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Thank you for considering Website Partnering with ‘The South Jersey Men’s Senior Baseball League’


The SJMSBL is interested in posting a Banner on your website (the Banners can be emailed to you upon request - Please email & League information is below. For this posting the SJMSBL would like to post a banner representing your business. Our website is located @


If interested please

-        Sponsor Name     South Jersey Men’s Senior Baseball League

-        Our Website URL is

Please Link above website address to Banner

-        Sponsor description is Men’s Baseball League, Age Brackets 18, 25, 35, 45 $ 52+

-        Phone Number 856-266-7916

-        Email Address

-        Address: 305 Church Road, Cherry Hill NJ 08002

-        Please email Neil @ if you need more info.


Another option to advertising a banner on the South Jersey Men’s Baseball League website


The cost for advertising a Banner on the South Jersey Men’s Baseball League Website is $250 for the year.

  • Payable to: SJMSBL send check to: 305 Church Road, Cherry Hill NJ 08002
  • Banner Specs are below
  • Please also include information- Website URL. Phone #, email address 


The images used for the sponsor banners and sidebar graphics can be any size you wish, but there are some practical limits so that you don't affect the layout of your pages.

The standard size for web banners is 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. You can use larger or smaller sizes, but we recommend not exceeding 700px wide or 200px high.

The sidebar graphics can also be any size, but we recommend keeping them under 175px wide. Any larger, and they will make the whole sidebar section wider. As an example, you could sell 50px high images (by 175px wide) as "small" sidebar ads, and 100px high images as "large" ads.

Unless you're using photographs in your images, then it would probably be best to use the GIF file format. That works best for flat images. If you're using photos, gradients, or complex graphics, then JPEG may be better.


Neil Hourahan @ (609)304-8483

Lou Marshall @ (856)-266-7916



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