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During Division Meetings Managers Voted "on doing" or "not doing" CY YOUNG & MVP


21- YES to MVP/CY

35 - NO to MVP/CY 

45 American - NO to MVP/CY

45 National - YES to MVP/CY

52 - YES to MVP/CY


21+ Division will not have AN MVP or CY. Not enough Teams participated



2018 MVP & CY Winners


45 National

MVP Winners

Cheltenham Reds TIE Larry Boreali     MVP

Clayton Rays TIE Tony Burley     MVP

CY Young Winner

PBC Royals     Will Denning     CY


52 American

MVP Winner

Delaware Pirates     Mike Ickes     MVP

Cy Young Winner

Delaware Pirates     Angel Rivera     CY


52 National

MVP Winners       

SJ Phils TIE   Randy Young   MVP      

SJ Phils TIE    Luis Alvarado     MVP

CY Young Winner 

SJ Phillies     Bruce Gilbert     CY

Last Day of Regular Seasons below. Regular season games cannot be played after below dates

21+ Sunday, July 29

35+ Sunday, July 29

45+ Sunday, July 22

52+ American  Sunday, July 29

52+ National Sunday, July 22


Playoff structure for each division is located in HEADLINES, STANDINGS & DIVISION pages


Playoff Player Qualifications

- The player needs to have played in 6 Games (with team) during the regular season

- If your team won due to forfeit, your whole roster gets a game played

- If your team played a game which was suspended due to weather. Players in game get credit for game played.



Suspended game rule


4.B.2.    A game called that is not official shall not count in the standings and shall be replayed as a new game.  Player and team statistics shall be counted as official, to include a player's participation in the game to be counted towards eligibility for post-season play.

- The suspended game is a game stopped before official. Rain



1st Annual “Phil Ball Music Scholarship” Fundraiser

August 5th from 1pm to 4pm     $25 per Person

 Food Buffet      Domestic Drafts      House Wines      Simple Well or mixed Drinks

Bring extra cash      50/50 drawing      Block Pool      Wristbands

Bobby Rays Tavern     6324 Westfield Avenue     Pennsauken Township     (856) 356-2072

Message from the Rangers Baseball Program:

The Rangers recently lost Phil Ball, a great teammate and friend. Phil was also an accomplished musician, who loved to teach music and share his passion with others. In order to keep Phil’s memory alive, the Rangers are happy to announce the first annual scholarship for gifted young musicians. The Phil Ball Music Scholarship will help keep a student’s passion for music alive by providing financial support long after Phil’s death.

Questions: Call or text Tom Hewitt (215)806-5594

GoFundMe "Phil Ball Music Scholarship" Fundraiser

CLICK HERE to Donate  


2018 Fall Season

As the 2018 spring/summer season enters its last month of regular season play. Another season is right around the corner, Yes the 2018 “Fall Season”. The fall season in the past few years has really exploded into a great season and can be used as a great opportunity to grow your teams for the 2019 spring/summer season. Last year it was broken down into 3 divisions, open, 35, 45. This all depends on participation from the various age levels and for the most part I see no issues doing the divisions the same way again. With that being said there will be a general meeting at my house 305 Church Rd. Cherry Hill, N.J. 08002 on Wednesday August 8 @7pm. Listed below is the outline of the 2018 fall season.


Season is an 8 week season consisting of 10 games running 9/9-10/28. Top 4 teams in each division make the playoffs, 1 game semi-final round 11/4 and a 1 game final 11/11. Umpire fees for finals will be paid for by the league. Winners receive a $350.00 credit towards 2018 spring/summer season. There are 3 weeks in which DH’s will be scheduled based on the Eagles schedule, every team will be scheduled 2 DH’s over the course of the season. Please try and secure a home field this helps greatly with scheduling. If you have a field please being all field restrictions with you to the meeting. All games are 9am starts


8/8- General meeting 7pm 305 Church rd. Cherry Hill, N.J. 08002 ( registration fee $400.00 due at this time, 2 dozen balls and scorebooks will be distributed )

8/24- Any final balance due

8/30- schedule will be done

9/9- opening day ( double header week )

10/7- double header week

10/14- double header week

10/28- final week of regular season

11/4- semi-final round


11/11- finals

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everybody for making this year’s equipment drive a success.

