Post-Season Awards

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2009 LOL Post-Season Awards

Post-season awards winners are available for each of the divisions with the exception of the Eastern Division. Those will be posted as soon as they are available.

To view a division's awards winners, click on the appropriate division in the headline box in the top right corner of the home page.

2013 Southwestern Division Post-Season Awards Winners

Individual Awards
All Star Game Most Valuable Player - Adam Brechtl, Waterford
Rookie of the Year - Jon Schoch, Burlington
Most Valuable Player - Jon Schoch, Burlington
Most Valuable Pitcher - Brian Henschel, Burlington
Manager of the Year - Ryan Hoffman, Burlington
Umpire of the Year - Paul Barno

All-League Southwestern Division Team
Pitcher - Brian Henschel, Burlington
Pitcher - Jake Tuttle, North Prairie
Catcher - Ryan Kehl, East Troy
1st Baseman - Justin Radical, Dousman
2nd Baseman - James Gattas, North Prairie
3rd Baseman - Keith McFarlane, Genesee
Shortstop - Jory Tess, East Troy
Outfielder - Jon Schoch, Burlington
Outfielder - Tanner Wensman, Oconomowoc Titans
Outfielder - Sam Loppnow, Oconomowoc Titans
Designated Hitter - Scott Sayles - Oconomowoc Titans
Utility Player - NIck Alpin, Rome

2013 Southwestern Division Leading Hitters
Justin Radical (DOU) .510, James Gattas (NP) .441, Joshua Johns (WAL) .417, Jon Schoch (BUR) .407

Home Run Leaders
Aaron Benz (OCT) 4, Jameson Sadowski (NP) 3, 5 players tied with 2

Runs Batted In Leaders
Justin Radical (DOU) 23, Jon Schoch (BUR) 22, Aaron Benz (OCT) 18

ERA Leaders
Brian Henschel (BUR) 0.419, Karl Richter (BUR) 0.844, Nash Bell (NP) 1.13

LOL Kings of Amateur Baseball in Wisconsin

LOL has been recognized as one of, if not the best amateur baseball leagues in all of Wisconsin. Congratulations to the Pewaukee Muskies who were recently recognized as the top amateur baseball team in Wisconsin. The ranking of teams that follows comes from Jack Sprecher's 'The Jack of Diamonds' web site, widely considered the top authority of Wisconsin amateur baseball.

'SWEET SIXTEEN' Power Rankings - September 17, 2013
(16 games minimum, played in 'League and Playoff Games' only, LOL teams in bold)
#1 - PEWAUKEE Muskies - LOL Western Division champions, Grand Champions
#2 - SPARTA Miller - Mississippi Valley Season Champions and WBA final runner-Up
#3 - MIDDLETON 29ers - Home Talent League grand champions
#4 - MONONA Braves - Home Talent League, Eastern Division champions and 3rd place final four
#5 - BURLINGTON Barons - LOL Southwest Division champions, runner-ups in grand championship
#6 - CEDARBURG Mercs - LOL Northern Division champions, third place in final four
#7 - WHITEHALL Wolves - Chippewa River League Season grand champions
#8 - TWO RIVERS Polar Bears - Shoreland League grand champions
#9 - CLINTONVILLE A's - B.A.B.A. grand champions
#10 - HARTFORD Hawks - Rock River League grand champions
#11 - MILTON Raptors - Rock River League grand championship runner-up
#12 - BRILL Millers - Independent league, WBA grand champions
#13 - STOUGHTON Merchants - Home Talent League, grand championship runner-up
#14 - PRESCOTT PIrates - St. Croix Valley League, Season champions
#15 - VERONA Cavaliers - Home Talent League, Western Division champions, Final Four
#16 - GRAFTON Express - LOL Northern Division runner-up

LOL Teams Receiving Honorable Mention
MUSKEGO Impact - LOL Eastern Division Champions, GCP Final Four
SUSSEX Cardinals - LOL Western Division Regular Season champions
MENOMONEE FALLS Lakers - LOL Western Division, division finals
BROOKFIELD Bulldogs - LOL Western Division

The Jack O' Diamonds email address is Games played in the following leagues were not included: Langsdorf League, Northeastern Wisconsin League, Tri-County Nite League, Home Talent League Thursday Night League. Also not counted were games played as a non-league game.

2014 Western Division Post-Season Awards Winners

Individual Awards
Most Valuable Player - Brock Guetzke, Pewaukee
Batting Champion (.455) - Jeff Rhoads, Oconomowoc Five-Os
Home Run Champion (6) - Chris Price, Merton
Top Pitcher (6-1) - Brock Guetzke, Pewaukee
Manager of the Year - Bruce Mayer, Lannon
Rookie of the Year - Matt Gaberino, North Lake
Commissioner's Award - Kevin Stapleton, North Lake
Lloyd Dieball Umpires Meritorious Service Award - Gary Kalkopf
George 'Doc' Kraemer Man of the Year Award - Bryan Laabs
Scorekeeping Award - Laren Mantz, West Bend

2014 Team Most Valuable Players
Brookfield Blue Sox - Steve Bartlein
Brookfield Bulldogs - Patrick O'Brien
Hartland - Chad Dibb
Lannon - Nick Erd
Menomonee Falls - Don August
Merton - Sam Mulkey
Monches - Mitch Dubnicka
North Lake - Matt Gaberino
Oconomowoc Five-Os - Jeff Rhoads
Pewaukee - Brock Guetzke
Sussex - Seth Kroenke
West Bend 7UP - Adam Rohlinger

2014 Fan Appreciation Awards
Brookfield Blue Sox - The Arnold Family
Broiokfield Bulldogs - Ben and Susan Ranchau
Hartland - Victoria Johnson
Lannon - Jeff and Lynn Kenkel
Menomonee Falls - Larry Podolske
Merton - Amber Boll
Monches - Tressa Dieball
North Lake - Alex Stapleton
Oconomowoc Five-Os - Mike and Wenie Mitchell
Pewaukee - Marion Reeves, Louise Harder
Sussex - Dick Hoffman, Dawn Smith
West Bend 7UP - Mark Schmidt

2014 Western Division Leading Hitters
Jeff Rhoads (OC5) .455, Brock Guetzke (P) .449, Seth Kroenke (S) .439, Steve Bartlein (BBS) .431, Billy Bynum (WB) .415, Nick Wichser (P) .404, Adam Bigus (L) .400, Jake Groullo (ME) .400, Kurt Sarcia (P) .397, Tom Zimmerman (P) .390, Ryan Hinz (BBL) .383, Chad Dibb (H) .380, Nick Schreiber (S) .371, Ryan Furrer (NL) .370, Pat Tobiasz (BBS) .362, Patrick O'Brien (BBL) .354, cory Gasper (S) .351, Mike Grabarczyk (P) .347, Matt Gaberino (NL) .345, T.J. roberts (OC5) .344, Josh Bouche (BBS) .343, Kris Franzen (BBL) .342, Mike Mueller (WB) .333, Jake Calmes (NL) .333, Bill Gorman (BBS) .328, Chandler Ziemann (OC5) .323, Chris Price (ME) .319, Ryan Weissmann (S) .316

2014 Home Run Leaders
Chris Price (ME) 6, Jeff Rhoads (OC5) 5, Mike Mueller (WB) 3, Seth Kroenke (S) 3, Steve Bartlien (BBS) 3, Josh Bouche (OC5) 3, Dean Haase (L) 3, Todd Johnson (S) 3

2014 Western Division Pitching
Aaron Leitner (BBS) 5-0, 1.82; Brock Guetzke (P) 6-1, 1.67; Greg Basthemer (BBL) 6-1, 3.76; Bryant Bullock (WB) 5-1, 4.91; Travis Thompson (S) 8-2, 3.28; Nick Erd (L) 4-1, 1.71; Tyler Adams (WB) 4-2, 2.08; Eric Schmitz (P) 4-2, 4.15; Jed Dolske (L) 3-2, 2.72; Austin Jones (BBL) 3-2, 3.82; John Arnold (BBS) 6-5, 2.27; Tony Butler (OC5) 3-3, 3.07

2014 Northern Division Awards Winners

Pitchers - Jordan Clark (G), Joe Daniels (C); Catcher - Bryce Skelton (HG); 1st Baseman - Ross Zahour (C); 2nd Baseman - Ryan Romens (PW); 3rd Baseman - Dustin Kesner (G); Shortstop - Kyle Kichura (PW); Outfielders - Colten Poellinger (TM), Brandon Nedoma (C), Paul Smith (PW); Designated Hitter - John Vanden Berg (C); Utility Player - Brady Callahan (HG).

