confusion on the wording of the By Laws on this subject. Dave V will send Roger a grammatical correction for the web site.


Registration for 2019

 Tabled until next meeting.  Board members are to review the 2018 registration form and advise Randy B and Dave V, by email, of what changes, additions, and/or eliminations – if any - need to be incorporated in the new registration form.  Some items mentioned:  Age overlaps, spouse names and phone numbers, subs, paid subs, playing dates (make ups?), shorts (color/s), names on shirts, registration deadline, number choice, on line registration, etc.


Black Shorts

 Numerous negative feedbacks about going to “black shorts/pants only” for 2019 season lead to the rescinding of the “mandatory” wearing of black shorts/pants as approved by the Board at the 9/13/18.

Motion by Chuck L; 2nd: Sam G.  Passed unanimously.

Any other detail referencing shorts/pants will be decided at the next meeting as it will be needed on the Registration Form.


New Business

   Uniforms –

     An anonymous Silver League member has donated $1,000.00 to have last names     returned to the back of jerseys.

   Dave V pointed out some information that might help the Board with accepting the donation and implementing it.  With the same number of jerseys as last year, at    the same cost for names, the cost would be slightly over $1,000.00. (Approximately 45 names)  It was suggested that having your name on the shirt be an option on the registration form, allowing for some cost drop (In 2018 173 of 445 shirts had names – with a $2.50 vendor fee)

Adding names could slow down the order delivery as the vendor cannot do jerseys until after the division drafts.  Having one color for all names would speed   up the order, but would conflict with some sponsors’ color preference.  If registration deadlines were adhered to, it would increase the timeliness of the order. Those dates will be on the new registration form.

Hat and Shirt “design” will be discussed at the next meeting.


Rules Committee –

    Suggested rules changes must be turned into any board member by any Silver League member by December 1, 2018.  The board member will then forward it to the Rules Committee

    Randy B. asked any volunteers for the Rules Committee top advise him.


Open Discussion –

   “Dugout Assignments” are up to each Division Rep to decide - if needed - and put on his division’s schedule prior to the start of the season.


Next Meeting:  6:00 PM, Thursday, November 15, 2018, ACME # 15, 3979 Medina Rd (Rt. 18), Akron Ohio

September 13, 2018

Silver League Board Minutes – Thursday, September 13, 2018

Board Members Present:  Chuck Lancaster, Dave Vanderneut, Tom Koch, Mike Crawford, Randy Ballard, Gary Beckman, Larry Chimento, and John Welsh. (PM At Large seat is vacant at this time)

Absent: Jeff Sloan, Dick Kapper

Others Present:  Jim Ruby, Jack Yoak, and Sam Galluch

August 16, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes previously emailed out approved unanimously.

Banquet Items- Sunday, September 23, 2018, Guy’s Party Centre

    Only 90 people signed up to date, despite handouts to all teams, info on web sites, and mass emails. (Low attendance will raise the cost of the dinner per person to be paid by the league)

    Spirit Awards and HOF plaques have been made to be given out at the banquet.  Division Reps will give out Spirit Awards.  Nominators will give out HOF awards. Spirit Award winners and HOF nominees have their dinners, plus one, paid for by the league.

     Each attendee will receive one free “raffle” ticket.  That will be used for drawings for prizes, gift certificates, free 2019 registrations, etc.  Different raffle tickets can be purchased for the 50/50 raffle.

     Each attendee will received one free alcohol ticket for one such drink.  Other drinks may be purchased. Soft drinks are free.

     Any gift certificates that anyone can get for raffle prices would be appreciated.

     Jeff Sloan is the head of the banquet committee. 

Old Business – New Head Umpire and Vice President

     No action taken as no nominees, or volunteers, have come forth.


     On July 17, 2018 the board had unanimously (5 Board members present) to allow players to have the option of wearing black OR gray shorts/ pants for the 2019 season.  Players could order either – if needed – off the registration form by paying for them.       

