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45+ NATIONAL Phil Ball Division Information
Phil Ball died in April of 2018. Phil had been a player-manager in the SJMSBL since 1994. He managed the Angels for 21 years. From 2010- 2018 Phil played an integral part in the Rangers organization. Phil had many deeply seeded friendships in the SJMSBL. Generous, Loyal, intelligent & unique scratch the surface for who Phil was. He is missed by many but will not be forgotten by the SJMSBL. The 45 National Division will Forever be named The Phil Ball 45+ National Division. Rest in Peace, my friend
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8 Teams represented
Everything below was voted on by 45+ teams represented @ 45+ Divisional Meeting, February 4 @ 8:00pm. Meeting completed in 5 minutes


- Universal Rule for SJMSBL: Last day to add a player to Roster is 6 Sundays before your regular Season ends. Max on Roster is 20 Players. Over 20 players the cost is $100 per player.

- 21+ Division: CY Young and MVP is scrapped for 2019. Instead a All-Star Game MVP will be awarded. Player’s at All Star game will vote for winner & winner will be awarded @ All-Star game.

- Universal Rule for SJMSBL: Player needs to bat or play in field for at least 6 regular season games. DL is terminated. If player participates only in field only Manager needs to have opposing manager write player’s field participation in his book.

- Same Rule as 2017 below. Voted in again for 2018. Voted on again in 2019
Each team will be allowed two courtesy runners per game, and they don't have to be identified at the exchange of line-ups before the beginning of the game. When the manager decides to use a courtesy runner, that person will be dedicated as the first courtesy runner of the game. That runner does not have to be run for on each following at-bat, he can have the option of receiving the courtesy runner or running for himself. That would also apply to the second player that receives a courtesy runner in the game. The runner that is used as the courtesy runner is the last batted out, unless it is a pitcher or catcher or the other courtesy runner.
- With respect to pitchers and catchers, they can receive a courtesy runner at any time during the game, not only when there are two outs as a speed up rule. Their use of the courtesy runner does not count towards the two that are allowed per team. The pitcher or catcher can refuse to take a courtesy runner during the game and doing so will not prevent them from using a courtesy runner at another point in the game.

- Universal Rule for SJMSBL: Code of Conduct Revision January 2019 1.A. If an umpire feels threatened by a player or fan, or there is a situation with a player the manager is obligated to diffuse the threatening situation. If manager does not diffuse threatening situation manager his actions will be looked at and determined if he risks being suspended from upcoming games.

- American Division decided to scrap MVP/Cy Young
- National Division wants to do MVP/CY Young

45+ Managers elected to potentially waiver new under-age players who are to turn 43 and 44 in 2019. (These waivered players cannot Pitch or Catch). All waivered players need to be approved by League & 45+ Managers. New Rules voted by 45+ Managers. Players who were grandfathered in last year do not need to be waived again. Summer/Spring Season: A player can only be on one roster in each age division. Player can be on other age division rosters If division plays each other during the season,

Also Waivered in below (by Manager unanimous vote) (These waivered players cannot Pitch or Catch)
44 Mike Holley WT Senators
49 Todd Panto CH Rangers
43 John Acker B Yanks. Saturday, Feb 9 Managers voted 4-1 to allow waiver

• Game will be played @ Frawley Stadium on a Saturday
• Date/Time TBD
• 7 Inning Game
• 35 & 45 Teams will Mix (same as 2018)
• Mangers, Make –up of teams TBD
• Pick 2-3 Players from your team for All-Star Game
• Game MVP will be awarded.
- Player’s at All Star game will vote for winner & winner will be awarded @ All-Star game.
• Pick 2-3 Players from your team & email to your appropriate manager. If team does not have enough players Managers can fill team in with other players from there Sunday team.
• 7 Inning Game
- If game is rained out, All-Star game will NOT be made up
- Announcer likes to announce names of batting line-up and then play National Anthem

National Regular Season

National Division
1. Cherry Hill Rangers
2. Cheltenham Reds
3. PBC Royals
4. Clayton Rays
Open Sunday Dates
March 31
April 7, 14, 28 (off Easter April 21)
May 5, 19 (off May 12 Mother’s Day, & Memorial Day weekend May 26. Teams are encouraged to make up rain outs these Sundays, If practical)
June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
July 7, 14, 21 28
August 4, 11, 18, 25

Opening Day: March 31
End of Regular Season: July 21.
Regular Season games cannot be played after July 21
National Regular season: 14 weeks 15 Games. 1 Dh. Play each team in your division 3X’s (9). Play 45 American teams = 6. Managers understand the schedule will not be balanced.