Batting Champion (.433) - Ross Zahour (C)
Home Run Champion (6) - Dustin Kesner (G)
MVP All-Star Game - Dustin Kesner (G)
Rookie Player - Colten Poellinger (TM)
Rookie Pitcher - Aaron Brock,an (PW)
Manager of the Year - Joe Glynn (C)
Most Valuable Pitcher - Jordan Clark (G)
Most Valuable Player - Ross Zahour (C)

Taylor PIel (C), Joe Eigenberger (G), Brady Callahan (HG), Eric Heidenreiter (PL), Max Kaske (PW), Mike Sherrick (S), Luke Scheuerlein (TM), Billy Anderson (WB)

Dan boehnlein (C), Molly Erlandson (G), Robert Callahan (HG), Jeff Rhude (PL), Elmer and Carolyn Godersky (PW), Robin Mueller (S), Chris and Ann Cowie (TM), Roy and Mary Anderson (WB)

Divisional Playoff Champions - Plymouth Flames
3rd Place - Saukville Saints and Plymouth Flames
2nd Place - Port Washington Lakers
Jake Oelhafen Championship Trophy (1st Place) - Cedarburg Mercs

TOP HITTERS - Ross Zahour (C) 433, Brandon Nedoma (C) 431, Colten Poellinger (TM) 415, Kyle Kichura (PW) 403, Billy Anderson (WB) 397, Brady Callahan (HG) 386, Bryce Skelton (HG) 382, John Vanden Berg (C) 375, Ryan Romens (PW) 359, Ed Kozlowski (PW) 357, Dustin Kesner (G) 351, Nolan Gilbertson (C) 350, Joe Reichhart (C) 345, Mike Pruefer (G) 338, Ben Binversie (TM) 333, Taylor Piel (C) 333, Luke Scheuerlein (TM) 328, Ashton HOlzman (HG) 327, Josh Schneider (WB) 327, Justin Stiever (C) 325, John Regnitz (C) 312, Drew Worth (TM) 312, Chris Laurishke (PW) 303, Justin Behm (PW) 302, Paul Smith (PW) 300.

TOP PITCHERS - Joe Daniels (C) 6-1, 2.97; Zach Lauterbach (C) 5-1, 2.49; Chris Mathis (PW) 5-1, 4.35; Dave Stecker (PL) 3-1, 2.89; Sam Matthies (S) 5-2, 2.18; Jordan Clark (G) 5-2, 1.51; Josh Ruppel (TM) 5-2, 3.79; Casey Johnson (S) 5-2, 2.45; Matt Schroeder (PL) 4-2, 3.56; Adam Schmit (HG) 2-1, 4.65

LOL Represented in Final 'Sweet Sixteen' power ratings for 2014

Jack Sprecher of the Wisconsin Amateur Baseball web site released his final edition of the 'Sweet Sixteen' poll for 2014 and LOL teams are well represented, starting with the two-time defending LOL grand champion Pewaukee Muskies as the #1 team. Following is the complete Sweet Sixteen poll along with LOL teams receiving honorable mention.

1 - Pewaukee Muskies (LOL West), 2 - Prescott (St. Croix Valley), 3 - Brownsville (Rock River North), 4 - Ashton (Home Talent North), 5 - DeForest (Home Talent East), 6 - New Berlin (LOL East), 7 - Verona (Home Talent West), 8 - Neosho (Rock River South), 9 - Denmark (Shoreland), 10 - Cedarburg Mercs (LOL North), 11 - Chaseburg-Coon Valley (Mississippi Valley), 12 - Burlington Barons (LOL Southwest), 13 - Milton (Rock River South), 14 - Whitehall (Chippewa River), 15 - Tiverton (Badger Amateur Assn. West), 16 - Little Chute (Shoreland), 22 - Brookfield Bulldogs (LOL West), 23 - West Allis Nighthawks (LOL East), 38 - East Troy (LOL Southwest).

A link to Jack's web site can be found by clicking on Links in the left column on the front page.

2013 Northern Division Post-Season Awards Winners

Pitcher, Zach Lauterbach, Cedarburg
Pitcher, Josh Ruppel, Thiensville-Mequon
Catcher, John Regnitz, Cedarburg
1st Baseman - Ross Zahour, Cedarburg
2nd Baseman - Brian Durst, Grafton
3rd Baseman - Dustin Kesner, Grafton
Shortstop - Nolan Gilbertson, Cedarburg
Outfielder - Cole Granrath, Saukville
Outfielder - Robby Proehl, Cedarburg
Outfielder - Eric DuCharme, West Bend Benders
Designated Hitter - Jordan Clark, Grafton
Utility Player - Brandon Nedoma, Cedarburg

LOL North Batting Champion (.468) - Cole Granrath, Saukville
Home Run Champion (5) - Cory McEwen, Thiensville-Mequon
Most Valuable Player, All-Star Game - Cole Granrath, Saukville
Rookie Player - Brandon Nedoma, Cedarburg
Rookie Pitcher - Josh Ruppel, Thiensville-Mequon
Manager of the Year - Joe Glynn, Cedarburg
Most Valuable Pitcher - Zach Lauterbach, Cedarburg
Most Valuable Player - Cole Granrath, Saukville

Joe Daniels, CedarburgMax Pruefer, Grafton. Cole Reinemann, Howards Grove. Paul Gloede, Plymouth. Aaron Brockmann, Port Washington. Josh Hein, Saukville. Josh Ruppel, Thiensville-Mequon. Joe Stubbe, West Bend Benders.

Walter Raebel, Cedarburg. Jim and Deb Mayer, Grafton. Pat Steines, Howards Grove. Laura Klemme, Plymouth. Cliff Behm, Port Washington. Nicholas and McKenzie Mueller, Saukville. Tom and Theresa Potratz, Thiensville-Mequon. Joe and Judy DuCharme, West Bend Benders

TOP 2013 HITTERS (minimum 13 games played and 55 plate appearances)
Cole Granrath (SA) 468Robby Proehl (CE) 458John Regnitz (CE) 452Jordan Clark (GR) 393Eric DuCharme (WBE) 393Cole Reinemann (HG) 377Dustin Kesner (GR) 375Brandon Nedoma (CE) 365Ross Zahour (CE) 365Nolan Gilbertson (CE) 355Nick Wycklendt (GR) 352Brian Durst (GR) 346Nick Boehnlein (CE) 345Ian Tucker (SA) 333Noah Steines (HG) 324Dave Stecker (PL) 323John Vanden Berg (CE) 319Kyle Kichura (PW) 312Kristofer Ozga (T-M) 309Justin Behm (PW) 306Steve Dickmann (SA) 306Jake Klemme (PL) 302, Max Pruefer (GR) 301

TOP 2013 PITCHERS (minimum 18 innings pitched or four decisions)
NAME, TEAM, ERA, W-L Joe Daniels (CE) 0.88, 7-0. Jordan Clark (GR) 0.49, 1-0. Zach Lauaterbach (CE) 1.60, 7-1. Miles Mayer (GR) 4.90, 5-1. Casey Johnson (SA) 2.10, 5-2. Mike Sherrick (SA) 2.83, 2-1. Josh Ruppel (T-M) 1.64, 5-3. Cole Reinemann (HG) 6.15, 3-2. Nick Wycklendt (GR) 4.97, 4-3. Sam Matthies (SA) 2.67, 4-4. Matt Schroeder (PL) 3.17, 3-3. Eric DuCharme (WBE) 5.06, 2-2. Ashton Holzman (HG) 10.80, 1-1. Gavin Locke (PW) 4.60, 3-4.

2013 Western Division Post-Season Awards Winners

Individual Awards
Most Valuable Player - Billy Bynum, West Bend 7-Up
Batting Champion (.493) - Billy Bynum, West Bend 7-Up
Co-Home Run Champions (7) - Billy Bynum, West Bend 7-Up and Pat Tobiasz, Brookfield Blue Sox
Top Pitcher (14-2) - Travis Thompson, Sussex
Manager of the Year - Mike Wichser, Pewaukee
Rookie of the Year - Sam Calmes, North Lake
Commissioner's Award - Lloyd and Karen Fetkenbauer, Sussex
Lloyd Dieball Umpires Meritorious Service Award - Jason Werth
Scorekeeping Award - Mike Sarcia, Pewaukee

No-Hit Games in 2013
Bryant Bullock, West Bend 7-Up vs. Hartland on April 28
Sam Mulkey, Merton vs. North Lake on April 28
Nick Schreiber, Hartland vs. North Lake on June 28

Triple Crown winner (.493 BA, 7 HR, 25 RBI), Billy Bynum

6 for 6 at the plate performance by Kris Franzen, Brookfield Bulldogs on July 14 vs. Oconomowoc 5-Os

2013 Team Most Valuable Players
Brookfield Blue Sox - Pat Tobiasz
Brookfield Bulldogs - Scott Booth
Hartland - Nick Schreiber and Craig Henschel
Lannon - Adam Bigus and Troy Kenkel
Menomonee Falls - Sam Sivilotti
Merton - Chris Price
Monches - Andrew Smith
North Lake - Sam Calmes
Oconomowoc 5-Os - Jeff Rhoads
Pewaukee - Nick Wichser
Sussex - Travis Thompson
West Bend 7-Up - Billy Bynum

2013 Fan Appreciation Awards
Brookfield Blue Sox - Annie James
Brookfield Bulldogs - Bill Gorman Sr. and Kristopher Franzen
Hartland - Jim & Winnie Dibb, Joyce Dibb
Lannon - Bill & Janet Bigus
Menomonee Falls - Bob DeKoning
Merton - Kristy Nigbur
Monches - Gene Widowski
North Lake - Tim Henkel
Oconomowoc 5-Os - Kait Meyer
Pewaukee - George Andrekopoulos
Sussex - Shelly Walker, Paula Ghelfi
West Bend 7-Up - Willie Mueller Jr., Kelly Rohlinger, Rick Parrent

