SJMSBL Champions 1992 - present

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2010 18+ SJMABL Pennsauken Punishers MGR. Armando Diaz
2009 18+ SJMABL Pennsauken Punishers MGR. Armando Diaz


18+ SJMABL  Bordentown Mavericks   MGR. Mike James 
2007 18+ SJMABL South Jersey Redsox   MGR. Dom Melchiorre



2010 American/Colonial 25+ Marlton Athletics    MGR. Terry Annese
2010 Liberty/National 25+ Woodbury Royals MGR. Mike Trotter
2010 Jersey Shore 25+ Ventnor Dodgers MGR. Mike Camac
2009 American 25+ SJ Rays MGR. Dan Shannon
2009 National 25+ Florence Bears MGR. Mike Tolle
2009 Jersey Shore 25+          Middle Twp. Yankees MGR. Chris Leusner
2008 American/Colonial 25+ Gloucester Rays MGR. Dan Shannon
2008 Liberty/National 25+ Gloucester Iron Pigs MGR. Pete Farlow
2008 Jersey Shore 25+ Ventnor Dodgers MGR. Mike Camac
2007 American/Colonial 28+ Swedesboro D-Rays MGR. Dan Shannon
2007 Liberty/National 28+ Millville Mudkats  MGR. Dave Andrews 
2007 Jersey Shore 28+ Ventnor Dodgers MGR. Mike Camac
2006 SJMSBL 28+ Delco Devil Rays MGR. Adrian Gonzalez
2005 SJMSBL 28+ Delco Devil Rays MGR. Adrian Gonzalez
2004 SJMSBL 28+  SJ Yankees MGR. Dave Keen 
2003 SJMSBL 28+  Washington Twp. Senators MGR. Ken Bevenour
2002 American 28+ Washington Twp. Senators MGR. Ken Bevenour
2002 Liberty/National 28+  Delco Astros MGR. William Taylor 
2001 American/Colonial 28+ Washington Twp. Senators MGR. Ken Bevenour
2001 Liberty/National 28+ Delco Devil Rays MGR. Adrian Gonzalez
2000 UDVBL 28+ Washington Twp. Senators MGR. Nick Frese
1999 UDVBL 28+ Maple Shade Dodgers MGR. Rich Twist
1998 UDVBL 28+ Maple Shade Dodgers MGR. Rich Twist
1997 UDVBL 30+ Maple Shade Dodgers MGR. Jerry Miller


UDVBL 30+ Maple Shade Dodgers MGR. Steven Pastore
1995 UDVBL 30+ American Tabernacle White Sox MGR. Lloyd Terry
1995 UDVBL 30+ National Maple Shade Dodgers MGR. Steven Pastore
1994 UDVBL 30+ Marlton Phillies  
1993  UDVBL 30+ Tabernacle White Sox MGR. Lloyd Terry
1992 UDVBL 30+ Philadelphia Reds  

1) 30+ through 1997, 28+ from 1998-2007, 25+ from 2008-Present.
2) In 1992-1994 and 2003-06 only one playoff champion named. From 1995-2002 and 2007-Present, separate Conference playoff champions named.



2010 American 35+ J&D Trucking BlueJays MGR. Wade Hulmes
2010 National 35+ Jersey Shore Yankees MGR. Charles Seppy / Gregg Balin
2010 Colonial 35+ Newtown Braves MGR. Bill Bergan
2009 American 35+ Marlton Redsox MGR. Walt Szwajkowski
2009 National 35+ Cherry Hill Bombers  MGR. Tim McMaster
2009 Colonial 35+ Delco Diamondbacks MGR. Steve Davis


American 35+ Tabernacle Tigers MGR. Dave Kasen
2008 National 35+ Cherry Hill Bombers MGR. Tim McMaster
2007 American 38+ Delco Astros MGR. William Taylor
2007 National 38+ Maple Shade Mariners MGR. Jim Malick
2006 American 38+ Washington Twp. Senators MGR. Nick Frese
2006 National 38+ Hot Stovers MGR. Tom Haas
2005 SJMSBL 38+ Washington Twp. Senators MGR. Nick Frese
2004 American 38+ Cherry Hill Tigers MGR. Dave Kasen
2004 National 38+  Wash. Twp. Phillies MGR. Wayne Baker
2003 American 38+ Cherry Hill Tigers MGR. Dave Kasen
2003 National 38+ Moorestown Marlins MGR. Joe Basara
2002 SJMSBL 38+ Jersey Giants MGR. Charlie Sandora
2001 SJMSBL 38+ Jersey Giants MGR. Charlie Sandora
2000 UDVBL 38+ Tabernacle White Sox MGR. Lloyd Terry
1999 UDVBL 38+ Tabernacle White Sox MGR. Lloyd Terry
1998 UDVBL 38+ Cherry Hill Tigers MGR. Dave Kasen
1997 UDVBL 40+ Tabernacle White Sox MGR. Lloyd Terry
1996 UDVBL 40+    
1995 UDVBL 40+    
1994 UDVBL 40+    
1993  UDVBL 40+ No Champion Played w/30+ Div.