Your caring and generosity made all the difference!!!

This equipment will help keep these children off the streets and on the playgrounds so they can have a safe happy summer. This is really what it is all about!  Again thanks to all!- Lou

2018 Spring/Summer Season will NOT be extended.

- Teams that want to make games up, will

- Teams that don't want to, won't. These teams will ask for a season extension...... NO. Be flexible, play games with any 9 players on your roster! If you have no intention of making a game up give the other team a forfeit. FYI: Don't wait till last weeks of regular season to make games up. WHY? rain. BTW: The 2018 Spring/Summer Season will NOT be extended. 

*21/35/45 Spring/Summer Rosters are closed. After June 11, 2018

52+ Spring/Summer Rosters remain open till end of Season.

* Exceptions can be made if a team is in jeopardy of folding or forfeiting games. These exceptions need to be discussed with League officials. If a manager is manipulating situation ie. just trying to sign a "ringer". Manager/Team will be severely disciplined 

Wednesday, May 23    7:00pm   @ Mercer County Park 

Trenton Giants Vs. Delaware Pirates

Trenton Giants,  Alan Fein,   WP    Complete Game   2 hits allowed


Sunday, May 6   9:00am   @ Riverton Park

Haddon Twp. Rangers Vs. Phillies (Game #1/7 innings)

Haddon Twp Rangers, Ryan Costello, WP, 17 K's



Sunday, April 22   9:00am   @ Von Nieda Park

Haddon Twp. Rangers Vs. Camden Pirates

Haddon Twp. Rangers, Chris Pawlikowski, (3) HR + 2B, BB, (8) RBI's






Phil Ball died unexpectantly last week (April 2018). Phil has been a player-manager in the SJMSBL since 1994. He managed the Angels for 21 years. For the past 8 years, Phil played an integral part in the Rangers organization. Phil had many deeply seeded friendships formed in the SJMSBL. Generous, Loyal, intelligent & unique scratch the surface for who Phil was. He is missed by many but will not be forgotten by the SJMSBL. The 45 National Division will be named The Phil Ball 45+ National Disivion. Rest in Peace, my friend


Upcoming Games
Aug 18
35+ Angelo Marchiano National PLAYOFFS
(5) South Jersey Cardinals @ (3) U.S. Logistics Royals
Aug 19
21+ Bill Curzie PLAYOFFS
(3) South Jersey Tribe @ (1) Haddon Twp. Rangers
(1) Haddon Twp. Rangers @ (3) South Jersey Tribe
35+Hot Stover American Division PLAYOFFS
(3) Audubon Blue Sox @ (1) Springfield Cardinals
35+ Angelo Marchiano National PLAYOFFS
(3) U.S. Logistics Royals @ (1) Mt. Laurel Mayhem
45+ Mike Dunleavy American PLAYOFFS
(2) Philadelphia Old Timers @ (1) Cinnaminson Rangers
(1) Cinnaminson Rangers @ (2) Philadelphia Old Timers
45+ Phil Ball National PLAYOFFS
(1) Cheltenham Reds @ (3) PBC Royals
52+ Jim Malick American PLAYOFFS
(4) South Jersey Athletics @ (1) Montgomery County Yankees
52+ Jim Malick National PLAYOFFS
(1) Hammonton Black Sox @ (3) Cinnaminson Reds
Aug 21
2018 Lloyd Terry MIDWEEK Playoffs
(5) Mt Laurel Mayhem @ (4) Haddon Heights Bang Bros.
Aug 22
2018 Lloyd Terry MIDWEEK Playoffs
(3) Haddonfield Yankees @ (2) Philadelphia A's
Aug 23
2018 Lloyd Terry MIDWEEK Playoffs
Winner: Mayhem/Bang Bros. @ (1) Phila BlueSox
Aug 26
35+Hot Stover American Division PLAYOFFS
(1) Springfield Cardinals @ (3) Audubon Blue Sox
(3) Audubon Blue Sox @ (1) Springfield Cardinals
Aug 28
Lloyde Terry Midweek Playoffs
Semi Winner @ Semi Winner
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2018 Fall Season
Sunday, September 9, 2018   9:00 AM
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