Patrol Forms & Worksheets

This page will contain Forms/worksheets will be used by the Patrols.   Menu planners, Duty roster, Patrol box inventory list.    If there are other forms that should be add to this page, please let the Scoutmaster know.

National Honor Patrol Award

Click Here to view/print the NHP award form.
The very best patrols exhibit enthusiasm, teamwork, and camaraderie – that special spark known as patrol spirit. The National Honor Patrol Award is given to patrols whose members make an extra effort to have the best patrol possible. Your patrol can earn the award by doing the indicated tasks over a period of three months. It really is not difficult, but it is a lot of fun! Every patrol should be a National Honor Patrol! Your patrol may earn multiple award patches by meeting the requirements in additional 3 month time periods.
Each unit leader determines if a patrol qualifies for the National Honor Patrol Award. The patch is an embroidered gold star (BSA No. 00367) worn around the patrol emblem and purchased at Scout shops or council service centers. There is no application form.  Use the worksheet to track your Patrol progress.
Requirements for the National Honor Patrol award.
    1. Have a patrol name, flag, and yell. Put the patrol design on equipment and use the patrol yell.
      Keep patrol records up-to-date.
    2. Hold two (2)  patrol meetings each month for the 3 months.
    3. Take part in at least one hike, outdoor activity, or other Scouting event.
    4. Complete two (2) Good Turns or service projects approved by the patrol leaders' council.
    5. Help two patrol members advance in rank.
    6. Have at least 75 percent of members in full uniform at troop activities.
    7. Have a representative attend at least three patrol leaders' council meetings.
    8. Have eight members in the patrol or experience an increase in patrol membership.


Weekend Menu Planner

Weekend Menu Planner (click here)

A Worksheet for the Patrols to create their menu for any weekend campout.  NOTE:  The SPL & Scoutmaster is to approve the patrol menus for ALL campouts.

Campout Duty Roster

Patrol Duty Roster (click here)
A worksheet for the Patrol to assign duties for each scout in the patrol.

Weekend Menu Planner - Alternate version

Weekend Menu Planner (click here)
A different version of the Weekend Menu planner worksheet.

Patrol Box Inventory checklist

Click Here to view the checklist
A patrol box inventory list.  Not all items are needed.  Use this list as guideline.