1) 40+ through 1997; 38+ from 1998-2007; 35+ from 2008-Present.
2) In 1993 no champion named as the 38+ teams played in 28+ Division.
3) 1994-2000 and 2005 only one playoff champion named. From 2001-2004 and 2006-Present separate Divisional championships played. In 2006-07, SJMSBL 47+ Division teams played games with 38+ Division and were eligible to play in both the 38+ and 47+ Championship Series.


2010 American 45+ Hot Stovers MGR. Tom Haas
2010 National 45+ Ocean Pirates MGR. Lou Buckley
2009 American/National 45+ Washington Twp. Senators MGR. Nick Frese
2008 American 45+ Cinnaminson Reds MGR. Ray Vandergrift
2007 Colonial 47+ Burlington Athletics  MGR. Fred Abrams
2006 Colonial 47+ Hot Stovers MGR. Tom Haas
1) 47+ from 2006-2007; 45+ from 2008-Present.
2) In 2006-07, SJMSBL 47+ Division teams played games with 38+ Division and were eligible to play in both the 38+ and 47+ Championship Series.
3) Separate American and National Champions named (2010).



2010 SJMSBL Fall / 18+/25+ American    MGR.
2010 SJMSBL Fall / 18+/25+ National   MGR.
2010 SJMSBL Fall / 35+ American   MGR.
2009 SJMSBL Fall  Jersey Shore Yankees   MGR. Gregg Balin
2008 SJMSBL Fall  Jersey Devils MGR. Nick Skoufalos
2007 SJMSBL Fall Glendora Misfits MGR. Fran Boyle
2006 SJMSBL Fall Marlton Athletics MGR. Tom Hunter
2005 SJMSBL Fall Infinity Mariners MGR. Nick Skoufalos
2004 SJMSBL Fall Delran Cardinals MGR. Tom Hunter
2003  SJMSBL Fall Wash. Twp Senators MGR. Nick Frese


2010 SJMSBL Midweek/Wood Hammonton Hitmen  MGR. Josh Gallo
2009 SJMSBL Midweek/Wood Marlton Athletics   MGR. Terry Annese
2008 SJMSBL Midweek/Wood 3-Nation A/S MGR. Gary Shears
2007 SJMSBL Midweek/Wood Voorhees Phillies* MGR. Chris Jones
2006 SJMSBL Midweek/Wood Voorhees Phillies MGR. Chris Jones
2005 SJMSBL Midweek/Wood Voorhees Phillies MGR. Chris Jones
2004 SJMSBL Midweek/Wood Cherry Hill Tigers MGR. Dave Kasen

* = declared champion after finishing with best record (No Championship Game was played due to field issues)

2005 Best of the Rest Tourney Sewell Sharks MGR. Bill Lynch

2010 40+ DelVal Quakertown Champions


45 Champion Ocean Pirates Lou Buckley manager



18 Champion Cherry Hill Yankees Frank Gambino manager

35 National Champion 2011 Pennsboro Phillies Lou Marshall manager

45 Champion Hammonton Black Sox Mike Dunleavy manager



18 Champion Cherry Hill Yankees Frank Gambino manager

25 Champion Barrington Braves Nick Aceto manager

35 National Champion Cherry Hill Chiefs Jose Hernandez, John McBride managers

35 American Champion Runnemede Phillies Joe Auperle manager

45 Champion Hammonton Black Sox Mike Dunleavy manager

Midweek Champion Delval Neil Hourahan manager



18 Champion Cherry Hill Yankees Frank Gambino manager

25 American Champion Cinnaminson Rangers Tom Hewitt manager

35 National Champion Vincentown Vipers Rich Rodriquez manager

35 American Champion Bordentown Patriots Kurt Appleby manager

45 Champion Hammonton Black Sox Mike Dunleavy manager

MidWeek Champion DelVal Neil Hourahan manager



18 Champion The Hungry Hippos Managed by Drew Grinovics

25 Champion Gloucester Twp. White Sox Mike Williams , John Capone managers

35 National Aston Cruisers Tony Tabborelli manager

35 American Champions Bordentown Patriots Kurt Appleby manager

45 American Champions Washington Twp. Senators Mark Alessandrini manager

 45National Champions SJ Phillies Steve Pappaterra manager

MidWeek Champion Hartford Braves Bill Mason manager


2015 SJMSBL MVP & Cy Young Results

Results posted in “SJMSBL Champions 1992 – present”


