SJMSBL History of Champions 1992 -1999

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The SJMSBL is compiling a history of former Championship Teams. Please email Champion Team Name, Date, Team Pic, Division and any other info you’d like to record. Information submitted will be uploaded onto side tab, SJMSBL History of Champions.

Send info to Neil @


idea:Miles R. 2/28/15



Above Picture. Opening Day ceremonies @ Riverside AA Field. Mayors of Riverside, Riverton & Delran throw out "First Ball". June 14, 1992. The SJMSBL Begins

The SJMSBL was formed in 1992 by Bill Curzie, Pictured below @ Riverside AA field. June 14, 1992



In 1992 there were 5 Teams; Gary Browns "James Enterprise Mets", Brian McDermotts Pirates, Frank Ryno's Cardinals, Kevin Jones SJ Panthers (Team still in existance, playing 52+), James Haynes Philadelphia Reds

1992 recap

The Fresh look Painting Phillies had the best overall regular season record @ 11-4. Mike Grisko was on the team.

Team MVP's were John Marrazzo (phils), Bob Morgan (reds), Dan Collins (pirates), Mike Muhammad (panthers), Bill O'leary (mets), Jeff Frank (cards). Pictured below: On left: Mike Muhammad, Jeff Frank pictured below (middle). Who is on the right? Email

The 1992 Champions were The Philadelphia Reds. Mark Greenspan was on the team.- See Picture Below



1993 recap  Please email me info @

The SJMSBL change there name to Delaware Valley MSBL

Gary Brown named Over 30 President, October 1993. Gary Brown Pictured below (Indians Cap)


Pic above Donated by Mark Greenspan



1994 recap- The Delaware Valley MSBL change there name back to South Jersey Men's Baseball League

Allen Scott,(Pictured above left) named Over 40 President

By 1994 the SJMSBL had an over 30 & over 40 division

30+ Teams 

Mets- Rich Well

Pirates- Dan Collins & Bob Oryl     MVP: Ed Ash

Reds- Dave Braunstein - (ex Tiger)   MVP: Drew White (is with the 2015 45 Black Marlins)

White Sox- Lloyde Terry     MVP: John Griswold

Cards- Joe Dyas     MVP: Steve Yates

Dodgers- Steve Pastore     MVP: Jay Silverman

Phils- Jay Janus

Red Sox- Joe Williams     MVP: John McDonald

Cubs gary Brown

Indians- Dean Potts     MVP: John Checcini

Marlins- Wayne Baker  (52+ Manager, 2015) MVP: Mike Stankiewiecz

Yankees- Keith Boswick     MVP: Ernie Ley (ex-Tiger)

Over 40

Braves Allen Scott    MVP: Allen Scott

Gas House Gang   Joe Cranmer   & Jack Gathney

O's Dennis Durkin

Tigers Dave Kasen  (Managed 20 years in the SJMSBL)    MVP: Paul Batchler

1994 Champions- The Marlton Phillies

The Marlton Phils edged Lloyde Terry's WhiteSox 4-2, Sept 26, 1994, Chuck Costello (WP)


1995 recap - 

Still playing in the SJMSBL....Leo Guerst, Neil Hourahan, Geoff Rabinowtc, Kurt Ley, Gabe Mastrangelo, Dave Baril & Chris Johannas are mentioned below. Are there any others mentioned below that are still in the 2015 SJMSBL?

October 1995 Mike Maconi assembles and Manages 1st Florida Fall Classic Team

Year:      October, 1995


Location:  Clearwater, Florida


Team Name:  South Jersey Rockies


Age Group:  40+


Manager: Mike Maconi


Roster:  Players from SJMSBL league on the team were: 

1) Joe Cranmer, 2) Frank Eberhart, 3) Jack Gaffney, 4) Steve Gaunay (still in league plays with 45+ Black Marlins), 5) Mike Maconi, 6) Tom Martino, 7) Gary Mueller, 8) Wayne Phillips, 9) Gary Rodriguez (still in league plays with 45+ Black Marlins) and 10) Ed Skowronski.  We had 5 pool players:  1) Keith Duke from Ft. Myers, FL, 2) Ray Idzior from St. Louis, MO, 3) David Montgomery from Clearwater, FL, 4) Mike Montgomery from Clearwater, FL, and 5) Steve Parks from Memphis, TN.


Record:  1-4   Lost to Huntsville Twins, Baltimore Baseball Club, Kennett Square 40+ and Puerto Rico.  We beat Capitol District from Albany, NY.


Tournament:  There were two divisions in the 40+.  Division I had Atlanta Southside, Altoona, Central Jersey  Cobras, Greenville Cardinals, Huntsville Rockies, Southern Maryland 40+ and St. Croix 40+.  Division II was Baltimore Baseball, Capitol District, Huntsville Twins, Kennett 40+, N.W. Georgia 40+, Puerto Rico, South Jersey Rockies.  There wasn’t a A and a B division, the teams were equally divided into two divisions.  Can’t remember who won the tournament.


Highlight of tournament:  We played Puerto Rico in our 5th and final game.  Our record was 1-3 and out of the playoffs. Puerto Rico was 4-0 and crushing everyone.  We took a 5-0 lead after 1 inning.  The manager of Puerto Rico got scared, and put in his ace to pitch the rest of the game.  The entire PR team was pissed that he “wasted” their best pitcher on us.  They ended up winning something like 15-8…..but PR, who was the favorite to win it all, lost their first playoff game because they wasted their ace against us.




The SJMSBL appreciates Documents, Newspaper Clippings & Records donated by Dave Baril. info uplaoded by Neil Hourahan

1997 Recap

 The SJMSBL appreciates Documents, Newspaper Clippings & Records donated by Dave Baril. info uplaoded by Neil Hourahan




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