2013 Western Division Leading Hitters
Billy Bynum (WB7) .493, Nick Wichser (PE) .463, Mike Mueller (WB7) .441, Seth Kroenke (SU) .437, Todd Johnson (SU) .435, Nathan Krause (WB7) .413, Kris Franzen (BBL) .410, Greg Harder (PE) .393, Jeff Rhoads (OC5) .391, Nick Ghelfi (SU) .387, Pat Tobiasz (BBS) .385, Alex Erdman (MF) .381, Luke Nelson (OC5) .380, Scott Booth (BBL) .375, Bryan Laabs (SU) .375, Brock Goetzke (PE) .367, Chris Price (ME) .366, Corey Volden (MF) .365, Jason Rutz (BBL) .362, Chandler Ziemann (OC5) .361, Tim Kahle (BBS) .359, Bill Gorman (BBL) .358, Sam Sivilotti (MF) .350, Craig Henschel (HA) .348, Derek Nelson (OC5) .346, Adam Rubatt (MF) .340, Ryan Weissmann (SU) .338, Nick Schreiber (HA) .333

2013 Home Run Leaders
Billy Bynum (WB7) 7, Pat Tobiasz (BBS) 7, Mike Mueller (WB7) 6, Scott Booth (BBL) 5, Adam Bigus (LA) 4, Zach Kozlowski (LA) 4, Sam Sivilotti (MF) 4

2013 Western Division Pitching
Travis Thompson (SU) 14-2, 3.60; Adam Dominick (PE) 6-1, 2.20; Blake Hunt (PE) 4-1, 3.66; Bryant Bullock (WB7) 6-2, 1.44; Andrew Mueller (WB7) 5-2, 1.63; Logan August (MF) 5-2, 3.81; Don August (MF) 5-2, 5.46; Greg Basthemer (BBL) 9-4, 3.12; John Arnold (BBS) 8-5, 4.42; Eric Schmitz (PE) 3-2, 5.33; Matt Gaberino (NL) 3-3, 3.97; Troy Kenkel (LA) 3-3, 4.29

2012 Northern Division Awards

All-League Northern Division Team
Pitcher - Joe Daniels, Cedarburg
Pitcher - Zach Lauterbach, Cedarburg
Catcher - Josh Hein,Saukville
1st Baseman - Cory McEwen, Thiensville-Mequon
2nd Baseman - Paul Gloede, Plymouth
3rd Baseman - John Regnitz, Cedarburg
Shortstop - Kyle Kichcura, Port Washington
Outfielder - Robby Proehl, Cedarburg
Outfielder - Cole Granrath, Saukville
Outfielder - Mick Borchardt, Port Washington
Designated Hitter - John Vanden Berg, Cedarburg
Utility Player - Nolan Gilbertson, Cedarburg
Utility Player - EJ Sexton, West Bend Benders

Individual Awards
Most Valuable Player - John Vanden Berg, Cedarburg
Most Valuable Pitcher - Joe Daniels, Cedarburg
Batting Champion (.590) - John Vanden Berg, Cedarburg
Home Run Champion (6) - Cory McEwen, Thiensville-Mequon
Manager of the Year - Joe Glynn, Cedarburg
Rookie Pitcher - Zach Lauterbach, Cedarburg
Rookie Player - Zach Lauterbach, Cedarburg
All-Star Game Co Most Valuable Players - Zach Lauterbach, Cedarburg and Davis Yach, West Bend Benders
Fan of the Year - Don Pruefer, Campbellsport

Top Hitters
John Vanden Berg-C-590, Josh Hein-S-525, Kyle Kichura-PW-444, Cole Granrath-S-429, Cory McEwen-TM-417, John Regnitz-C-408, Robby Proehl-C-403, Paul Gloede-PL-400, EJ Sexton-WB-400, Dustin Kesner-G-397, Jordan Rennicke-TM-391, Ross Zahour-C-375, Paul Hanschke-C-375, Dave Stecker-PL-367, Ian Tucker-S-361, Nolan Gilbertson-C-356, Mick Borchardt-PW-351, Zach Lauterbach-C-347, Ryan Romans-PW-347

Top Pitchers
Joe Daniels C 9-0, Zach Lauterbach C 6-0, Steve Hopfensperger C 3-0, Miles Mayer G 3-0, Sam Matthies S 6-1, Jordan Clark G 3-1, Travis Christenson PL 5-2, Ed Kozlowski PW 2-1, Gavin Locke PW 7-5, Mike Klaver TM 3-3

2012 Western Division Awards

Individual Awards
Most Valuable Player - Todd Johnson, Sussex
Batting Champion (.548) - Todd Johnson, Sussex
Home Run Champion (7) - Jeff Rhoads, Oconomowoc
Top Pitcher (5-0) - Adam Dominick, Pewaukee
Manager of the Year - D.J. MacLeod, Menomonee Falls
Rookie of the Year - Chandler Ziemann, Oconomowoc
Commissioner's Award - Bill Majeskie, Brookfield
Lloyd Dieball Umpires Meritorious Service Award -Bill Klink
Scorekeeping Award - Larry Podolske, Menomonee Falls

Team Most Valuable Players
David Casey, Brookfield Blue Sox
Jason Rutz, Brookfield Bulldogs
T.J. Ludorf, Hartland
Zach Kozlowski, Lannon
Alex Erdmann, Don Matovich, Menomonee Falls
Sam Mulkey, Merton
Jimy Landwehr, Monches
Matt Wallis, North Lake
Jeff Rhoads, Oconomowoc
Nick Wichser, Pewaukee
Todd Johnson, Sussex
Billy Bynum, West Bend 7-Up

Fan Appreciation Awards
Kimberly Fox-Lemmermann, Brookfield Blue Sox
Kesha Hopp, Brookfield Bulldogs
Joyce Dibb, Hartland
Matt Acketz, Lannon
George Toth, Menomonee Falls
Hannah Gollwitzer, Merton
Tom and Brenda Dieball, Monches
Craig Stapleton, North Lake
Dan Flaherty, Oconomowoc
Mark and Jeanne Dominick, Pewaukee
Tom and Shelly Kroenke, Sussex
Owen Parrish and Richard Gamroth, West Bend 7-Up

Top Hitters

Todd Johnson-SU-548, Seth Kroenke-SU-500, Don Matovich-MF-491, Mike Mueller-WB-481, Jeff Rhoads-OC-472, Alex Erdmann-MF-449, Nick Wichser-PE-431, Taylor Meyer-ME-426, Jimy Landwehr-MO-415, Nick Heiting-MF-413, Kurt Sarcia-PE-408, Kris Franzen-BBL-400, Ryan Hinz-BBL-400, Taylor Koth-WB-400, Ron Kozlowski-LA-388, Nate Osterndorf-OC-387, Matt Rubatt-MF-375, David Casey-BBS-375, Bryan Laabs-SU-370, Billy Bynum-WB-364, Adam Dominick-PE-364, Pat Tobiasz-BBS-358, Chandler Ziemann-OC-356, Derek Nelson-OC-354, Ryan Weissman-SU-354, Matt Parrent-WB-353, Zach Kozlowski-LA-353, Buck Konkol-MO-352, Jason Rutz-BBL-352, Steve Rhoads-OC-.348, Mike Jacobs-BBL-345

Top Pitchers

Adam Dominick PE 5-0, Jack Larsen MF 5-1, Greg Basthemer BBL 9-2, Logan August MF 5-2, Sam Mulkey ME 8-4, Andrew Mueller WB 4-2, Darin Leveraus SU 4-2, ERic Schmitz PE 5-3

2011 OTBA HOF Welcomes Enlund

At its recent induction ceremony, the Old Time Ball Players Association of Wisconsin welcomed Jim Enlund to its Hall of Fame.

As a pitcher, Jim was the Langsdorf League's pitcher of the year in 1974 and 1975 while playing for the Highway Beer Depot team. His Land O' Lakes career began with New Berlin in 1977. New Berlin won the grand championship that season, with Enlund winning Most Valuable Player, Leading Pitcher and the Eastern Division MVP honors. As he transitioned to the Lakers' designated hitter in 1978, Jim led New Berlin to another divisional championship and became the Lakers' player-manager in 1980, winning Co-Manager of the Year honors that year. In 1981, Jim was an all-star, the Lakers' MVP and was selected to the All-League team that year as a DH.

Jim joined fellow inductees Bob Neja, Randy Rennicke, Dean Rennicke and Dick Huxtable at the recent awards banquet. The Old Time Ball Players Association of Wisconsin Hall of Fame placques are on display at Miller Park.