18 + MVP Results

Points           2015 SJMSBL 18+ MVP      Rob Cox


11       Luis Vargas(Royals)

14      Rob Cox (BR Machine)

7        Nigel Shockley (H. Hippos)

9        Luis Vargas(Royals)


18+ CY YOUNG Results

Points           2015 CY Young 18+      Paul Haynes


3     Jeremy Lopez (Royals)

22   Paul Haynes (H. Hippos)

2    Joe Antonelli (W. Whalers)


25+ MVP Results

Points          2015 SJMSBL 25+ MVP      Anthony Vellutato


5       Mike Appalucci (W. O's)

12       Tim Debold (W. O's)

14     Andrew Kulp (C. Pirates)

9      Ryan Wooden (CH Longwoods)

18    Anthony Vellutato (C. 45's)


25+ CY YOUNG Results

Points     2015 CY Young 25+      John Fox


11       John Kennedy (W.O's)

8         Francis Fortino (B. Braves)

3         Sammy Berroa (C. Pirates)

19      John Fox (CH Longwoods)

18     Ryan Slevenski (C. 45's)


35 National MVP Results

Points     2015 SJMSBL 35+National MVP      Dan Ciecka


16     Dan Ciecka (CH Rangers)

12     Frank Lojewski (SJ Cards)

10      Shaine Sigston (C. Cruisers)

3       Mike Amoriello (Sharks)

6       Lou Spassatempo (H Assault)

5       Mike Somers (H. Assault)

4       Bill Connell (V. Rangers)

8       Dave Didinger (M. Reds)

5       Bill McHugh (M. Reds)

4       Rick Lambert (CH Chiefs


35 + National CY YOUNG Results

Points     2015 SJMSBL 35+CY Young MVP      Eric Woods


4      Dennis Van Etten (CH Rangers)

10    Jason D'ENTRMONT (SJ Cards)

7      Dan Murphy (C. Cruisers)

10    Leo Gerst (Sharks)

6      Jeff Karch (Sharks)

13    Eric Woods (H. Assault)

2      Ronnie Stiles (H. Assault)

9      Rocky Capristo (V. Rangers)

10    Chuck Homan (V. Rangers)

6      Aaron Odud (M. Reds)

11    Jimmy Antes (M. Reds)


35+ American MVP Results

Points     2015 SJMSBL 35+ Amrican  MVP      Kurt Appleby


14    Jeff Pilling (R. Rangers)

9       Rob Kuestner (SJ Tigers)

19     Kurt Appleby (B. Patriots)

18     Ray Vetter (B. Patriots)

4       Jim Fish (A. Cruisers)

3      Wade Hulmes (A. Cruisers)

3      Louis Rios (H. BlackSox)


35+ American CY YOUNG Candidates

Points     2015 SJMSBL 35+ American CY Young    Dave Krol


11    Tom Hewitt (R. Rangers)

9      Rob Kuestner (SJ Tigers)

15     Dave Krol (B. Patriots)

7       Keith Trout (B. Patriots)

4      Jim Fish (A. Cruisers)

7      Gary Fisher (H. BlackSox)

6      Luis Muniz (P. OldTimers)


45+ MVP Results

Points     2015 SJMSBL 45+  MVP      Miles Reader


13     Gabe Mastrangelo (GT Mariners)

7            Dan Laudisio (GT Mariners)

7      Mike Mars (W. Senators)

16    Miles Reader (W. Senators)

8           Tom Donahue (B. Marlins)

2      Randy Lewbart (A's)

4            Tony Dejoseph (A's)

3     Dan Mcgann (R. Marlins)

1     Jeff Snyder (R. Marlins)

10     Geoff Rabinowicz (OC Pirates)

11     Dan Battista (D. Dodgers)

3      Eric Mehler (Rangers)

3        Larry Boreali (C. Reds)

7        Scott Warfel ( S.J. Phillies)


45+ CY YOUNG Results

Points     2015 SJMSBL 45+ CY Young    Gabe Mastrangelo


26     Gabe Mastrangelo (GT Mariners)

1       Mike Pente (GT Mariners)

14      Mike Mars (W. Senators)

12      Steve Gaunay (B. Marlins)

12      Joe Scardino (A's)

13      Andy Sailor (R. Marlins)

3       Louis Buckley (OC Pirates)

3       Mike Jones (OC Pirates)

3        Bud Picconi ( S.J. Phillies )


52+ MVP Candidates

Points     2015 SJMSBL 52+  MVP      Roy Neuman


11     Luis Alverado (O's)

16     Roy Neuman (O's)

12     Flaco Santiago (C. Reds)

1      Greg Kalascky (C. Reds)

8      Mike Weichman (Indians)

10    Anthony Loterizo (Indians)

9      Jason Lerner (P. Panthers)

9      Spencer Jean (M. Braves)


52+ CY YOUNG Results

Points     2015 SJMSBL 52+ CY Young     Flaco Santiago


16     Rob Harden (O's)

12     Joe Simirglio (O's)

19     Flaco Santiago (C. Reds)

4      Philip Dunbar (Indians)

7      Lou Johnston (Indians)

7      Jason Lerner (P. Panthers)

