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June 2, 2020

To all Silver League Players,

It has been our intent all along to try and salvage our 2020 softball season. With the uncertainty of the Covid-19 virus we still asked everyone to decide on playing this year or waiting until next year when, hopefully, things may be a little bit back to normal. Unfortunately that decision has been made for us by the Kent State Department of Recreational Services.

Here is a portion of the email received by Jeff Brenneman and Dave Vanderneut:

"the university leadership and reopening committee is restricting in-person events/activity/rentals through August 14, 2020. Therefore, it is with regret that I have to inform you that the 2020 Senior Softball League at Allerton Sports complex is being cancelled."

Players have the opportunity to have their 2020 registration fees either refunded or carried over to the 2021 season. This will be addressed in a future email.

Thank you to all the players who have continued to support our league during this crazy time. We will now set our sights on the 2021 season.

Your Silver League Board





    Div Last Name First Name   Div Last Name First Name
    S Allen Mark   G Ohlson Matthew
    B Armstrong Jim   S Oliver David
    S Baer Dave   W Packo Dennis
    G Belfiore John   W Parker Keith
    G Blough Dwayne   S Pozza Tom
    G Bodnar Mike   R Prof Joseph
    W Busson  Jerry   R Prof Aaron
    S Coffey Tom   W Rosmussen Robert
    B Craiu Virgil   R Russell Jerry
    R Cundiff Clayton   W Scoarste John
    B Drugan Bill   R Sheeler Timothy
    W Eck Joe   S Smith Joe
    S Finley Bill   B Springston Jack
    B Harrington Gary   G Stephens Keith
    W Hughes Ray   G Strahler Earl
    B Kotting Dave   B/G Swartz  Fred
    W Mason Chris   R Viertlbeck Anton
    W McMahan Kevin   G Wittmer Rich
    B Montaquila Jim   R Wood John
    R Morgan Marc   W Zehnder Robert

Anyone wishing to add their team photo from last year or this year to the scroll at the top of the site can send it to me via email in .jpg format.

Also during the season you can send me any pictures you would like added to the Photo Album page in .jpg format.

You never some point you may see yourself scrolling across the Silver League website.

"In Memory of" PAGE

September 30, 2019

Please submit to the Web Administrator any players name(s) that have passed as an alumni of the Silver League.

We are all brothers in a game we love to play.

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Contacting Administrator

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Thank You...Roger

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