Northern Division 2011 Post-Season Awards

All-League Northern Division Team
Pitchers - Joe Daniels, Cedarburg and E.J. Sexton, West Bend Benders
Catcher - Jordan Clark, Grafton
1st Baseman - John Regnitz, Cedarburg
2nd Baseman - Max Pruefer, Grafton
3rd Baseman - Nick Heiting, Port Washington
Shortstop - Dustin Kesner, Grafton
Outfielders - John Vanden Berg, Cedarburg; Cole Granrath, Saukville; Robby Proehl, Cedarburg
Designated Hitter - Sam Keller Jr, West Bend Benders
Utility Player - Cory McEwen, Thiensville-Mequon Twins

Individual Awards
Batting Champion (.491) - Dustin Kesner, Grafton
Home Run Champion (6) - Cory McEwen, Thiensville-Mequon
Manager of the Year - Mike Backhaus, West Bend Benders
Most Valuable Pitcher - Joe Daniels, Cedarburg
Most Valuable Player - John Regnitz, Cedarburg
Rookie Pitcher - Eric DuCharme, West Bend Benders
Rookie Player - Skylar Bohn, Grafton
All-Star Players of the Game - Mike Pruefer, Grafton and Tim Pauly, West Bend Benders
Fan of the Year - Stacy Gloede, Plymouth

Team Fans of the Year - Cedarburg - Patti and Mike Oberkirsch; Grafton - Lynn Walter; Plymouth - Stacy Gloede; Port Washington - Julia and Estelle Behm; Saukville - Dave and Mary Deering; Thiensville-Mequon - Jason Kormesiel; West Bend Benders - DuWayne and Diane Sexton

Team Gold Glove Winners - Cedarburg - Nolan Gilbertson; Grafton - Joey Thome; Plymouth - Dusty Medved; Port Washington - Chris Laurishke; Saukville - Ian Tucker; Thiensville-Mequon - Matt Lamers; West Bend Benders - Eric DuCharme

Top 12 Individual Hitters -Dustin Kesner (G) 491, John Vanden Berg (C) 473, John Regnitz (C) 457, Cory McEwen (TM) 433, Sam Keller Jr (WBE) 424, Robby Proehl (C) 423, Joey Thome (G) 418, Cole Granrath (S) 393, Chad Zutter (PW) 373, Kyle Kichura (PW) 371, EJ Sexton (WBE) 371, Max Pruefer (G) 368

Top 6 Pitchers by W-L Record - Joe Daniels (C) 7-1, Mickey Pruefer (G) 6-1, Joel Seagraves (WBE) 4-1, EJ Sexton (WBE) 4-2, Travis Christenson (PL) 5-3, Kyle Knoblach (TM) 4-3

Southwestern Division 2011 Post-Season Awards

Most Valuable Pitcher -Nick Hunt, Waterford
Co-Most Valuable Players -Chris Harmeling, Waterford and Justin Keegan, East Troy
Batting Champion -Justin Keegan, East Troy
Home Run Champion -Chris Harmeling, Waterford
Most Valuable Player of the All-Star Game -Tommy Behrens, Waterford
Rookie of the Year -Aaron Benz, Oconomowoc Titans
Manager of the Year -Kurt Wenzel, East Troy
Don Price Umpire of the Year -Ron Zielinski

LOL Fan Honored by MLB Groundskeepers

As printed in the January 5, 2012 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the new Major League Baseball Groundskeeper Hall of Fame announced that the trophy for inductees is being named for Gary Vanden Berg, the longtime Milwaukee Brewers groundskeeper who passed away last October. Gary was a fan of LOL who has two sons currently playing LOL baseball.

The association of MLB Groundskeepers selected two legends of their profession as the inaugural inductees: Emil Bossard and George Toma. They will be inducted on January 8 during the 14th annual meeting of MLB Groundskeepers in Anaheim, Calif.

The Vanden Berg Trophy honors Bossard and Toma for their "dedication and outstanding contributions to Major League Baseball and the sports turf industry."

Vanden Berg worked for the Brewers for more than 30 years, beginning in 1981 as assistant superintendent of grounds. He served for more than 20 years as the club's director of grounds before losing his battle with cancer.

Upon his death, the MLB Groundskeepers association unanimously voted to name the Hall of Fame trophy in his honor.

LOL Northern Division 2010 Awards

The following awards will be presented at the Northern Division awards banquet on October 23. Click on the banquet in the calendar below for banquet information.

Pitchers - Steve Hofensperger (CE) and Joe Daniels (CE)
Catcher - Jordan Clark (GR)
1st Baseman - Justin Behm (PW)
2nd Baseman - Nolan Gilbertson (CE)
3rd Baseman - Joel Seagraves (WB)
Shortstop - Dustin Kesner (GR)
Outfielders - Cole Granrath (SA), John Vandenberg (CE), Paul Hanschke (CE)
Designated Hitter - Joel Zalewski (SA)
Utility Player - Ryan Finnerty (TM)

Batting Champion (.456) - John Vandenberg (CE)
Home Run Champion (5) - Cole Granrath (CE)
Manager of the Year - Joe Glynn (CE)
Co-Most Valuable Pitchers and Players of the Year - Joe Daniels (CE) and Steve Hopfensperger (CE)
Rookie Pitcher - E,J Sexton (WB)
Rookie Player - Jordan Clark (GR)
Co-All Star Game Players of the Game - Brady Bingham (TM) and Casey Johnson (SA)
Division Fan of the Year - Tod Christenson (PL)
Commissioner's Award - Vivian Laabs, Cedarburg

Robby Proehl (CE), Max Pruefer (GR), Brent Robinson (HG), Dusty Medved (PL), Kyle Kichura (PW), Dan Dickmann (SA), Ryan Finnerty (TM), Matt Hotovec (WB)

Al and Mary Bert (CE), Beth Delaney (GR), Elly Weber (HG), Tod Christenson (PL), Gary and Kim Heiting (PW), Vern Gantner and Jim Peterson (SA), Mike Bingham (TM), Diane Sexton (WB)

3rd Place Team Awards - Thiensville-Mequon Twins and Port Washington Lakers
2nd Place Team Award - Saukville Saints
Jake Oelhafen Championship Trophy (1st place) - Cedarburg Mercs

John Vandenberg (CE) 456, Jordan Clark (GR) 433, Paul Hanschke (CE) 431, Dustin Kesner (GR) 414, Joel Zalewski (SA) 411, Cole Granrath (SA) 400, Robby Proehl (CE) 365, Ryan Finnerty (TM) 352, Nolan Gilbertson (CE) 351, Justin Behm (PW) 346, Matt Lamers (TM) 327, Nick Heiting (PW) 324, Chris Daun (HG) 323, Joel Seagraves (WB) 316, Chris Gallun (TM) 312, Matt Schroeder (HG) 310, John Regnitz (CE) 306, Kyle Dieringer (SA) 304, P.J. Weber (HG) 302, Chad Zutter (PW) 300, Chris Bennin (PL) 300

Joe Daniels (CE) 9-0-0, Steve Hopfensperger (CE) 8-0-1, Mitch Huffman (TM) 5-1-1, Joe Herm (PW) 5-1-1, Casey Johnson (SA) 6-2-0, Adam Knepprath (PW) 3-1-0, Evan Walsh (PL) 7-4-0, Max Pruefer (GR) 3-2-0, Mike Sherrick (SA) 3-3-1, Matt Schroeder (HG) 2-2-1, Zach Weber (HG) 2-3-0, Nick Wycklendt (GR) 3-5-0

LOL Southwestern Division 2010 Awards Winners

Most Valuable Player -Adam Brechtl, Waterford
Most Valuable Pitcher -Jeff Smith, Rome
Manager of the Year -Ryan Hoffman, Burlington
Larry Holland Award (All Star Game MVP) -Chris Sagert, Ixonia
Eugene Zimmerman Award (Rookie of the Year) -John Capasso, Burlington
Home Run Champion (5) -Adam Brechtl, Waterford and Justin Radical, Dousman
Batting Champion (.493) -Adam Brechtl, Waterford
Umpire of the Year -Ken Hanson

LOL Western Division 2010 Awards Winners

Individual Awards
Most Valuable Player - Dean Haase, Lannon
Batting Champion (.486) - Jeff Rhoads, Oconomowoc
Home Run Champion (7) - Dean Haase, Lannon
Top Pitcher - Greg Basthemer (8-4), Brookfield Bulldogs
Manager of the Year - Erik Kraemer, West Bend 7-Up
Rookie of the Year - Mike Kovach, Menomonee Falls and Eric Schmitz, Pewaukee
Commissioner's Awards - Steve Rhoads, Oconomowoc and Jim Pease, Brookfield Blue Sox
Lloyd Dieball Umpires Meritorious Service Award -Erich Uebersohn
Scorekeeping Award - Tom Schuldt, Sussex

Team Most Valuable Players
Jeff Lemmermann, Brookfield Blue Sox
Kris Franzen, Brookfield Bulldogs
Jake Dibb, Hartland
Dean Haase, Lannon
Mike Kovach, Menomonee Falls
Chris Price, Merton
Jimy Landwehr, Monches
Matt Lopez, North Lake
Luke Nelson, Oconomowoc
Nick Wichser, Pewaukee
Bryan Laabs, Sussex
Andy Hetebrueg, West Bend 7-Up

Fan Appreciation Awards
Amy and Macey Pease, Brookfield Blue Sox
Dina Lemke, Brookfield Bulldogs
Bailey Briggs and Kirsten Noll, Hartland
Dave Miller, Lannon
Gaylord and Marie Grande, Menomonee Falls
Drea Yawney, Merton
Tom and Mickie Heier, Monches
Jeremy Jahn, North Lake
Dick Thurow and Therese Lusic, Oconomowoc
Jim and Linda Bloedow, Pewaukee
Jeff Weyer, Sussex
George Kraener and Jerry Hoffman, West Bend 7-Up

