Bobby Rays

35+ Waivered Players (Ok’d @ Divisional Meeting)

1.      Richard A. Stronski Jr. DOB: 5/24/84  Harpers Assault

2.      Ryan Slaney                                             Harpers Assault

3.      Jason Fox, DOB: 1/13/84  SJ Nats

4.      Francis Fortino: DOB: 10/31/84 Mt Laurel Mayhem

5.      Kevin Peak, 34 years old, Riverton Rangers


6.      Ramone Benitez, 33 years old, Bensalem Yankees

45+ Waived Players with condition(s)


Jersey Shore Yankees      Stephen Rivera   (44)  condition: CANNOT PITCH OR CATCH

Ok/d Unanimously Tuesday, Feb 6 @ 10am


Mike Holley Washington Twp Senators (42) Cannot Pitch or Catch OKd Friday April 6

Managers @ Divisional Meeting Waived in Below Players

1.      Jim SalsBery- Braves 48

2.      Hiram Cartagena-  SJ A’s 48


3.      Nelson Cartagena- SJ A’s 49


Waiver: John Wyatt, Manager of Delaware Pirates. John Cannot be thrown out @ 1st base from the Outfielder.

-        John has a couple knees that need to be replaced

-        John Manages the Delaware Pirates

-        John Manages and plays in the American Division.

 -        Waiver approved- per Neil

Chris Palermo AGE 49, MARLTON BRAVES- EMAILED vOTES 3/12/18



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