This was rescinded as follows:

     Motion by John Welsh.  Second by Larry Chimento. Passed 6-1 (Dave V voted “no” as he did not feel there was a better plan to be offered, and that a transition year was appropriate) Chuck L. as president did not vote.

     Discussion about making black shorts or pants MANDATORY for the 2019 season.  SL’s vendor has said that such pants/shorts would cost $20.00 a pair if at least 200 pair were ordered.  (There would be the same extra charge for bigger sizes as 2018)

     Reasons for making the change to black included:  Getting more difficult to get “gray”; gray shirts look “terrible” with gray pants; if changed, should be a “just do it” all at once thing; and league has the funds to pay for part of the new shorts/pants.

     Negatives brought up were “heat factor” of black; elimination of some dark jerseys; and number of players with several “gray” in their possession already.

     Motion for mandatory black shorts /pants for the 2019 season was made by John Welsh.  Second by Larry Chimento.  Passed 7-0 Chuck L. as president did not vote.

     Exact details of the breakdown as to how much each player will automatically pay for the new shorts/pants, and how much the league will pay will be decided at a later date.

     All championship shirts for all divisions’ regular season and playoffs have been ordered for distribution at the Banquet.

Red Division Season.

     Due to rainouts and an extended season, Red Division still has three games to play on one night as their post season playoffs.  Originally Red Division was to have a regular season champ only.  They did have a regular season champ (after 24 games), but decided to have playoffs also, including the regular season champs among their four teams.  Originally, the regular season champs were to get the champs’ shirts from the league.  When the playoffs were set up, the shirts were then to go to that winner.

     The playoffs were rained out last week, and have been set up for this coming Monday. Wednesday has been set up as a rain out makeup date.  If both dates are rained out, they will not be made up, and the shirts will go to the regular season champs.

Rules/By Laws/Procedure “Situations” (All three are on the Web Site)

     A specific situation where a Division Rep allowed an ineligible player to participate in a division playoff championship was brought up after several phone calls were received. There were no formal protests. But general membership members were aware of what had happened.  The rep should have known better.

     That led to the discussion of reported problems with reps, managers, and umpires not knowing rules, or interpreting them as they please.  This has been an ongoing problem on a yearly basis.  It often gives the impression that the board is not controlling what should be basic knowledge by those in authority positions.  Or that certain people are being allowed to disregard set rules, etc.

     No definite solution was decided upon.  But it will be addressed in a more active manner next season.

Barberton Fields-

     Dead bolt on the SL shed has still not been fixed.  Barberton is to meet with Dave V tomorrow to fix it.  (It was fixed then)

     Dave V discussed his conversation today with Barberton staff about the ongoing problems with PM lights being turned on, and off, in a timely manner.  They are working on a remote system that would allow for control of the lights from some place other than the concession stand.  They were looking at a $1,300.00 cost (raised to $1,700.00 on Friday.)  This was presented to the board as a possibility with SL making a percentage donation. (This info was given to Barberton on Friday) 

     Barberton is to get back to SL when they know more details. The “clay in the batters’ boxes will also be something to discuss in the off season with them.)

     Dave V has started to remove some items from the SL shed for off season repairs. Earlier this year, Dave V had mentioned to all reps about the box of 12 emergency backup balls in the shed.  And when they used them that they needed to replace them.  (The EMPTY box was removed Friday)

     “Make Up” games at the Barberton Fields have been discussed for 2019.  Nothing definate to date.  But Barberton staff has advised that Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday AM are available for games – with appropriate notice, and charge.  But there are no PM openings

Next Board Meeting: NOTE TIME CHANGE

Thursday, October  11, 6:00 PM, Acme, Green



August 16, 2018

Silver League Board Minutes – Thursday, August 16, 2018


Board Members Present: Chuck Lancaster, Dave Vanderneut, Tom Koch, Dick Kapper, Mike Crawford, Jeff Sloan

Absent: Randy Ballard, Gary Beckman, Larry Chimento, and John Welsh. (PM At Large seat is vacant at this time)

Others Present:  Jim Ruby, Larry Deibel, and Sam Galluch


July 17, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes previously emailed out approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report- Current checking account balance is at $51,000.00. Expenditures due to come from that amount are the final umpire payment, Barberton field payment, and the cost of the banquet. That should be about $25,000.00.


