35+ Waived Players    

@ 2019 Division Meeting 35 Managers wavered in

        34 Greg Dellaueccio   Delco

          34 Jimmy Porecca    Royals

Grandfathered in from 2018 

6.      Ramone Benitez, 33 years old, Bensalem Yankees

45+ Waived Players with condition(s)


45+ Managers elected to potentially waiver new under-age players who are to turn 43 and 44 in 2020. (These waivered players cannot Pitch or Catch). All waivered players need to be approved by League & 45+ Managers. New Rules voted by 45+ Managers. Players who were grandfathered in last year do not need to be waived again. Summer/Spring Season: A player can only be on one roster in each age division.  Player can be on other age division rosters.

 Below is Waived: in 2019. Below waived are grandfathered in 2020

Also Waivered in below (by Manager unanimous vote) (These waivered players cannot Pitch or Catch)

44 Mike Holley WT Senators

49 Todd Panto CH Rangers

43 John Acker B Yanks.  Saturday, Feb 9 Managers voted 4-1 to allow waiver


2020 Waived Players

Matt Belinsky. 43 years of age Waivered onto Cinny Rangers 2/7/20 vote online   NO Pitch or Catch



52+ Managers unanimously voted in


Greg Miller (49) (what team is he playing on?)




52+ Mangers grandfathered in 2018 below Waivered Players


     Jim SalsBery- Braves 49 AND   Hiram Cartagena-  SJ A’s 49


Waiver: John Wyatt, Manager of Delaware Pirates. John Cannot be thrown out @ 1st base from the Outfielder.


John has a couple knees that need to be replaced


     John Manages the Delaware Pirates


     John Manages and plays in the American Division


     Waiver approved- per Neil




Waived Players cannot Pitch or Catch. Above Players are noted on “Waived Players” on www.SouthjerseyMSBL.com website. Managers wanting to waive players onto their team need to email waived player to Neil @ eecnph@comcast.net or Lou @ LMarshall@unfi.com. Waived Players need to be approved by 52+ Managers.



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