3     Jim Evans (G. Phils)



7      Paul Heiser (M. Braves)


Playing to stave off elimination from the finals and with John Kosmowsky (Kos) on the mound, the Marlins fell behind by three runs in the bottom of the first against the Mariners due to some poor fielding as all three runs were unearned.  With two outs in the top of the 3rd, the Marlins returned the favor and took advantage of an error, two walks and five hits to push across six unearned runs against Gabe Mastrangelo and crew.  The big blow came when Drew White drove in two runs and that was followed with RBI singles by Steve Degnan and Donnie Davis. 

     In the top of the 5th a single by Dave Baril got it started and he was sacrificed to second by Joe Basara.  A balk and a wild pitch later the Marlins picked up what turned into the winning run.  The Marlins tacked on another run in the 6th with a single by Drew White and after Tommy Donahue ran for Drew he was able to steal third base and score on Rich Swan's RBI single.  Meanwhile, in the bottom of the 8th the Mariners made it interesting when they tallied three runs on four hits, a walk and a HBP.  Don Sachau crushed a run scoring double to left in that frame but it was too little too late.  Neither team scored in the 9th and the game was won by the Marlins 8-6.  John Kosmowsky was the winning pitcher and he allowed 10 hits and six runs while walking three and fanning 4.  Drew White, Steve Degnan and Dave Baril all had two hits for the Marlins while Dan Laudisio and Don Sachau had two hits while scoring two runs each.

     After a 30 minute break, the Marlins took the field as the home team with Gary Lebo on the hill.  The Mariners got off to a quick start with both Joe Santone and Gabe Mastrangelo scoring on a booming two run double to deep left field by hurler Mike Pente.  Who knew at that time that that would be the end of the scoring on this day for the Mariners.  The Marlins returned to the dugout optimistic as we have given up ONLY two runs since in the previous two games, we had allowed the Mariners to score three times in the first innings!

We immediately scored two runs as Dave Harris led off with a hard hit ball to third that ate up Mike Fanelli and that was followed by a blast by Tommy Donahue that put runners at 2nd and 3rd with no outs.  Drew White immediately drove in one with a deep sacrifice fly to center and Donnie Davis picked up Donahue with a run scoring single.  Now it became essentially a six inning game.  After Lebo set the Mariners down 1-2-3 in the top of the 2nd, Dave Baril led off with a single to center.  Gary Rodriguez followed and he blasted a shot deep over the center fielder's head for a double.  Pente retired the next two batters and it looked like he might escape a second and third with no outs.  However, Steve Gaunay wasn't to be denied as he slapped a two run single to right to raise the score to 4-2 in favor of the Marlins.  In the bottom of the 5th Tommy Donahue led off the inning with a single and after moving to second on a fielder's choice he scored when Steve Degnan took an outside pitch and sent it to right field for the final score of the season. 

In the top of the 7th Joe Santone crushed another double but that was their last hurrah as he was left stranded on second when the game ended 5-2 in favor of the Marlins.  Gary Lebo was the winning pitcher and he gave up only 4 hits while striking out three and walking three.  Both Tom Donahue and Steve Degnan had two hits and Donahue scored twice for the Marlins.  Donahue, Degnan and GRod had doubles to help the cause.  Joe Santone had two hits including a double while Mike Pente and Steve Palumbo doubled in the loss.  Outstanding defensive plays were made in the outfield of both teams as Donnie Davis and Steve Degnan tracked down some well hit balls as did Steve Palumbo of the Mariners.

