BSA Rank Requirements

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Scouts have Seven Ranks to Earn on the Trail to Eagle Scout.  The requirements for each depend on the current Guide to Advancement.

Scouts in the first ranks - Scout through First Class - focus attention on Scout Skills.  During this time, they will work to demonstrate their mastery with older scouts (Star, Life and Eagle ranked) and have those skills verified.  For each rank, a Star, Life or Eagle Scout can only sign off on a maximum of 2 requirements, thus giving the scout a chance to meet and work with many other scouts in the Troop.

Scouts in the higher ranks focus on leadership and growing specific skills with Merit Badges.  They show their mastery in teaching younger scouts, in completing leadership roles for the Troop, and through service projects and hours of service.

When a scout is ready to be reviewed for Rank advancement, they will request a Scoutmaster's Conference, and upon completion a Board of Review consisting of at least three adult leaders in the Troop (except Eagle Scouts, whose Board of Review is managed by the Nishnabec District).  

The purpose of both of these sessions is to ensure the Scout is getting everything they can from the program, and to become comfortable talking to Adults.  It is not a re-testing of material, but a conversation to ensure the Scout is ready to move forward.

Eagle Required Merit Badges

To be an Eagle Scout, a Scout must complete 21 merit badges.  The following are required