Umpire Contact & Fee Schedule

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Fee Schedule

2 Umpire Cost

Cost per umpire per (9) inning Game @ $80

Cost per umpire per (7) inning Game @ $70

1 Umpire Cost

Cost for one umpire (vs. 2 umpires) per (9) inning Game @ $120

 Cost for one umpire (vs. 2 umpires) per (7) inning Game @ $100


1.Cancelling with less than one and a half hour until game time- $45 per umpire (If umpires did not leave for game yet, no fee will be charged)

2. Umpires arrive at field and no game due to weather: $45 per umpire

3. Game 1 of DH Starts, no game two due to weather: No fee charged


4. Game 1 of DH starts, no game two due to team decision: $45 per umpire for second game


John Gallante

Director and Assignor 

Tri-State Elite Umpire Association 


E-mail is preferred unless it is a notification on the day of the game. 


cell : (856) 994-4400




April 2016....John Gallante is the President and Assignor of the Tri-State Elite Umpires Association.If you think umpire assigning and training is an old man's business, think again. John is only 25 years old, making him the youngest umpire assignor in New Jersey. Under John's watch, the TSEUA has grown from 15 members and 500 games to over 200 umpires and over 18,000 games, making the TSEUA the largest umpires the state of New Jersey. The association has acquired baseball ranging from little-leaguers to semi professionals after striking a deal with South Jersey Men's Senior Baseball League in 2014. John also runs the cadet and advanced training program for the TSEUA, which is widely regarded as one of the best umpire training programs in the region. In addition to his duties with the TSEUA, John is also a state certified high school umpire for the Tri-County Umpires Association and serves as the Chairman of their mechanics training committee. John has taken the Tri-State area by storm and has become the "go to guy" for umpires in the area for all levels.

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