Top Hitters
Jeff Rhoads (OC) 486, Jimy Landwehr (MO) 473, Kris Franzen (BBL) 458, Luke Nelson (OC) 456, Dean Haase (LA) 431), Nick Wichser (PE) 431, Adam Rohlinger (WB) 431, Seth Kroenke (SU) 429, Ernest Castro (BBL) 429, Erik Kraemer (WB) 415, Scott Booth (BBL) 403, Todd Johnson (SU) 400, Mike Mitchell (OC) 397, Kurt Sarcia (PE) 397, Scott Carberry (SU) 392, Nick Ghelfi (SU) 380, Steve Schultz (MO) 377, Bill Bynum (WB) 371, Nic Hoggins (MF) 368, Dan Green (MF) 362, Derek Nelson (OC) 362, Andy Hetebrueg (WB) 359, Bryant Bullock (WB) 358, Mike Kovach (MF) 355, Bill Posteluk (BBS) 354, Mike Grabarczyk (PE) 351, Jason Rutz (BBL) 347, Jed Justman (WB) 345, Cory Gasper (SU) 338, Dan Mueller (WB) 327, Tom Zimmerman (PE) 323), Greg Harder (PE) 320, Ryan Weissman (MF) 309, Chris Price (ME) 303, Brandon Reddinger (BBL) 302

Top Pitchers
Jeff Lemmermann (BBS) 8-0, Jed Justman (WB) 5-1, Bryant Bullock (WB) 6-2, Greg Basthemer (BBL) 8-4, Darin Leveraus (SU) 7-4, Don August (MF) 6-5, Eric Schmitz (PE) 4-4, Justin Mortenson (OC) 3-3

by Andy Hetebrueg (WB) on 8-3-1010 over Oconomowoc 12-0

2009 Northern Division Post-Season Awards Winners


Pitchers -
Casey Johnson (Saukville) and Jon Deboer (Port Washington)
Catcher - Peter Reschke (Howards Grove)
1st Baseman - Chris Laurishke (Port Washington)
2nd Baseman - Paul Gloede (Plymouth)
3rd Basemaen - Nick Heiting (Port Washington) and Ross Zahour (Cedarburg)
Shortstop - Kyle Kichura (Port Washington)
Outfielders - Cole Granrath (Saukville), Nolan Gilbertson (Cedarburg), Paul Hanschke (Cedarburg), P.J. Weber (Howards Grove)
Designated Hitter - Nick Reschke (Howards Grove)
Utility Player - Zach Prideaux (Thiensville-Mequon)

Batting Champion (.439) -
Zach Prideaux (Thiensville-Mequon)
Home Run Champion (4) - Cole Granrath (Saukville)
No Hit – No Run Game - Jon DeBoer (Port Washington)
Manager of the Year - Justin Behm (Port Washington)
All-Star Game Top Player - Cole Granrath (Saukville)
Most Valuable Pitcher - Casey Johnson (Saukville)
Most Valuable Player - Cole Granrath (Saukville)
Rookie Pitcher - Tyler Geidel (Thiensville-Mequon)
Rookie Player - Chris Laurishke (Port Washington)
Fan of the Year - Mike Daniels, Cedarburg
Commissioner’s Award - Greg Ebbert, Mequon

GOLD GLOVE WINNERS (as selected by teams)
Joe Reichhart (Cedarburg), Dustin Kesnner and Brian Durst (Grafton), Chris Daun (Howards Grove), Eric Heidenreiter (Cedarburg), Brad Young (Port Washington), Mike Sherrick (Saukville), Ryan Finnerty (Thiensville-Mequon, Tim Pauly (West Bend Benders)

2009 FANS OF THE YEAR (as selected by teams)
Mike Daniels (Cedarburg), Lynn Walter and Don Pruefer, Sr. (Grafton), Chuck Reschke (Howards Grove), Randy Schmitz (Plymouth), Gary Heiting and Nichole Kichura (Port Washington), Butch and Diane Wendtland (Saukville), Fred and Meredith Geidel (Thiensville-Mequon), Alan Seagraves (West Bend Benders)

Tournament Champion –
Cedarburg Mercs
3rd Place Team Award – Saukville Saints
2nd Place Team Award – Cedarburg Mercs
Jake Oelhafen Championship Trophy – Port Washington Lakers

FINAL 2009 INDIVIDUAL HITTING(minimum 14 games played and 56 plate appearances)
Zach Prideaux (TM) 439, Cole Granrath (SA) 420, Nolan Gilbertson (CE) 419, Peter Reschke (HG) 406, Dustin Kesner (GR) 397, Nick Reschke (HG) 379, Chris Laurishke (PW) 373, Ross Zahour (CE) 372, Paul Hanschke (CE) 367, Tom Lorenzen (PW) 364, Nick Heiting (PW) 352, Justin Behm (PW) 349, Kyle Kichura (PW) 347, Joel Zalewski (SA) 347, John Regnitz (CE) 345, Brian Bert (CE) 342, P.J. Weber (HG) 338, Paul Gloede (PL) 333, Cory McEwen (TM) 329, Joe Reichhart (CE) 328, Mike Pruefer (GR) 312, Ed Kozlowski (PW) 309, Andy Taft (HG) 305, Eric Heidenreiter (PL) 304, Tony Wheaton (SA) 300, Matt Gilbertson (CE) 297, Brad Kitt (PW) 286, Evan Walsh (PL) 286, Matt Mayer (TM) 283, Nick Wycklendt (GR) 278, Dano Schoeneberg (TM) 277

TOP INDIVIDUAL PITCHING RECORDS (minimum 23 innings and 4 decisions)
Jon Deboer (PW) 6-2, P.J. Weber (HG) 3-1, Nick Reschke (HG) 3-1, Matt Soderlund (PW) 5-2, Joe Daniels (CE) 5-2, Steve Hopfensperger (CE) 7-3, Casey Johnson (SA) 6-3, Evan Walsh (TM) 4-2, Tyler Geidel (TM) 3-2, Eric Litke (SA) 2-2, Matt Schroeder (HG) 2-2

Casey Johnson (SA), 1.36, P.J. Weber (HG) 2.43, Jon Deboer (PW) 2.45, Ben Stanczyk (HG) 2.48, Matt Soderlund (PW) 2.65, Chris Mathis (PW) 3.09, Brian Hirschinger (GR) 3.63, Steve Hopfensperger (CE) 3.81, Mike Sherrick (SA) 3.89, Joe Daniels (CE) 5-2, Tyler Geidel (TM) 4.04, Joel Seagraves (WB) 4.05, Eric Litke (SA) 4.11, Evan Walsh (PL) 4.55, Chad Nickolai (PL) 4.72, Eric Kemph (WB) 4.78, Matt Schroeder (HG) 5.40, Nick Reschke (HG) 5.54, Randy Rennicke (TM) 5.82

Cedarburg 332, Port Washington 304, Thiensville-Mequon 295, Saukville 284, Howards Grove 284, Plymouth 254, Grafton 244, West Bend Benders 197

Saukville 2.57, Port Washington 2.74, Howards Grove 3.48, Cedarburg 3.72, Grafton 5.15, Plymouth 5.77, Thiensville-Mequon 5.88, West Bend Benders 6.61

2009 Southwestern Division Awards Winners


Awards were handed out at the Southwestern awards banquet that was held on Saturday September 26 at Delbrook Golf Course in Delavan.

2009 LOL Hall of Fame Inductees from the Southwest
Dennis Linse, Rome
Dick Imrie, Burlington

2009 Team Most Valuable Players
Burlington -
Ryan Hoffman
Delavan -Kevin Wenzel
Dousman - Justin Radichel
East Troy -Tim Schafer
Genessee - Matt DeMaris and Aaron Dolan
Genoa City - Tom Starck and Jim Sanew
Mukwonago - Todd Grafenauer
North Prairie - Fred Gramalak
Rome - Jeff Smith and Nick Aplin
Sullivan - Kevin Biederer
Waterford - Steve Ems

Division Awards
Most Valuable Pitcher -
Tom Starck, Genoa City
Most Valuable Player - Todd Grafenauer, Mukwonago
Batting Champion (.517) - Todd Grafenauer, Mukwonago
Rookie of the Year - Kevin Biederer, Sullivan
Home Run Champion (8) - Ryan Hoffman, Burlington
Manager of the Year - Bart Nowicki, Waterford
Larry Holland Memorial Award - Dave Hellman, Genessee
Umpire of the Year - Dennis Bush

Team Trophies
2nd Place Award -
East Troy Express, manager Kurt Wenzel
1st Place Award - Waterford Rivermen, manager Bart Nowicki

2009 Southwest Division Champion - Waterford Rivemen (Bart Nowicki, Brad Nowicki, Ken Nowicki, Steve Ems, Anthony Kozelek, Adam Brechtl, Chuck Raduenz, Tony Chapman, Jason Morgan, Chris Harmeling, Nick Hunt, Wade Axelson, Tommy Behrens, Mike Radojicic, Ty Engler:

2009 Top Hitters - Todd Grafenauer (M) 517, Stev Ems (W) 470, Adam Brechtl (W) 467, Dane Hellman (G) 431, Jim Sanew (GC) 430, Kevin Wenzel (DE) 429, Ryan Hoffman (B) 417, M Kuhn (B) 414, Justin Radichel (DO) 406, Jason Morgan (W) 403, Matt Bauer (G) 393, Aaron Degrave (B) 388, Chris Elliott (G) 382, Andy Sturtevant (G) 379, Kevin Biederer (S) 377, Brad Nowicki (W) 377, Nathan Boltz (DE) 375, Eric Muhlembeck (GC) 373, Hank Johnson (DE) 370, Justin Keegan (ET) 370, Drew Roberts (GC) 369, Bart Nowicki (W) 368, D Lebak (B) 362, Kurt Wenzel (ET) 355, Joel Meier (G) 353, Aaron Dolan (G) 351, Craig McDermontt (R) 351, Chris Harmeling (W) 351, Nick Aplin (R) 350, Dave Smith (DE) 348, C McGavok (DO) 348, Andy Kraus (S) 347, Rob Piedott (DE) 333, Tyler Sadowski (NP) 333, Shawn Behrend (S) 331, Mark Kuchenbecker (B) 326, Cody Nowak (NP) 324, Fred Gramalak (BP) 323, Tom Starck (GC) 321, Todd Nieuwenhuis (DE) 318, Tommy Johnston (GC) 318, Eric Cutshall (R) 318, Jack Boettcher (GC) 317, Zach Hansen (M) 315, Micah Thompson (M) 314, Cooper Sniatynski (GC) 309, Jason Peters (DE) 308, G Matyas (DO) 308, Lance Pederson (R) 304, Jared Hunteman (M) 303, Tyler Mueller (M) 303, Chris Houk (R) 303, A Doolittle (DO) 301

