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Logan Radgowski Eagle Service Project - Saturday, October 20, 2018
To build a bridge, over a small creek, with a boardwalk extension on both sides of the path.
Popcorn Storefront Show & Sells
Register to sell popcorn at various sites and earn scout bucks!
JOTI 2018 Sign Up
20 Mile HIKE Wolf Road Woods Oct 21 - Sign Up Deadline - Oct 12
This is it...the 20 mile hike!

The 20-mile hike is for scouts who have completed the previous hikes for the Hiking Merit badge.
Jimmy Jenkot Eagle Service Project - Saturday October 27, 2018
I need 5-7 scouts, and an adult volunteer(s) with a vehicle to help move the food we will be sorting and moving to the Orland Food Pantry.
2018 November Camp Out
This form is to register for the November Campout at Camp To-Ne-Pe-Bee in Michigan City, IN. November 2-4, 2018 Deadline for signup is Sunday, October 23, 2018 at 11:59 PM.

Annual patrol cook off, Cooking Merit badge and other scout activities.

Patrol menus will need to be done by the Oct 18. Yes, registration ends after the menus are completed.

Fill out sign up form one per Family.
Troop 318 Wear - Class B Shirts & Hoodies
This form is to the Troop 318 Wear i.e. Class b Shirts and Hoodies.

Please fill out one order per family.
Troop 318 Meeting Suggestions
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