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Troop 318 - Camp Ransburg 2012

July 4, 2012

Troop 318 - Camp Ransburg  2012

Troop 318 History / Alumni page

This section is for Troop 318 History and Alumni.   If you have any old photos or stories of days past, please email them to

an Inspirational Future...

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating in citizenship, and develops personal fitness. For over a century, the BSA has helped build the future leaders of this country by combining educational activities and lifelong values with fun.

For 75 years of that history, Troop 318 has been bringing these values to the youth of Orland Park, supported along the way by Marquette National Bank, its Charter Organization.


 The Early Years

Our Troop was officially launched in 1938 as Troop 51 of the Potawattomi Trails Council, chartered by American Legion Post 526 of Orland Park. Ralph L. Town became the first Scoutmaster and W.R. Schussler, Jr. was the first Committee Chairman. Eleven Scouts were part of the original Troop. Another three boys joined that first year.

In 1939, our Troop grew to 17 boys ranging in age from 12 to 16, eight of whom were listed as Tenderfoot rank, the rest as Second Class. Ralph Town, the Scoutmaster, was joined by Owen Creer and Martin Stienhagen, both age 20, as Assistant Scoutmasters.

Orland was still a very small town in 1938 all the members of the founding Troop were neighbors, they lived on either West Avenue or Raney Lane in Old Orland.

In 1940, William Maddox became the first Scout to attain the rank of First Class.

In 1944, the Troop had four patrols: Flying Eagle, Beaver, Bat and Elk. In 1945, the patrols listed included Eagle, Beaver, Cobra, Bat and Elk. In 1946, Cobra was replaced with the Tiger patrol.

When his father became our first Scoutmaster in 1938, Robert Town was only six years old… four years away from becoming a member of the Troop. Robert went on to be the second in our Troop to attain Eagle Scout rank, which he earned in 1952.

Our Chartered Organization remained the Orland Park American Legion until 1968, when Orland State Bank (now Marquette Bank) assumed the role. 

From 51 to 318

Potawattomi Trails Council (1938)

We were registered as Troop 51 in Potawattomi Trails Council in 1938. We remained Troop 51 through 1944.

Pokagon Trails Council (1943)

In 1943, Potawattomi Trails and Pokagon Councils merged to become Pokagon Trails Council.

In 1945, we became Troop 251 in the Indian Trails District of Pokagon Trails Council.

In 1955, our District changed to Potawattomi.

In 1960, we became Troop 318, our current Troop number.

Calumet Council (1966)

Our current Council, Calumet, headquartered in Munster, Indiana, was formed in 1966. The Council is the result of a merger of the Pokagon Trails Council and the Sauk Trails Council.

From 1973 to 1994 we were in the Lone Pine District of Calumet Council. In 1995 our District changed back to Potawattomi.

Today, we are part of the Nishnabec District of Calumet Council.


The Early Years in the News

Getting the Troop information before the website - Troop Newsletter

70th Ceremony Eagle Plaque Dedication Program

Eagle Scouts honored in OP

February 28, 2008

Click here to read the article on the Troop 318 Eagle plaque in the Orland Park village hall.


Scoutmaster Wears Many Hats For Troop 318

April 15, 1998

Click Here to read the article about Scoutmaster  Dick Combs from the Chicago Tribune  April 15, 1998
















Troop 318 - Senior Patrol Leaders (SPL)


         Start Term          End term                     SPL
  11/01/96   04/30/97  Richard Puchalski
  11/1/2002   04/30/03  Mike Slaviero 
  05/1/2003   10/31/03  Jason Magafas
  11/1/2003   04/30/04  Mike Young
  05/1/2004   10/31/04  James Pickham
  11/1/2004   04/30/05  Mike Kenny
  05/1/2005   10/31/05  Mike Peters
  11/1/2005   04/30/06  Dan Stechmiller
  05/1/2006   10/31/06  Adam Kenes
  11/1/2006   04/30/07  Nick Sandoval
  05/1/2007   10/31/07  Domick Peters
  11/1/2007   04/30/08  Colin Burnett
  05/1/2008   10/31/08  Anthony Sandoval
  11/1/2008   04/30/09  Jeff Perino
  05/1/2009   10/31/09  Rick Grenda
  11/1/2009   04/30/10  Ryan McGuire
  05/1/2010   10/31/10  Dan Magee
  11/01/2010   04/30/11  Brian McMahon
05/1/2011   10/31/11  Alex Sandoval
11/01/2011   04/30/12  Scott Cleary
05/1/2012   10/31/12  Joe Norwell
11/01/2012   04/30/13  Ben Turcich
05/01/13   10/31/13  Alex Kowalski
11/01/13  04/30/14  Tyler Murray
05/01/14  10/31/14  Patrick Smith
11/01/14 04/30/15 James Jaeger
05/01/15 10/31/15 Kyle Radgowski
11/01/15 04/30/16 Eric Kenes
05/01/16 10/31/16 Michael Kohler
11/01/16 04/30/17 Nick Engelthaler
05/01/17 10/31/17 Joe Jenkot
11/01/17 04/30/18 John Yudt
05/01/18 10/31/18 Grant Bailye
11/01/18   Kyle Sundar 

Eagle Scout projects through out the years