Division Bylaws

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Eastern Division 2010 Bylaws


Land O' Lakes will start its 89th year. The Eastern Division will open on May 23rd and close on August 9th. The first round of Eastern Division Tournament will start on August 11th. Grand Championship will start on Aug. 28th. Eastern Division’s 1st game is @ Southwest Division. The 2nd game, Western Division is @ Eastern Division.

1. The Eastern Division will operate with ten teams having two divisions. The Northern Division- Butler, New Berlin, West Allis, North Shore, & Waukesha, and the Southern Division- Racine Erickson, Kenosha Merchants, Muskego, Racine Kiwanis, & Franklin. All five teams of each division will play a one game playoff, with the winners from each division playing a two out of three game playoff to see who will advance to the Land O’ Lakes Grand Championship. The team with the best record will be home team. If two teams tie, a head to head will count. The league will pay and assign umpires for playoffs, however each team is responsible for 6 league approved baseballs. The league will abide by The Major League Rules of Baseball, with the exception of the no contact rule.
2. The all-star game will be played between the South Western and Eastern Division, Sunday July 11th at Simmons field in Kenosha, starting at 1:30 PM sharp.
3. Voting for the All Star & All League is via the internet: Managers can nominate players, provide players stats from his own team by e-mail to the Mike Gappa by July 3rd for the All Star team, and by October 29th for the All League team. All nomination will be forwarded to each team to vote on.
4. New teams wishing to apply for participation in Land O” Lakes Eastern Division baseball must have a completed application and financial report to the commissioner before November 1st. the year prior entry.

1. Dues are payable at the January 20,2010 meeting. At least half ($175.00), with the remainder paid to the league treasures by May 13,2010.

Eastern Division Meetings:
1. A team representative must be in attendance. The representative at the meeting is responsible for transferring any or all information necessary to their team. Failure to have a representative at the meeting will carry a fine of $25.00 payable before the next game. Meetings will start at 7:00 PM sharp at Muskego Alpine Lanes. Please update all e-mail address with the commissioner and his designee.
2. 2010 Eastern Division meeting dates - January 20 - May 13 - November 11

Fields: PG # 15 LOL handbook:
Must have approved pitchers mound, baselines marked, to include the 45' batter runner line, coaches boxes, team benches, outfield fences, playing field groomed, parking available

Team personnel:
1. Only players/coaches/manager in uniform or a doctor’s slip are allowed in the dugout or its surrounding area. This includes playing the field during play unless approved by the commissioner. (LOL- pg-14 /A-5& A-6)
2. Teams must summit a roster to the commissioner by July 1, 2010 ("Lakes O' Lakes Baseball League Team Roster"). A copy of this from is available on the Land O’ Lakes Web-site. Rosters must include Name, Address, and Phone Numbers of each player. No player may be signed or transferred after the July 1st deadline. All players must have completed cards in the commissioner's hands at least 48 hours before playing. (LOL-pg 9/B).
3. Players can transfer from one team to an another team, however they must have a signed release form in the commissioner office a week before playing. No transfer will be allowed after the July 1st deadline. Players must meet all financial obligations with the current team to be granted a release. High School students playing ball with a high school team will not be eligible until completion of their school baseball season. A serviceman on furlough or leave is eligible to play with the team to which he is legally registered.
4. Any team personnel ejected from a game will be reviewed by the commissioner's office to determine if the ejection merits further discipline. Team personnel ejected in the first game of a DH; will be ruled on after the second game, unless ejection is a malicious in nature. In this case both coaches and umpires may agree to suspend players for the second game also. Additionally, all ejections must be reported in writing to the head of umpires and commissioner by both coaches and crew chief within 24 hours. Failure to report the incident by the offending player's coach will result in an automatic one game suspension. The report can be e-mailed too both the commissioner and head umpire.
5. If a manger feels that a player is illegal, he must report that player to the head umpire, and the manager of that team before the first pitch. Both mangers will review both line up cards, and require that player to show a picture ID. If a player is illegal, the team will forfeit that game plus pay the expenses for the game.
6. A protest must be filed in writing to the Commissioner within 24 hours of the game along with a charge of $100.00 administration fee. If protest is upheld $ 35.00 will be refunded. If the protest fails no refund is returned. The Commissioner and Executive Committee will decide what action will be taken. Their decision is final. If a team wishes to protest a ruling during a game, the manager must notify the home plate umpire and the manager of the opposing team at home plate at the time of the protest and before the next pitch. Judgments call can not be protested. A protest may be withdrawn at any time with no refund.
7. The coach and manager are responsible for team conduct.