Banquet Items- Sunday, September 23, 2018, Guy’s Party Centre

   Team pictures with players’ names, final standings (both halves), and regular season and playoff winning teams needed to be furnished to Chuck L. so he can get that info into the 2018 directory.

    Chuck is to put together an info sheet with banquet details – cost, freebies, time, alcohol tickets, etc. – to be distributed to all player by the web site, email, or U.S. Mail.  (Additional info as to the annual golf outing also needs to be distributed.)

     Any gift certificates that anyone can get for raffle prices would be appreciated. (Some free registrations for 2019 will be given away again.)

     Jeff Sloan was appointed head of the banquet committee.  He will be working with Mike Logan, and any other volunteers.

     Reps are to advise Dave V. as soon as they know who the “Spirit Award” winners are in each of their divisions.  Those awards will be given out at the banquet.


Gross Misconduct (SL Rules, 13. C.)

   Two situation were brought to the Board’s attention that involved “gross misconduct”.

White Division - An umpire exhibited behavior towards a player that was considered inappropriate.  That umpire will not be assigned to do any more games the rest of this year per Jim Ruby.

Silver Division – Two players were inappropriately physical with each other.  Rather than punish their teams for the playoffs (no subs allowed), the Board decided unanimously that each of the players will be suspended for the first four games of next season.  Chuck l will advise Larry Chimento, Silver Div.


2018-2019 Season Board Elections

         Red Div. – John Welsh unopposed for a two year term beginning October, 2018. (John had previously been appointed by the Board as the rep for the 2018 season.)

         White Div. – Mike Crawford still has one more year to serve.

         Silver Div. – Larry Chimento still has one more year to serve.

       Gold Div. – Sam Galluch unopposed for a two year term          beginning October, 2018

         Blue Div. – Dick Kapper has one more year to serve.

      AM At Large Rep - Jack Yoak unopposed for a two year term beginning October, 2018

         PM At Large Rep – No candidates at this time.

         Vice President – No confirmed eligible candidates at this time.


Championship Awards

   The same two quality gray tee shirts, with the same logo will be given out to regular season, and playoff champs, as were given in 2018. Two sets will be given out in all divisions, except Red.  As previously discussed prior to the season, and at the July 17 meeting, with only four teams, only one championship set will be given.

Both the style and distribution were approved/confirmed unanimously by the Board.

Reps have been advised to advise Dave V. of the winning team ASAP.

Shirts will be given to managers at the banquet.


Divisions –

  Baring rainouts all divisions have their championships, playoffs, and final days scheduled.  Barberton P & R will be advised by Dave V of these dates.


Discussed – no votes

          Making up games in all divisions in the 2019 season.

         Jerseys, and related printing, for 2019.

         Cost per player for 2019 season.

         Team pictures for the directory, web site, and individuals.

         Different balls for different divisions – with related cost to


         Registration dates.


Next SL Board Meeting: Thursday, September 13, 2018, 6:30 PM, Manchester Rd., ACME

(As usual, anyone that wishes to discuss any SL related items can be put on the agenda by President Chuck Lancaster.)



July 17, 2018

Silver League Board Minutes – Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Board Members Present:  Chuck Lancaster, Dave Vanderneut, Tom Koch, Dick Kapper, Larry Chimento

Absent: Randy Ballard, Gary Beckman, Mike Crawford, Jeff Sloan, and John Welsh. (PM At Large seat is vacant at this time)

Others Present:  Jim Ruby


Five of nine board members present represented a quorum.


