Do I Need A Release?

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LOL Player Database

The database can help LOL team managers determine whether the rights to a player they want to sign belong to another LOL team or which team hold a player's alumni rights.

A team wishing to sign a new player whose LOL rights are currently held by another team is required to obtain a release from that team.

If a team wishes to sign a player who has never played LOL baseball and whose residence is within the territory of another LOL team, a release from the other LOL team is required based on residence. Managers needing guidance in determining whether a release is required based on residency should contact their division commissioner.


Linked to each letter code below are names of players whose rights are the property of LOL teams as submitted on July 4, 2014 along with the name of the team that currently holds the rights to that player. Click on the link corresponding to the last name of the player you are checking. If the player you are researching is listed, that means that in order to sign that player, a release is required from the team that currently holds the rights to that player. Players with an * in front of their name were not on a 2014 roster. The team listed is the last team they played for and who still holds the rights to that player.

Alumni rights are held by the LOL team a player last played for.

Contact information for all LOL team managers is located under contacts on this site.

Managers should be aware that their team may need to use a pick to sign the new player. For more information on the pick system, please review the LOL bylaws or contact your division commissioner.


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