Final 2009 Regular Season Standings
16-4 Genoa City
14-6 Genessee
*14-6 Waterford
11-9 East Troy
10-10 Sullivan
9-11 Dousman
9-11 Mukwonago
9-11 Rome
7-13 North Prairie
6-14 Delavan
5-15 Burlington

* represented division in 2009 LOL Grand Championship Playoffs

2009 Southwest Division Post-Season Tournament Results
First Round - Saturday August 15
(3) Waterford 3, (6) Dousman 2
(4) East Troy 9, (5) Sullivan 5

Semifinals - Sunday August 16
East Troy 13, (1) Genoa City 0
Waterford 6, (2) Genessee 4

Championship - Sunday August 23
Waterford 6, East Troy 2

2009 Western Division Post-Season Awards

The 2009 Western Division season awards were handed out at the annual awards banquet on October 3 at Hartbrook Lanes in Hartland.

Most Valuable Player - Luke Nelson, Oconomowoc
Batting Champion - Tim Mertins, Hartland (.508)
Home Run Champion - Seth Kroenke, Sussex (9)
Top Pitcher - Like Nelson, Oconomowoc (9-1)
Manager of the Year - Pat Smith, Monches
Rookie of the Year - Zach Kozlowski, Lannon
Lloyd Dieball Umpires Meritorious Services Award - John Klebesadel
Scorekeeper Award - Tom Schuldt, Sussex

Team Most Valuable Players
Brookfield Blue Sox -
Jeff Lemmermann and Ken Poniewaz
Brookfield Bulldogs - Greg Basthemer, Kris Franzen
Hartland - Tim Mertins
Lannon - Dean Haase, Zach Kozlowski
Menomonee Falls - Jeff Lueck
Merton - Kaiton Yawney
Monches - Bryan Kieffer
North Lake - Ryan Gunderson
Oconomowoc - Luke Nelson
Pewaukee - Rob Brockel
Sussex - Seth Kroenke
West Bend Seven Up - Mike Mueller

Fan Appreciation Awards
Brookfield Blue Sox -
Bill and Marjorie Fox
Brookfield Bulldogs - Gerald and Pam Rutz
Hartland - The Myers Brothers, Chief
Lannon - Mark and Jean Erd
Menomonee Falls - George Toth
Merton - Tiffany Caldwell
Monches - Rollie McCrackin
North Lake - Terry Stapleton
Oconomowoc - Cheri and Randy Luck
Pewaukee - Mary Wichser
Sussex - Kurt Obermayr, Kristin (Bubbles) Bubolz
West Bend Seven Up - Tom Fischer

2009 Western Division Top Hitters - Tim Mertins (H) 508, Derek Nelson (O) 492, Jeff Rhoads (O) 488, Dean Haase (L) 459, Zach Kozlowski (L) 458, Erik Kraemer (WB) 458, Mike Jacobs (BBL) 452, Mike Mueller (WB) 439, Seth Kroenke (S) 435, Bob Manders (L) 431, Kris Franzen (BBL) 424, Ken Poniewas (BBS) 406, Jason Rutz (BBL) 393, Luke Nelson (O) 390, Drew Volkman (H) 385, Jim Kais (S)375, Shane Davis (BBL) 373, Jeff Lueck (MF) 372, Kurt Wolf (MT) 370, Marcus Greiber (H) 370, Tom Zimmerman (P) 364, Andy Hetebrueg (WB) 362, Dan Green (MF) 361, Nick Higgins (MF) 359, Todd Johnson (S) 359, Bryan Metzger (L) 358, Ron Kozlowski (L) 351, Paul Archambault (BBS) 347, Scott Hagen (L) 345, Alex Erdman (MF) 340

Home Run Leaders - Seth Kroenke (S) 9, Mike Mueller (WB) and Ken Poniewas (BBS) 7, Jeff Rhoads (O) 6, Luke Nelson (O) 5, Erik Kraener (WB) Bob Manders (L) and Ernest Castro (BBL) 4

Pitching Leaders - Luke Nelson (O) 9-1, Eric Rohe (L) 6-1, Greg Basthemer (BBL) 7-2, Mark Erickson (BBL) 5-2, Don August (MF) 8-4, Darin Leveraus (S) 7-6, Bryant Bullock (WB) 3-3, Jed Justman (WB) 3-3, Erick Van Beck (MO) 3-3

2009 Final Regular Season Standings
15-3 Oconomowoc
14-4 Lannon
12-6 Brookfield Bulldogs
12-6 Sussex
11-7 Pewaukee
11-7 West Bend Seven Up
10-8 Menomonee Falls
9-9 Monches
4-14 Brookfield Blue Sox
4-14 Hartland
3-15 Merton
3-15 North Lake

2009 Divisional Playoffs
First Round - Saturday August 15

(6) West Bend Seven Up 4, (3) Sussex 3
(5) Pewaukee 6, (4) Brookfield Bulldogs 3

Semifinals - Sunday August 16
(1) Oconomowoc 4, Pewaukee 3
(2) Lannon 7, West Bend Seven Up 2

Tournament Final - Saturday August 22 - Lannon 8, Oconomowoc 3
Division Final - Sunday August 23 - Lannon 18, Oconomowoc 6

3rd Place Team Award - Brookfield Bulldogs and Sussex
2nd Place Team Award - Lannon
1st Place Team Award - Oconomowoc

2009 Western Division Champions - 2009 LOL Grand Champions - Lannon Stonemen

2008 OTBPA Awards Have LOL Flavor

OTBA 2008 HOF Biographies
Click on the link to read about three inductees to the Old Time Ball Players Association of Wisconsin Hall of Fame with LOL ties at their awards banquet on Sunday November 8. The information in the biographies is courtesy of the banquet program.

Jerry Fisher played for the Brookfield Lakers in the later half of the 1960s, winning the home run crown and MVP honors in 1965.

Don Rennicke spent 15 years as a player, primarily with the Thiensville-Mequon Twins between 1945 and 1960. He is best known as the long-time varsity baseball coach at Homestead High School. Rennicke Field, the home park of the Twins and Homestead, is named in Don's honor.

Paul Hoenecke was the recipient of the Dick Falk Memorial Award, annually given to an outstanding high school baseball player.

2008 Eastern Division Awards


LH Pitcher -
Mike Jacobson, New Berlin
RH Pitcher - Matt Anderson, Butler
Catcher - Mike Gappa, New Berlin
1st Baseman - Jake Lueneberg, Racine Kiwanis
2nd Baseman - Joe Kooping, Muskego
3rd Baseman - Randy Sobczyk, Butler
Shortstop - Ben Barrett, Waukesha
Outfielders - Derek D'Amico, Waukesha; Sam Jansen, Butler; Brady Knudsen, Racine Kiwanis
Designated Hitter - Blake Pindyek, Racine Kiwanis
Utility Player - Jeff Donovan, New Berlin

Manager of the Year - Andy Steinbrenner, West Allis

2008 Northern Division Awards

2008 All-Northern Division Team
Pitchers -
Steve Hopfensperger, Cedarburg; Kyle Boehm, Plymouth
Catcher - Ryan Finnerty, Thiensville-Mequon
1st Baseman - Ian Tucker, Saukville
2nd Baseman - Brian Durst, Grafton
3rd Baseman - Ross Zahour, Cedarburg
Shortstop - Kyle Kichura, Port Washington
Outfielders - Joe Riebe, Grafton; Paul Hanschke, Cedarburg; Nolan Gilbertson, Cedarburg
Designated Hitter -
Justin Behm, Port Washington
Utility Player - Ryan Wachter, Plymouth

Batting Champion (.493) -
Ross Zahour, Cedarburg
Home Run Champion (7) - Paul Hanschke, Cedarburg
Manager of the Year - Joe Glynn, Cedarburg
All-Star Game Most Valuable Player - Ross Zahour, Cedarburg
Most Valuable Pitcher - Steve Hopfensperger, Cedarburg
Most Valuable Player - Ross Zahour, Cedarburg
Co-Rookie Pitchers of the Year - Mike Sherrick, Saukville; Jon DeBoer, Port Washington
Rookie Player of the Year - Pete White, West Bend Benders
Fan of the Year - Dave Pfeiffer, Howads Grove
Commissioner's Award - Kevin Winter, Cedarburg

Joel Wade, Cedarburg
Dustin Kesner, Grafton
Andy Vogt, Howards Grove
Jordan Vater, Plymouth
Derek Kozlowski, Port Washington
Cole Granrath, Saukville
Ryan Finnerty, Thiensville-Mequon
Joel Seagraves, West Bend Benders