June 16, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes previously emailed out approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report- Current checking account balance is at $53,000.00 plus.  It appears that only expenditures (banquets, etc.) normally taken from ‘rainy day” fund will be needed for the 2018 season. All 2018 bills, reimbursements, and contributions to date have been paid.


Player Ejection in Gold Division –

A Gold division player was ejected by an umpire on July 11.  That ejection meant he was not eligible to play in his team’s next game (July 18) for “Misconduct”.  Additional action on his part after the ejection were considered “Gross Misconduct”.  He will have to sit out four (4) total games starting July 18.  The Gold Division Rep, his Manager, and the umpire involved were to be advised.  And the player in turn.


2018-2019 (Season) Board Openings and Elections

     The following Board positon need to have persons to fill the spots, for two year terms-

          Red Div. (Current Rep was an appointment by Board)

          Gold Div.

          PM At Large rep

          AM At Large Rep

          Vice President (For one year.  Candidates by Board Committee.

     Still no candidates to date.

      There was some initial discussion of possible changes in Board positions. This would be something that would need a By-Law change.  It will be discussed again at a later meeting


Golf Outing (9/15), HOF Nominees (8/1, Form on Web Site)),  Annual Banquet (9/23), ballots for 2019 Board Members will be mailed out, and/or posted on Web Site.


Uniforms –

          Board voted unanimously to allow BLACK coaches’ shorts and/or BLACK long softball or baseball pants for the 2019 season. The current gray coaches’ shorts, and gray long pants can still be worn for   the 2019 season.  Players have a choice of either/or. Other than the additional color, other “restrictions” still apply.(This will have to be updated in the 2019 SL Rules.)

         Possible changes in hats and/or shirts will be discussed at a later meeting.

         “Awards” – be it tee shirts, or whatever, were briefly discussed.  As of now only the Red Division (due to the number of teams) will only be giving out a regular season championship recognition only. Other divisions may give out regular season and playoff awards.


Fields – There was a Barberton power outage – not just the fields on Monday.  Chuck Lancaster worked with Barberton staff, but the second Red game had to be cancelled.

   Dave V contacted Barberton P & R about the possibility of a “charity game” for a player, using SL’s field permit.  This would be for some Sunday in August. They are to get back to him.



    Jim Ruby, Umpire-In- Chief was present and discussed “umpiring” with the Board.  He is aware of the number of occasions of inconsistent or poor umpiring.  The lack of available umpires makes it difficult for him to “crack down” on his umpires.  This is something that the Board will have to take on as a serious issue prior to the 2019 season. If there are “umpire issues”, that need to be addressed, they should be brought to Jim’s attention with as much detail as possible.  Certain umpires that were brought up with specific situations tonight will be critiqued by Jim.


SL Rules, By Laws, Procedures, Barberton Procedures, and SSUSA Rules

  There was considerable discussion that “some” (at times) Board Members, Reps, Managers, Umpires, and players are not familiar, or up to date, about the things that control our league.  It would be appreciated – and is expected –that persons in “authority” be more familiar with such goings on.  And that they “educate” those that they can.

 The related information of all of the above areas do not seem to be always communicated to the general membership. Even though all of this information is readily available to the general membership, there is a need for some “guidance” in these areas.


Next SL Board Meeting: Thursday, August 16, 2018, 6:30 PM, Manchester Rd., ACME

(As usual, anyone that wishes to discuss any SL related items can be put on the agenda by President Cuck Lancaster.)

June 26, 2018

Silver League Board Minutes – Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Board Members Present:  Chuck Lancaster, Randy Ballard, Dave Vanderneut, Tom Koch, Mike Crawford, and Jeff Sloan

Absent: Dick Kapper, Gary Beckman, Larry Chimento, and John Welsh. (PM At Large seat is vacant at this time)

Others Present:  Larry Deibel, Jeff Brenneman, Dave Hall, and Larry Ashbaugh.


