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Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 318!

Our Troop is a member of the Pathway to Adventure Council, in the Nishnabec District.  Our Charter Organization is Computer Bits.

As a new member of our Troop - we are sure you have LOTS of questions and this Portal is meant to help you with all of those!

This page will take you though the Check list you received at your cross over, or from our Troop when you let us know you wanted to join


Step 1 - New Scout Form

Click here to open the new scout form for our Troop.

Step 2 - BSA Applications

After your first year, our annual dues are $105 for scouts, $70 for Adults, and $12 for an annual subscription to Boy Scout's iconic magazine - Boy's Life.

Click Here for the Scout Application 

Click Here for the Adult Application

Step 3 and 4 - Handbook and Statement

Next, you should review our Handbook.  Every Scout and parent should read through this.  Click here for the Current Handbook 

Once you've completed this, you should print out and sign the Statement of Understanding by clicking here.

You can also click here to sign up for the Troop email blasts.  These can goto anyone who signs up, and usually have information about upcoming campouts, events, or meetings.  

Step 5 - BSA Annual Medical Forms

Everyone who goes on camp outs and outings (scouts and adults) will need to complete the BSA Medical form.  This is done every year, so its best to get in the habit of doing this with your school/sports physicals in May.  Weekend camp outs require forms A and B, and week-long camp outs need A, B and C.  Form C requires a visit to a doctor or minute clinic.  Make sure you have a copy of this electronically and on your person at camp outs, and be ready to turn one in to the Camp master Mr Sandoval.

Click here for the Medical Forms A, B and C

Note - when turning in your medical form annually, remember to include a copy of the front and back of your insurance card.

Step 6 - BSA Uniform

Troop 318 scouts and leaders want to look their best.  It is not uncommon to hear an adult leader remind a scout to tie their shoe or tuck in their shirt.  Some will even help with patch placement and neckerchief rolling.  To help prepare the uniform, BSA has these guides:

Step 7 - Things to Do on this Website

There are a number of things to do and see on our site!

Step 8 - Scoutbook

The Troop's official method for tracking Advancement, hiking, camping, service hours, etc is Scoutbook. 

All Parents get access to Scoutbook, and you can determine when to give access to your Scout, if at all.  For some help in learning more, check out the National Scoutbook Trail Guide for Families, written by a member of our Troop.

One thing to note is - while you and your scout can check almost any of the boxes for advancement or awards, please do not assign leadership roles or check the "Complete" box on any award or advancement, as that is managed by other processes.  If something is missing, contact the Scoutmaster or our Scoutbook admin  for more information.

You should have access within two weeks of joining the Troop.  If you do not, please email our Scoutbook admin and he can help get you up and running.

You can log in to Scoutbook by clicking here.

More information can be found at the Scoutbook User Advisory Council Page