Tournament Champion -
3rd Place - Saukville
2nd Place - Plymouth
Jake Oelhafen Championship Trophy - Cedarburg

Ross Zahour (CE, 493), Paul Hanschke (CE, 429), Ryan Finnerty (TM, 403), Ryan Wachter (PL, 391), Joe Riebe (GR, 385), Brian Durst (GR, 385), Ian Tucker (SA, 377), Nolan Gilbertson (CE, 370), Tom Lorenzen (PW, 368), Kyle Kichura (PW, 364), John Regnitz (CE, 361), Justin Behm (PW, 360), Joel Seagraves (WB, 358), Derek Kozlowski (PW, 353), Brian Bert (CE, 352), Paul Gloede (PL, 351), Dusty Medved (PL, 345), Jordan Vater (PL, 338), Brad Kitt (PW, 319), Justin Pourier (HG, 315), Chris Daun (HG, 312), Nick Heiting (PW, 311), Steve Dickmann (SA, 305)

Steve Hopfensperger (CE, 8-0), Kyle Boehm (PL, 5-0), Joe Daniels (CE, 6-1), Casey Johnson (SA, 7-2), Ryan Wachter (PL, 5-2), Eric Litke (SA, 3-2), Matt Soderlund (PW, 4-3)

2008 Southwest Division Awards

2008 Southwestern Division Champions - Waterford Rivermen

2008 LOL HOF Inductee from the SW Division - Bob Gartzke, Dousman

Team Most Valuable Players
Burlington -
Matt Kuchenbecker
Delavan - Todd Nieuwenhuis
Dousman - Dave Roberts
East Troy - Pitching Staff
Farmington - Eric Broom
Genessee - Andy Sturtevant
Genoa City - Jim Sanew
Mukwonago - Micah Thompson
North Prairie - Scott Matyas, Matt Herbert
Rome - Jeff Smith, Chris Houk
Sullivan - Kyle Schmoker
Waterford - Adam Brechtl

Division Award Winners
Manager of the Year -
Bart Nowicki, Waterford
Most Valuable Player - Adam Brechtl, Waterford
Mike Trebitowski Award (Most Valuable Pitcher) - Todd Nabor, East Troy
Larry Holland Memorial Award (MVP of all star game) - Justin Keegan, East Troy; Steve Ems, Waterford
Eugene Zimmerman Rookie of the Year - Andy Sturtevant, Genessee
Home Run Champion (11) - Adam Brechtl, Waterford
Batting Champion (.579) - Todd Niewenhuis, Delavan
No-Hit Game - Drew Roberts, Genoa City; Ryan McCormick, Jeff Luedke, Dave Lebak, Burlington
Umpire of the Year - John Applegren

Team Place Awards
3rd Place -
Genoa City Red Dogs, manager Jude Tindall
2nd Place - North Prairie Dawgs, manager Mark Wendelberger
1st Place - Waterford Rivermen, manager Bart Nowicki

Top Hitters - T Niewenhuis (de) 579, A Brechtl (w) 540, J Keegan (et) 469, C Nowak (np) 449, J Infusino (gn) 441, C Harmeling (w) 440, J Szajna (gn) 434, C Houk (r) 433, J Smith (r) 419, C McDermott (r) 412, A Sturtevant (gn) 406, J Morgan 9w) 405, A Hemmer (np) 387, J Stillman (np) 386, M Kuchenbecher (b) 381, T Salopek (et) 378, R Kehl (et) 377, Br Nowicki (w) 371, C Raduenz (w) 369, Je Tess (et) 360, A Hotter (r) 359, T Chapman (w) 356, Ba Nowicki (w) 355, T Nabor (et) 353, J Loth (et) 352, J Sanew (gc) 350), S Engel (gn) 344, C Elliot (gn) - R Sacharski (np) - S Behrend (s) - S Blakeway (np) - S Ems (w) 333, C Sniatynski (gc) - T Johnson (gc) 330, D Roberts (gc) 325, E Broom (fO 324, J Tontillo (et) - K Wenzel (et) 321, M Bauer (gn) 320, D Weber (gc) 318, B Konkal (do) 316, C McHaffey (gc) - R Hoffman (b) - S Zyer (gc) 315, D Gerdman (s) - S Fleming (gn) 310, C Hecht (f) 309, J Tindall (gc) 308, N Aplin (r) 306, A Wolter (et) - J Radical (do) 300

2008 Western Division Awards

Major Individual Awards
Most Valuable Player -
Mike Mueller (WB)
Batting Champion (.508) - Mike Jacobs (BBL)
Home Run Champion (12) - Mike Mueller (WB)
Top Pitcher (12-1) - Josh Eidt (BBL)
Manager of the Year - Jason Booth (BBL)
Rookie of the Year - Doug Dekoning (LA)
Commissioner's Award - Bruce Mayer, Lannon
Lloyd Dieball Umpires Meritorious Service Award - John Semrow

Team Most Valuable Players
Brookfield Blue Sox -
Jim Pease, Darrin Leveraus
Brookfield Bulldogs - Josh Eidt
Hartland - Troy Dibb
Lannon - Scott Hagen
Menomonee Falls - Matt Christman
Merton - Joe Johnson
Monches - Jimy Landwehr
North Lake - John Urban
Oconomowoc - Luke Nelson
Pewaukee - Tom Zimmerman
Sussex - Jim Kais
West Bend Seven Up - Mike Mueller

Fan Appreciation Awards
Brookfield Blue Sox -
John and Pat Wolf
Brookfield Bulldogs - Allen and Judy Booth
Hartland - Jim and Winnie Dibb
Lannon - Lester Nettesheim
Menomonee Falls - Lisa Green
Merton - Bill and Mary Mathias
Monches - Arnie Dieball
North Lake - Joe and Karen Frederickson
Oconomowoc - Cheech Counsell
Pewaukee - Mike and Judy Deprey
Sussex - Jerry Joffman
West Bend Seven Up - Spencer and Laura Mueller

Scorekeeping Awards - Nancy Rhoads (OC), Tom Schuldt (SU)

Top Hitters - Mike Jacobs (BBL) 508, Jeff Rhoads (OC) 500, Kris Franzen (BBL) 500, Andy Hetebrueg (WB) 478, Kurt Sarcia (PE) 433, Jim Kais (SU) 429, Todd Johnson (SU) 426, Ernest Castro (BBL) 426, Trevor Koepp (BBS) 418, Troy Dibb (HA) 411, Jimy Landwehr (MO) 403, Scott Hagen (LA) 403, Seth Kroenke (SU) 400, Josh Bouche (OC) 397, Scott Booth (BBL) 394, Dean Haase (LA) 392, Cory Milliken (MO) 387, Bob Manders (LA) 382, Mark Hall (WB) 377, Jason Mayer (MF) 373, Nick Rechlitz (BBS) 370, Tim Kahle (BBS) 365, Bryant Bullock (WB) 364, Bryan Laabs (SU) 356, Andy Smith (MO) 355, Luke Nelson (OC) 354, Scott Doffek (LA) 354, Erik Kraemer (WB) 354, Bill Postulek (BBS) 352, Dan Green (MF) 351

Home Run Leaders - Mike Mueller (WB) 12, Ernest Castro (BBS) 6, Bill Postulek (BBS) 6, Bob Manders (LA) 5, Scott Carberry (SU) 5, Dean Haase (LA) 5, Dan Green (MF) 4, Seth Kroenke (SU) 4, Mike Mitchell (OC) 4, Brett Summers (BBL) 4

Top Pitchers - Darrin Leveraus (BBS) 6-0, Josh Eidt (BBL) 12-1, Ron Kozlowski (LA) 8-2, Mike Bolson (OC) 5-2, Luke Knuppenburg (WB) 5-2, Robert Michalkiewicz (PE) 4-4

LOL Champions for 2007

Oconomowoc Five-O's

WESTERN DIVISION - Oconomowoc Five-O's

2007 Eastern Division Awards

Eastern Division All-League Team - 2007
- Andy Keller, Butler and Geoff Ziesemer, West Allis
Catcher - Joel Hoberg, West Allis
First Baseman - Tom Donovan, New Berlin
Second Baseman - Brian Stoecklein, West Allis
Third Baseman - Michael Pena, Racine Kiwanis
Shortstop - John Stetzenbach, West Allis
Outfielders - Andy Schwall, West Allis; Jeff Donovan, New Berlin; Sam Jansen, Butler
Designated Hitter - Ryan Gilboy, Racine Kiwanis
Utility Player - Matt Anderson, Butler

Major Individual Awards
Most Valuable Player
- Brian Stoecklein, West Allis
Rookie of the Year - Jeff Donovan, New Berlin
Manager of the Year - Steve Dunn, Butler

2007 Northern Division Awards

- Steve Hopfensperger, Cedarburg and Joe Daniels, Cedarburg
Catcher - John Regnitz, Cedarburg
1st Baseman - Ian Tucker, Saukville
2nd Baseman - Nolan Gilbertson, Cedarburg
3rd Baseman - Butch Cain, Plymouth
Shortstop - Brian Bert, Cedarburg
Outfielders - Cole Granrath, Saukville; Paul Hanschke, Cedarburg; Brad Kitt, Port Washington and Joe Riebe, Grafton
Designated Hitter - Nick Heiting, Port Washington
Utility Player - Ross Zahour, Cedarburg