1. All scheduled games will be played. For a forfeit, the team responsible will pay cost of the game (field rental, umpires etc.). All home teams must supply one dozen baseballs with at least 3 new league approved game balls to start the game. All teams must use the official baseball. (Rawlings-ROWL.) (LOL Pg 14-B-1)
2. Batting Practice & Infield Times before games. The home team will clear the field 40 minutes before the start of the game. The visiting team will get 40 minutes for batting and infield practice. The field will be cleared 10 minutes prior to the start of the game. Ground rules will be given to both teams, and umpires by the home coach. Exchange line up cards with each player's full name and number. Umpires will report any delays to the head umpire for review.
3. Teams may use the DH (Designated Hitter) for the pitcher (any).Pg 14 A-2
4. All weekend games will start at 12:00. Weekday games start at 7:00. Different start times must be approved by the league. The 10 run rule applies, including Division playoffs. All games will be played seven (single) nine (DH) innings, including the playoffs. Exception: The 10 run rule is mandatory after seven innings of a nine-inning game and five innings of a seven-inning game.
5. Andy Saugstad is the Web Master PH 262 217 1170 e-mail saug1703@gtmail.com The home team is responsible for provide him with game scores, and stats by 7:00pm for day games, and 10:30pm for night games. Each team is responsible for notifying the local media with the same information.
6. After the game starts the head umpire will have final decision on suspension of the game.
7. Home team should contact the visiting team and umpires scheduled to work their games 48 hours prior to game time.
8. All games must be made up before the playoffs start. The Commissioner will schedule games and umpires if needed.

Cancellation of game:
Games are not to be canceled until there is no question that the field is not playable. A delay up to 30 minutes from the start of the game is acceptable rather than postponing the game.

1. Managers do not have the options of canceling games for any reason except weather, unless approved by the Commissioner. If there is an emergency, the Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner must be contacted immediately and permission received.
2. Rescheduling games: It will be the responsibility of the home team in cooperation with the visiting team manager to reschedule canceled games. This should be done immediately, with notification to the Commissioner and Head of Umpires. If it is not rescheduled within one week, the Commissioner will reschedule the game and assign umpires. All games must be completed by August 9, 2010.
3. No schedule conflicts: There will be no conflicts since teams playing in the LOL
have priority. The Eastern Division will play on Wednesday nights, with DH on Sunday as scheduled. Rain makeup dates are scheduled, any rained out games must be played on those dates. Scheduled dates will not be changed under any circumstances. Forfeit fees will apply to teams in violation.

Umpires fee schedule:
1. $70 for each umpire for official game.
2. $120 for each umpire for double/header.
3. $120 for an umpire who works a 9 inning game alone, $190.00 double header.

4. Rain out policy,
a. Show up $25.00.
b. Game begins, but not completed- $ 30.00 after 1st pitch.
c. Doubleheader, 1st game complete, second game starts but not official.
d. $70.00 - $40.00.
e. $70.00 for each umpire for official game.
f. $120.00 for each umpire for double/header.
g. $120.00 for an umpire who works a 9 inning game alone, $190.00 DH

LOL Pick System:
The team representing the division in the Grand Championship Playoff shall receive 0 picks. Teams finishing runner up shall be the 2nd place team. The team with the next best season record shall be the 3rd place team. Teams finishing 2nd and 3rd.shall receive 1 pick. However this pick may not be a player on the roster of any team in the Land O’ Lakes. The 4th place team with a winning percentage of .500 shall receive 2 picks. All teams with winning percentage of less than .500 will receive 4 picks. All picks not used by July 4th shall be forfeited. Protests involving player eligibility or release must be submitted in writing to the division Commissioner. To be eligible, players must establish residence on or before March 15th of the current year.

League Officials & Executive committee:
Commissioner- Ron Hart- Cell 262-497-6502 H- 262-633-7147 EMAIL - rhart75@wi.rr.com
Assistant Commissioner: John Klebesadel - Cell 414-405-6601 H 262-251-8006.
Treasure: Jim Haag- Cell- 414-651-6355 H- 262-662-3108 W-262-679-1919 EMAIL - jimhaag@juno.com
Director: Andy Steinbrenner- Cell 414 232 4731 EMAIL - steiny44@yahoo.com
Chief Umpire: Mickey Contreras Cell - 262-990-4057 H- 262-884-0314 EMAIL - mcontreras5@live.com


Baseball as a game has been played in the Land O' Lakes for more than 88 years. Only the highest standards of sportsmanship and conduct are expected of players, coaches, and others associated with the game.

1. It is the coaches' duty to be in control of their players at all times in order to prevent any unsportsmanlike act toward opponents, officials or spectators.
2. Coaches are expected to comply wholeheartedly with the intent and spirit of the rules. The deliberate teaching of players to violate the rules is indefensible.
3. Coaches should teach their players to respect the dignity of the game, officials, opponents and the team they represent.
4. Coaches should confine their discussion with game officials to the interpretations of the rules and not challenge umpire decisions involving judgment.
5. "Bench jockeying" will not be allowed. Coaches are to prohibit bench jockeying, which would include persona; and malicious remarks, cursing and obscene language toward opponents, umpires, fans, or spectators.
6. Coaches should refrain from any personal action that might arouse players or spectators to unsportsmanlike behavior.
7. Coaches should expect from umpires a courteous and dignified attitude toward players and themselves.
8. Coaches should seek help from players in controlling unruly fans, and spectators.