Silver League Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Nominees Name:
Eligibility: Nominee must have been an active member of the Silver League for a minimum of ten (10) years as a player, manager, sponsor, board member, or umpire. (The ten year rule may be waived if the nominee(s) are deceased).

All nominations must be received by the current President of the Silver League by Aug. 1st. Nominations may be sent via email or U.S. mail. It is not necessary to resubmit players each year.


1. Considered "the best of the best".
2. Nominee's contribution to the Silver League, no matter in what capacity, should place him in the upper echelon.
3. Should be a good representative of the Silver League and its principles both on and off the field.
4. As a player, his quality of play should stand out over his peers.

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