Five of nine board members present represented a quorum.  But due to three Division reps, and one At-Large Reps being absent, several items that were to be voted on were only discussed, and tabled.


May 24, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes previously emailed out approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report- All 2018 bills have been paid with no outstanding debts that have been received.  There has been no need to take any funds from the “rainy day” fund.

   SL will be getting a payment from Thee Buckeye Tournament for AED rental.

   Tom K. will furnish a copy of the current budget to be put on the web site, for anyone with an interest in the 2018 budget.


2018-2019 (Season) Board Openings and Elections

     The following Board position need to have persons to fill the spots, for two year terms-

          Red Div. (Current Rep was an appointment by Board)

          Gold Div.

          PM At Large rep

          AM At Large Rep

          Vice President (For one year.  Candidates by Board Committee.  Current  By Laws, Section 3. The President, have some erroneous wording, that need to be changed to “past board members that have NOT served within the past three years”. This was passed unanimously, and will be placed on the Web Site.)

     Once candidates are established for positions, ballots will be printed up to be given out, and collected, by Division Reps.


Golf Outing (9/15), HOF Nominees (8/1, Form on Web Site)), and Annual Banquet (9/23) – Information on all will be placed on the Web Site.



          Goal to have the form available at the annual banquet.  Then a printable copy on the web site.  No online registration is a possibility. Last “in person” registration could be


Sunday, February 24, 2018.  Last date for mail in registrations received could be February 28.


Uniforms –

          Discussion of “black shorts”.  Possible vote at next meeting as to the “ifs”, “hows” and “when” of black shorts and/or gray shorts.

         “New” Hats – Modeled by the always lovely Dave V.  Only 50 cents more than current hats.  Discussion tonight, with possible vote at next meeting. 


Fields – Dave V has been in touch with Barberton P & R staff to discuss some recent “situations”. They were to have an internal meeting late today to discuss these matters.

(2/27/18 – Dave V met with Barberton P & R staff this AM.  Chuck L. is to text Lisa McLean to give them a “turn on” time for the lights, starting 2/27/18.  They will advise their seasonal staff as to what time to turn the lights on each Monday and Wednesday nights.  Lisa will push the time up for each date based on the sunset time.  If overcast skies cause a need for any earlier turn on, Chuck will text Lisa from the fields for an earlier turn on.

     There will no longer be any “2nd preps” for the PM divisions as of today. It was rarely being done, was not that much of an improvement, and will save time [if done], and money for SL.

     No “permanent” repairs can be done this year for the “dug holes” in the batters’ boxes. Barberton will try to do some “patch work” on them.  But a permanent fix might be negotiated prior to 2019 season.[Players should still be encouraged “not to dig in”, as they have been asked in the past.]

     Burned out lights, and pitcher’s runner on #1, are listed to be fixed/repaired.)


Pitcher’s Screen –

     Lengthy discussion about the screens as to current location, change of location, revert to old location, “fast” pitches”, changes in “penalties” (“ball”, not “ejection”), pitchers not behind screen, safety issues, other senior leagues handling, and why, and   - what appeared to be the main point of contention, and confusion – a lack of consistency when making, and not making calls based on SL rules, by SL umpires.  

     The Pitcher’s Screen will be readdressed at the next board meeting.


“Inconsistent” Umpiring

    Jim Ruby, Umpire-In- Chief will be given a copy of the approved minutes to show the Board’s concern with the noted problems in several areas.


Next SL Board Meeting: Tuesday, July 17, 6:30 PM, Manchester Rd., ACME

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Sidney Steinberger MD & Bruce Sterman MD
Summit County Softball Hall of Fame
Jennifer Haley's
Judge Teodosio
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Schultz, Bertin, Kurzweil
Akron Monument & Granite
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