2015 Fall Champions 35/45/52 Harpers Assault






Kneeling L-R: Mark Greenspan, Bob Creedon, Bob Morrell, Mark Goodman, Frank O’Brien, Jeff Budin. Standing L-R: Jack Kapenstein, Tony D’Aulerio, Hal Bluestein, Joe Lynn, Dan Maggiani, Tom Gallagher, Jeff Lichter, Jamie Heldring, Tom Koelzer, Steve Farina, Marc Gold, Craig Underwood, Craig Stein.


Montgomery County Yankees Capture SJMSBL 52+ Title


The Montgomery County Yankees, managed by Mark Greenspan, claimed the 2016 South Jersey MSBL 52+ Division Championship by sweeping the top-seeded South Jersey/Lenape Phillies (16-3-1) in the finals, 14-9 and 6-2. The Yankees (15-3-1) entered the playoffs as the #2-seed after closing out the regular season with 6 wins and a tie in their final 7 games, edging out the South Jersey/Camden County Phillies (13-3-0) for a first-round playoff bye by three percentage points. The Yankees then advanced to the finals by eliminating the defending-champion Gloucester Township Orioles, 8-4, in the semifinals.


Game of one of the finals saw the Yankees jump out to a 6-1 lead in the top of the third inning, with Marc Gold and Tony D'Aulerio each smacking 2-run doubles, before the Phillies rallied with 4 runs in the bottom of the third, another run in the fifth and 3 more in the sixth to take a 9-7 lead. David Viviani's 2-run single in the third started the Phillies' rally, while Jack Beck contributed RBI singles in both the third and sixth innings. But the Yankees responded with 4 runs in the seventh - the key hit being a Tom Koelzer bases-loaded, 2-run double - to retake the lead, and added 3 more in the ninth - the big hit being a Tom Gallagher bases-loaded, 2-run single - to ice the win. Jeff Budin (8-1) picked up the win on the mound, while Jamie Heldring pitched a stellar final 3 innings to earn the save.


Game two of the finals started out similar to the opener with the Phillies scoring in the top of the first on an RBI single by Miguel Cartagena, and the Yankees responding with 2 in the home half of the inning to take a 2-1 lead. But pitching would dominate the next 5 1/2 innings as the Yankees' Gallagher and the Phillies' Luis Rodriguez would allow only one run apiece over that span. A Joe Lynn RBI double in the bottom of the fourth pushed the Yankees' lead to 3-1, before Julio Vigo tripled to lead off the top of the fifth and scored on Mike Chmielewski's RBI single, closing the gap to a single run again at 3-2. But Gallagher (9-1), the league's Cy Young award winner, would allow only one more base runner to reach second base the rest of the way, in going the distance on the mound, while the Yankees added an insurance run in the seventh when Greenspan singled with two outs, stole second and scored on D'Aulerio's RBI single. The Yankees closed out the scoring with 2 more in the eighth. The first coming when Koelzer, the league's MVP award winner, singled, stole second, moved to third on an infield groundout and scored on a fielder's choice, and the final run on an RBI single by Budin.


During the playoffs, the Yankees' offense was paced by D'Aulerio, who went 9-for-11 with 6 RBI and 6 runs scored, including 6-for-7 in the finals with 4 RBI and 5 runs scored. Craig Stein was 5-for-11 in the playoffs with 3 RBI and 3 runs scored, while Koelzer was 4-for-9 with 5 RBI and 4 runs scored.


The league championship was the Yankees' first since 2012, when they were part of the Tri-State MSBL (now the John A. DeBenedictis League), but the 12th league championship in their 26-year history, as they won 6 Montgomery County MSBL championships (1994-1999) and 4 Bux-Mont MSBL championships (2005, 2006, 2007 & 2010).

 Awards will be presented @ the Annual Hot Stover Banquet. Saturday November 26 @ 2:00 @ The Estate at Monroe  Expected Attendance @ Banquet is in excess of 300. 


The Hot Stovers of South Jersey is a non-profit organization that promotes and honors South Jersey Baseball of all levels


2016 Cy Young & MVP Winners


Matt Riegler (CY Young) SJ Tribe

Justin Munyon(MVP) Deptford Tigers



Tim Taggart (MVP) Pirates

John Kennedy (CY Young) Orioles


35 American

Jeff Pilling (MVP) R. Rangers

John Capone (CY Young) R. Rangers


35 National

Luis Azcona (MVP) Pittman Sharks

Bob Shaw (CY Young) D. Warriors


45 American 

Eric Mehler (CY Young) Cinn. Rangers

Frank Chandler (MVP) Mariners


 45 National 

Joey Torres (MVP) Chelt. Reds

Wil Denning (CY Young) Royals



Tom Koelzer (MVP) MC Yankees

Tom Gallagher (CY Young) MC Yankees






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