National Payoffs: (same as 2018)
Sunday, July 28
IMPORTANT (#1 Vs. #4), #1 seed needs to win one game to advance to Championship. #4 seed needs to win 2 games to advance to Championship.
Game #1: Sunday, July 28
• #1 Home team.
• #1 seed host game.
• (9) Innings
Game #2: Sunday, August 4
• #1 is the Home team.
• #1 seed has host game.
• (9) Inning Game

(#2 Vs. #3) Best of 3 Series
Game #1: Sunday, July 28.
• #2 Seed Home Team.
• #3 Seed Hosts game.
• (9) Inning Game
Game #2: Sunday, August 4.
• # 2 Seed Hosts Game
• #3 Seed is HOME team.
• (9) Inning Game
Game #3 (if necessary): Sunday, August 4
• #2 Home team.
• #2 to host game.
• (7) Inning Game

· Umpires are paid by SJMSBL
· Winners of National Championship receives $500 Credit towards 2020
Spring/Summer Season
· If both Series Sweep in semi’s Championship starts Sunday, August 5. If not
below schedule stands

* Sunday, Aug. 11
- (9) Inning Game Semi Winner Vs. Semi Winner.
- Stronger seed Hosts game
- Stronger seed is HOME team
* Sunday, Aug 18
- (9) Inning Game Semi Winner Vs. Semi Winner.
- Weaker seed Hosts game
- Weaker Seed is HOME team

* Sunday, August 25 (If necessary)
- (9) Inning Game Semi Winner Vs. Semi Winner.
- Stronger seed Hosts gam
- Stronger Seed is HOME team

Managers understand, in the spirit of ending playoffs before Labor Day the SJMSBL can change the Playoff Structure to Play a Double Header Playoff Sunday format. 3rd game or second game of Doubleheader would be 7 Innings.
· Changes will be made in the event of “Acts of God” (rain, weather, etc.)

· Please note: “Act of God” definition does not equate to “Not having enough Players.”

45+ League Standings
Shall be determined by A POINT SYSTEM
- 3 points for a Win
- 2 points for a Tie
- 1 point for a loss
- 0 Points for a loss by forfeit IMPORTANT (Standings will show a team losing by forfeit getting 1 point. This is incorrect and will be properly calculated at the end of season)
- 0 Points for a game not played

Please keep in mind…. The spirit of the SJMSBL is to play Baseball. If a Team”jobs Standings” and does not play scheduled game because
“Played game” would have no bearing in standings; Team Jobbing the League has the possibility of receiving severe Penalties. Please make every effort to play all of your scheduled games.
Tie Breaker
When two teams are tied
1. Head to Head record
2. Fewest Runs allowed in all games
3. Most Runs Scored in all games

When three or more teams are tied

1. Fewest Runs allowed in all games
2. Most Runs Scored in all games

Forfeit scoring
· 9 inning game = 9-0

· 7 inning Game = 7-0
Fee Schedule
Cost per umpire per (9) inning Game @ $85
Cost per umpire per (7) inning Game @ $75

1. Cancelling with less than one hour until game time- $50 per umpire (If umpires did not leave for game yet, no fee will be charged)
2. Umpires arrive at field and no game due to weather: $50 per umpire
3. Game 1 of DH Starts, no game two due to weather: No fee charged
4. Originally scheduled DH turns into one-single 9 inning game: Standard fee for 9 innings + $50 per umpire for second game
All Changes need in schedule need to be sent to by Thursday. If umpires are not notified before the day of game then #4 Rule goes into effect (. Originally scheduled DH turns into one-single 9 inning game: Standard fee for 9 innings + $50 per umpire for second game)
5. Please. Do not put Neil, Lou or John on a Group (with your team) email or text Broadcast

John Gallante
Umpiring Director + Assignor
Tri-State Elite Umpires Association
E-mail is preferred unless it is a notification on the day of the game.
cell : (856) 994-4400

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