Batting Champion
- .464, Nolan Gilbertson, Cedarburg
Home Run Champion - 4 each, Nolan Gilbertson, Cedarburg and Cole Granrath, Saukville
Manager of the Year - Rick Meyer, Plymouth
Rookie Pitcher - Eric Valenstien, Howards Grove
Rookie Player - Tim Goodearle, West Bend
All Star Game Most Valuable Player - Joel Zalewski, Saukville
Most Valuable Pitcher - Steve Hopfensperger, Cedarburg
Most Valuable Player - Nolan Gilbertson, Cedarburg
Fan of the Year - Don Pruefer, Campbellsport

GOLD GLOVE WINNERS (as selected by individual teams for their defensive play)
Cedarburg – John Regnitz, Grafton – Joe Riebe, Howards Grove – Justin Pourier, Plymouth – Jordan Vater, Port Washington – Justin Behm, Saukville – Kyle Dieringer, Thiensville-Mequon – Ryan Finnerty, West Bend – Joel Seagraves

Post-Season Tournament Champion
– Cedarburg Mercs – Joe Glynn, manager
3rd Place Team Award – Saukville Saints – Dave Dickmann, manager
2nd Place Team Award – Plymouth Flames – Rick Meyer, manager
Jake Oelhafen Championship Trophy – Cedarburg Mercs – Joe Glynn, manager

2007 INDIVIDUAL HITTING (minimum 14 games and 50 at bats and/or walks)
Nolan Gilbertson (Cedarburg) .464, Joe Riebe (Grafton) .456, Butch Cain (Plymouth) .408, Paul Hanschke (Cedarburg) .408, Tom Gaertig (Cedarburg) .383, John Regnitz (Cedarburg) .365, Ross Zahour (Cedarburg) .359, Tim Goodearle (West Bend) .358, Nick Heiting (Port Washington) .353, Joel Zalewski (Saukville) .337, Brian Bert (Cedarburg) .333, Cole Granrath (Saukville) .333, Brad Kitt (Port Washington) .328, Ryan Finnerty (Thiensville-Mequon) .324, Kyle Kichura (Port Washington) .324, Justin Pourier (Howards Grove) .317, Jordan Vater (Plymouth) .313, Tony Wheaton (Saukville) .309, Kyle Dieringer (Saukville) .306, A.J. Wellna (Howards Grove) .300

2007 TEAM HITTING (arranged by batting average)
Cedarburg .312, Saukville .282, Howards Grove .274, Grafton .259, Port Washington .254, Plymouth .252, West Bend .247, Thiensville-Mequon .236

2007 INDIVIDUAL PITCHING (minimum 20 innings and 3 decisions and/or saves)
Steve Hopfensperger (Cedarburg) 6-0 1.000, Joe Daniels (Cedarburg) 10-2 .833, Ryan Wachter (Plymouth) 4-1 .800, Jordan Vater (Plymouth) 3-1 .750, Eric Litke (Saukville) 7-3 .700, Chad Nickolai (Plymouth) 4-2 .667, Nick Wycklendt (Grafton) 4-2 .667, Eric Valenstein (Howards Grove) 3-2 .600, Matt Soderlund (Port Washington) 3-2 .600, Adam Knepprath (Port Washington) 4-3 .571, Mickey Pruefer (West Bend) 4-3 .571

2007 TEAM PITCHING (arranged by earned run average)
Cedarburg 2.35, Saukville 3.27, Plymouth 3.71, Port Washington 4.07, West Bend 4.24, Thiensville-Mequon 4.26, Howards Grove 4.44, Grafton 4.63

2007 Southwest Division Awards

Team Most Valuable Players
- Scott Campbell
Dousman - Dave Roberts
East Troy - Pitching Staff
Genessee - Jason Infusino
Farmington - Cale Hecht
Mukwonago - Ryan Toshner
North Prairie - Matt Herbert and Scott Matyas
Rome - none selected
Sullivan - Ray Koscak
Waterford - Chris Harmeling

Individual Division Awards
Manager of the Year
- Bart Nowicki, Waterford
Most Valuable Player - Adam Brechtl, Waterford
Mike Trebitowski (most valuable pitcher) Award - Matt Herbert and Scott Matyas, North Prairie
Larry Holland (MVP of all-star game) Memorial Award - Matt Herbert, North Prairie
Eugene Zimmerman (rookie of the year) Award - Scott Matyas, North Prairie
Home Run Champion (9) - Adam Brechtl, Waterford
Batting Champion (.481) - Jason Infusino, Genessee
18 Game Hitting Streak - Chris Harmeling, Waterford
No Hit Games - Scott Matyas, North Prairie; Matt Herbert, North Prairie; Matt Demaris, Genessee
Umpire of the Year - Chris Szylvola

Team Awards
3rd Place
- North Prairie Dawgs, manager Mark Wendelberger
2nd Place - Delavan Blackhawks, manager Dave Henriott
1st Place - Waterford Rivermen, manager Bart Nowicki

Top Hitters
Jason Infusino - Gen (.481), Chris Harmeling - Wat (.473), Adam Brechtl - Wat (.458), Joel Meier - Gen (.457), Justin Keegan - ET (.442), Jon Stillman - NP (.435), Brad Nowicki - Wat (.433), Tony Chapman - Wat (.415), Bart Nowicki - Wat (.412), Jason Morgan - Wat (.411), Tim Poulson - NP (.407), Cody Nowak - NP (.406), Brian Karasti - Sul (.390), Steve Ems - Wat (.373), Jake Brown - Rom (.364), Aaron Rank - Wat (.362), Jerod Haxton - Rom (.345), Derek Stebbins - Gen (.339), Andy Hemmer - NP (.333), Scott Matyas - NP (.327), Sean Fleming - Gen (.324), Dan Stefansky - NP (.321), Cale Hecht - Far (.311), Kris Holmes - Far (.305), Matt Bauer - Gen (.302), Aaron Linse - Rom (.302), Scott Blakeway - NP (.300)

2007 Western Division Awards

Individual Awards Winners
Most Valuable Player
- Jeff Rhoads, Oconomowoc
Batting Champion - Shane Davis, Brookfield Bulldogs, .474
Home Run Champion - Mike Mueller, West Bend, 9
Top Pitcher - Luke Nelson, Oconomowoc, 5-1
Manager of the Year - Jeff Rhoads, Oconomowoc
Rookie of the Year - Kevin Doerr, Monches
Commissioner's Award - Walter O' Malley, Brookfield Bulldogs and Jim Gasper, Sussex
Lloyd Dieball Umpires Meritorious Service Award - Tim Kemnitz
Scorekeeping Awards - Tom Schuldt, Sussex; Andy Hoenecke, West Bend

Team Most Valuable Players
Brookfield Blue Sox
- John Arnold, Brookfield Bulldogs - Josh Eidt, Hartland - Brian Laabs, Lannon - Ron Kozlowski, Menomonee Falls - Curt Weiskirch, Merton - Scott Mathias, Monches - Kevin Doerr, North Lake - Nick Kernos, Oconomowoc - Jeff Rhoads, Pewaukee - Robert Michalkiewicz, Sussex - Matt Kopp, West Bend - Mike Mueller

Fan Appreciation Awards
Brookfield Blue Sox
- Stu Pease, Brookfield Bulldogs - Amy Gaeth, Hartland - Ray and Gloria Fechteau, Lannon - Rollie Weyker, Menomonee Falls - Ben Bartoszuk, Merton - Jason Morrill and Kate Gucwa, Monches - Ruth Lubbert and Ony Janichek, North Lake - Kelly Hawkinson, Oconomowoc - Mike and Gavin Schuyler, Pewaukee - Terry and Mary Zimmerman, Sussex - Ken and Sandy MacPherson, West Bend - Bart and Rita Bartholomew

Top Hitters
Shane Davis, BBD, 474; Jeff Rhoads, OCO, 470; Jason Rutz, BBD, 447; Dean Haase, LAN, 429; Derek Nelson, OCO, 408; Kevin Doerr, MON, 404; Mike Mueller, WB and Seth Kroenke, SUS, 403, Luke Nelson, OCO; Ron Kozlowski, LAN; Bob Manders, LAN and Ernest Castro, BBD, 397; Scott Doffek, LAN, 393; Dan Rubatt, MF, 385; Todd Johnson, SUS, 383; Mike Mitchell, OCO, 375; Paul Archambault, BBS, 373; Nick Ghelfi, SUS and Erik Kraemer, WB, 359; Nick Kemos, NL, 358; Mike Grabarczyk, HAR, 354; Pat Tobiasz, BBS, 349

Home Run Leaders
Mike Mueller, WB, 9; Jeff Rhoads, OCO and Mike Mitchell, OCO, 6; Shane Davis, BBD and Mike Grabarczyk, HAR, 5; Seth Kroenke, SUS and Scott Booth, BBD, 4

Top Pitchers
Rob Becker, OCO, 7-0; Luke Nelson, OCO, 5-1; Ron Kozlowski, LAN, 6-2; Robert Michalkiewicz, PEW, 5-2; Andy Hetebrueg, WB, 4-2; Josh Eidt, BBD, 6-4; John Arnold, BBS, 9-6; Matt Kopp, SUS, 7-5; Don August, MF, 4-4

Other Items of Note
Besides the LOL grand champion (Oconomowoc), Western Division teams also won the SWABA tournament (Lannon) and Tri-County Night League (Brookfield Bulldogs).